Vape Carts by Drip Extracts

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Full 1 ml Premium THC Distillate 510 Threaded Cartridge


Vape Carts by Drip Extracts Information

Vape Carts by Drip Extracts are made using state-of-the-art extraction techniques that bring about matchless potency and flavour. These carts contain highly-concentrated terpenes and cannabinoids, which leads to original and authentic flavours, as well as potency effects that you can’t match. The actual cart itself (not the vape oil or flavour) has the same structure as the High Voltage Carts, but a different top, which makes all the difference. In fact, this difference leads to much more enjoyable experiences!

What makes Vape Carts Drip Extracts great is its variety in terms of strains. You can choose between Durban Poison, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, Pink Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, and Quantum Kush. Each strain has its distinctive flavour and aroma, which leads to unique experiences. Whether the strain is Indica or Sativa-dominant influences the psychoactive and therapeutic experience you’ll go through.

Vape Carts by Drip Extracts

This exclusive brand focuses on achieving the highest THC concentration in a small package, which leads us to these Vape Carts. One cart is worth 1ml of pure-quality concentrated THC, which means your mind and body will go through a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether it’s euphoria or relaxation, you’ll come across their most extreme forms, the kinds where you either go forward or stand down forever in shame. Once you start smoking one of these carts, there’s no going back!

Their flavour is substantially better than High Voltage Carts, due to the heightened plant extraction methods. Vape Carts by Drip Extracts come the closest to a Full-Spectrum extract, offering a peerless flavour and intense aroma. Your taste buds will reel in enthusiasm and pleasure after you take that first toke. The taste is great, with a much-needed simplicity and intense exhale. Depending on the strain you choose, the flavour and aroma will be different, which keeps the surprise at its best:

Durban Poison – Pure Sativa

A pure Sativa with approximately 20-24% THC, 1% CBD and 1% CBN, Durban Poison is creative, energizing, and euphoric. It’s one of the most powerful strains in the world, one that can even treat bipolar disorder, ADHD and ADD, depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. Its citrus and pine-infused flavour is not one you’ll forget soon. It gets even better on the exhale, when you’ll feel the sweet and spicy punginess of the earthy aroma. A subtle flavour of pine will make itself known every moment now!

Alaskan Thunder Fuck – Sativa Dominant

This strain is 70% Sativa, with a THC concentration of 16-23%. When it reaches its maximum potential, Alaskan Thunder Fuck is both energizing and arousing, with a matchless therapeutic potential. It can treat PTSD, stress, depression, headaches, chronic pains, fatigue, insomnia, and even bipolar disorder. It smells of catpiss and skunk, and it tastes of grape, citrus, spicy pine, and sweet yet rough earthiness. It’s a pungent smell and flavour that’ll leave you wanting for more every time!

Girl Scout Cookies – Indica Dominant

One flavour to rule them all, Girl Scout Cookies is a legendary Indica-dominant strain with over 25-28% THC concentration. This propels it into the very top 5 of the most powerful strains in the world. Its cherry-lemon and minty flavour transform Girl Scout Cookies into one of the tastiest strains in the world, as well. There’s nothing that this strain can’t do, including treating anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic pains, bipolar disorder, and even migraines. It’ll enhance your creativity and relax your body in a few minutes.

Blue Dream – Sativa Dominant

An infamous Sativa-dominant bud with 17-24% THC concentration, Blue Dream is highly-regarded for its creative, energizing, yet dreamy effects that relax your body and improve your mood. It’ll keep you super motivated and focused, with a warm and fuzzy feeling that spreads throughout your body rather quickly. With a blueberry and vanilla-infused flavour, this strain will sweeten your taste buds and improve your appetite faster than you realize. It’s the perfect strain for depression, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and bipolar disorder!

Pink Kush – Indica Dominant

This 90% Indica is a heavy hitter with 15-20% THC concentration. Its effects are all about sleepiness, relaxation, and sedation. Once you start smoking, you won’t be able to stop because the flavour is so good and intense! It tastes of candies, berries, and sweet vanilla. The exhale brings a floral aroma with sweet earthiness, combined with a much-needed whiff of vanilla. With Pink Kush, you can treat PTSD, mood swings, inflammation, chronic pains, insomnia, and anxiety.

