Distillate Carts by GR8 VAPES

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Full 1ml 510-Threaded Cartridge


Distillate Carts by GR8 VAPES Information

9 reviews for Distillate Carts by GR8 VAPES

  1. Maude

    The oil tends to clog up the mouthpiece very quickly, making the pen impossible to get air out of afterwards. The oil also tends to leak out of the tip of the mouthpiece, which first of all is very messy, but more importantly is a huge waste of weed. They have a good selection of strains, are reasonably priced. can’t detect any hints of lemons nor fruit, but it is an average vape that gets the job done. The glass vestibule and ceramic mouthpiece are very nice touches. I prefer drip extract for sure

  2. Ricky

    Not a fan, no flavor, no high never again for me

  3. Tess

    Ive only tried one strain so far, but it was good enough to have me back to try more of the strains offered. Price point is the best for cart’s on this page. I havent noticed much of a difference between the ones that are accessible vs the ones that seem overpriced. I tried the Jack Herer, a classic strain! It burned well the entire cartrage, which was awesome, as others (more $) from this site get extremely sticky and clogged up at the halfway point. Would but this strain again, but looking forward to trying some indicas

  4. Jason

    good cart, flavour could be better, but still good, nice and strong, clean draws. easy on the lungs, i would buy again.

  5. Denis

    I bought many kind of flavors they are all tasty. Can’t wait for banana kush flavor, could be my prefered. I’m buying this because i like the way i can have my fix of cannabis. It can be used everywhere, don’t disturbs haters. Easy to used, just a little bit of smoke, no more lighters needed it’s the greatest way for me to have my fix. Small and no cannabis smell i can bring it everywhere.

  6. Katherine

    I ordered a Mango Haze

  7. Louis

    Great flavour (blueberry dream) the pull felt great all the way till the end.

  8. Jo-anne

    Gave these a try, despite having NO information posted on the product at all!
    That’s trust… no disappointing surprises 🥰!
    Not only was the Purple Punch delicious, it knocked me on my butt! Not easy to do when you’re a 50 year veteran imbiber.
    First draw tasted slightly of sandalwood…could just be my ancient taste buds, I loved it.
    Fantastic body hit/ slam…way past couch lock. Love it!
    Would appreciate some information from the producers of these “ gems”.
    Truly alleviation of pain

  9. Caroline

    Not a huge fan of the taste. Cannot tell if it’s just distillate or other cannabis oil added. Bought it because it was cheap. Will not purchase again.

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