Grand Daddy Purple – Indica Dominant

With its grape and pine-infused flavour, Grand Daddy Purple pushes the boundaries of simplicity when it comes to flavour and aroma. There’s nothing too complicated here, just an intense and juicy aroma of sweet grapes and berries. Yet that’s what keeps you coming back to it. It’s 17-27% THC concentration and 70% Indica profile contribute to this, as well. There’s nothing to dislike about this strain, and it can even treat chronic pains, depression, and stress. Its relaxing and euphoric effects are perfect for any user!

Quantum Kush – Sativa Dominant

Quantum Kush is a hard-hitting Sativa-dominant strain that energizes your mind during the first few moments of your stoning experience. It’ll leave you unfocused and introspective, with a spacey mind and a perfectly relaxed mind. Its THC concentration reaches 20-27%, and it has a citrus, sweet, and tropical flavour that never get old. That first taste of pungent and skunky earthiness, combined with the lemon-like and woody flavour is unmatched. You’ll want to keep smoking it is what we’re saying!


Vape Carts by Drip Extracts, which are made using advanced extraction techniques for unmatched potency and flavor. These carts contain highly concentrated terpenes and cannabinoids for an authentic experience. The carts come in various strains, including Durban Poison, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, Pink Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, and Quantum Kush, offering unique flavors and effects based on their Indica or Sativa dominance. Drip Extracts’ Vape Carts provide an intense and enjoyable vaping experience with a wide range of psychoactive and therapeutic effects.

198 reviews for Vape Carts by Drip Extracts

  1. Flavia

    I bought a vape so that i can microdose on THC easily and I’m so glad I did. And im glad i bought from MMJ because their extracts taste so natural and soft. I quite enjoy the smoothness of it and if I want to feel something extra, i just have to hit the pen a few times more and voila!

    The best part is, they describe the strains so if you know exactly what youre looking for, it makes it infinitely easier to get what you want. Isnt that amazing? :’)

    Although, i dont know if its because i dropped it too many times, but the cartridge did fall apart on me so i had to throw it out with juice still in it cause i didnt know how to fix it. That made me a bit sad which is why i give it a 4 and not a 5. Otherwise, it was perfect.

  2. Prince

    J’utilise ce produit à tout les jours le dosage est parfait plusieurs de mes connaissances l’ont essayer et l’ont aimer. J’essaye maintenant plusieurs sorte pour trouver ma fragrance favorite

  3. Jacob

    Great value for the price! Would highly reccomend picking up a Vape by Drip Extracts for half the price of anything you can get from a local dispensary. I picked up the Girl Scout Cookies and will be picking up more carts from MMJ~

  4. Rosa

    Love grand daddy purp for its flavour and gradual build – bought a 1ml cartridge and it ran out so quickly because everyone that tried it loved it too 🙂 has a distinct taste and aroma that to me evokes thoughts of tobacco leather and mahogany, but there’s no sting or burnt taste that lingers. I like that the vape carts sold here all match with the pens sold so you can mix and match with no issue.

  5. Joanne

    Très impressionnant! Doux et agréable!

  6. James

    Love this product… great buzz and great flavour. Best vape I have tried, will buy again.

  7. Nicholas

    Amazing product. Super relaxing and not a blow your mind kind of buzz. Mellow and if you want to amp it up just have more! Great for adulting in public.

  8. Daniel

    Great value, good buzz. Love hitting this throughout the evening to keep a nice feeling going all evening long!

  9. Darren

    Nice clean pull and flavor

  10. Mirza

    These carts are amazing. They give a nice smooth toke with a delicious flavour. The high hits hard and fast after just 2 or 3 rips. And with them being a 1g cart you’re going to get a lot out of it. Easily the best bang for your buck cartridge that doesn’t sacrifice quality for a good price. I highly recommend these and I’ll definitely buy more of these in the future

  11. Margaret

    Tried this a while back. Love how smooth it is and tasty. Put me in a great mood

  12. stephen

    I was skeptical of these cartridges due to the low price, but decided to give a couple different flavors a try. Glad I did, they’re delicious and hit quite well. As some other people have mentioned don’t take a huge puff, a couple of small Puffs will do you. They aren’t as stealthy as some of the other cartridges I’ve tried but they have the best flavor out of anything I’ve used. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

  13. Giovanni

    Drip Extracts vape carts hit like a caffeinated sloth—slow but unexpectedly energetic! Inhale the laughs, exhale the good vibes.

  14. Patrisha

    Bought a few different ones, so far tried the Mango Haze. Pretty strong kick, definitely draw slow and small amounts first if you are concerned. I have really high tolerance but took a big draw and started a really insane coughing fit. My gf made the mistake of thinking it was a low dose cartridge and has definitely sent herself into space a few times.

  15. Craig

    Bought 2 carts to try.

    Tasted fine. Got me high.

    Would rate higher if date of packaging, THC and CBD percentages were listed.

  16. Chris

    Have been purchasing for several years and they never disappoint!!

  17. Stacey

    These are amazing !

  18. Patricia

    Love this! Mango Haze is PERFECT! Never get a stiff cartridge that doesn’t work. These are WAY better than we get in the socialized stores.

  19. Leslie

    One of the best vapes , the potency cannot be beat. Again simple 1-3 draws and one is lifted like Lucky the Leprechaun.

  20. Melanie

    Oh man we all love a Kush strain but this one hits it outta the park. Great quality and taste. No smell and burns so clean. Definitely for night time usage for me.
    I’ll be back for more. Thumbs up

  21. Meghan

    Great price, great vape! Never leaked like some others I’ve used in the past. Heats up well. Good wedding cake taste and high came on rapidly. I’ll definitely try all the strains now!

  22. SCOTTY

    Holy mama. My order just arrived, and I just got my first taste of Durban Poison. I had one average-sized hit a few minutes ago, and I’m absolutely FLYING. This is what I’ve been looking for!! I’ve got a nice subtle buzz in my upper back, my mood is improving, I can feel the creative juices beginning to flow, and my mind is wide open. I am very very excited to have found this strain, and this particular product. Thanks as always, MMJ team!

  23. Jean-François

    Love those vapes, they are definitely the best for the price. I had try Blue Skittlez which are very potent even when you are a heavy smoker like me. I will not hesitate to buy and try another strain because I’m sure they will deliver the quality I had before.

  24. Lynette

    nice and smooth. would definitely buy this again!!

  25. Stacie

    I like these ones. Good high and they don’t clog up easily.
    I would recommend these.

  26. Linda

    Great product. Lasts and tastes good. A couple of puffs and Bingo! No pain!

  27. Chris

    Good build quality and vape juice.

  28. dan

    Nice flavour and awesome for mini hits.

  29. Matthew

    I loved the taste and the high was a perfect level of mellow!

  30. Gabriel

    These carts are really good for the value. They do not use cannabis derived terpenes which is worth noting. However they use very high quality distillate and the flavors are very enjoyable. I have tried most if not all of them and they really do the job. A regular always coming back

  31. Alexandre

    Parfait odeur pour en public,puissant merci mmj!

  32. Anastasia

    Amazing product. I previously purchased vape cartridges through local Cannabis stores in BC or online through sanctioned websites, but I found the prices were exorbitant and the quality was not good. More often than not, I found the cartridges would stop working usually around half way through, which was super frustrating. I’ve ordered different varieties of the cartridges here and find the flavours and effect to be on point. The price is excellent as well.

  33. River

    To start, the price point is perfect. Especially since the Ontario prices are criminal, I could never order from anywhere other than here. The taste was delicious, piney and fruity at the same time. The high was a typical blue dream high, cerebral, uplifting and buzzy. A great daytime cartridge 🙂

  34. Nathan

    Just like the ones at the dispensary in Ontario, they hit hard for the first 30 minutes to an hour.

  35. LISA

    Vape cartridges are ok I find if you are on the go and need that top up. They are very smooth and taste good. No burning in the back of the throat feeling. Only need a few puffs to do the job. Sometimes when I am too lazy to get up and roll one, these vapes come in handy.

  36. Hal

    A cart is a cart on some level but these certainly do the job. I found that the quality of the cart can vary drastically though. Some carts leak and clog constantly but others will work perfectly until you empty them. Still a very solid option for the price

  37. DANIEL

    Great product

  38. Alexander

    These are sublime. I simply can not find a better deal anywhere else, and I’ve checked everywhere else. If these things could speak, the countless empty carts by Drip Extracts that I have depleted would share countless stories of my having puffed on them until my eyes watered. I haven’t been so lucky to find something since I first met my wife.

    When you use one of these for the first time ever it’s gonna taste a little funny, but that’s just its flavour profile. I like to act as though I am a cartridge sommelier and slowly sip the first hit from each cart to taste them better. Every single one of these cartridges by Drip Extracts lasts until it is deleted and doesn’t quit early like some other brands do.

    The strain you pick is super important to the experience you have. It’s so convenient to switch the vibe up with a different strain.
    I would recommend picking up a few different strains for this reason. Note that you shouldn’t get too attached to one specific strain you enjoy, because what is available to buy now is not always what’s going to be available later.

  39. Matthew

    These vape carts are just what the doctor ordered! Not literally of course, but they definitely go hard.

    First off, they shipped very quickly (I received them in day)

    Secondly, they taste great. Very smooth vaporize that leaves you wanting more.

    Thirdly, they work! It only takes a 1 toke to get buzzed and 2 takes to get stoned for myself. YMMV

    I find that each cart lasts about 2 Months with regular usage (4 tokes a day) with minimal issues as the cart empties!

    I highly recommend this product and MMJDIRECT is the best place to buy these. Unbeatable prices with great customer service!

    Will 100% repeat!

  40. Lila

    I tried this, at first, because I needed to spend a smidgen more for free shipping. Man oh man, what a treat! I love me some cannabis, but I also love me some discretion. Drip Extracts lets me experience the bliss of blurring the sharp edges of my in-laws, without the redolence of judgment. Drip Extracts are great for a quick pick me up without the commitment and caution that one needs to enjoy cannabis flower. A pleasant and clean high. I wish there was a way to get every last drip out though. It feels a tad wasteful to see there is always at least ONE MORE hoot left, thinly clinging to the sides, like residual wishes in a near-empty well.

  41. Maryann

    Good product to chill out. Not the most intense high but definitely gives you a nice buzz.

  42. Grant

    Perfect high, great price

  43. Joël

    10/10 Great product, I like to use this when watching movies at home, does not stink the house up. Great when you need to be low key about your consumption. Great up lifting head high (depending on strain)

  44. Michel

    Easy to use product, just a simple twist and you’re good to go. They also do sell the pen that goes with the cartridge. I’ve been using the product each night, average 4-7 puffs and I just got to about half remaining in the cartridge of liquid after just a month! Strongly recommended!

  45. Stephanie

    Great vape! Burns well until the end of the cart too

  46. Rodney

    I enjoy a few hits of this strain just before bed or if you are looking for a chill evening. Definitively helps wash away the anxieties of the day and focus on relaxing.

  47. Crystal

    I tried Quantum Kush, it was a nice smooth vape with a good taste. Euphoric feel, will definitely order again.

  48. Lucas

    the pens are really good 👍🏻

  49. Noah

    I recently had the pleasure of trying out a mimosa cart, it exceeded all my expectations. The flavour was absolutely delicious, with a perfect balance of tangy and sweet. The cart was refreshing and gives a nice body load, perfect for any occasion, be it a lazy Sunday brunch or a celebratory event.

    In addition to its delectable taste, this mimosa cart was also potent asf 🔴👃🔴All in all, I would highly recommend this mimosa cart to anyone looking for a delicious and effective way to enjoy this classic brunch beverage in weed form.

  50. Deryk

    Vape Carts by Drip Extracts are premium cannabis cartridges that use state-of-the-art extraction techniques to deliver potent and flavorful vape oil. They contain highly-concentrated terpenes and cannabinoids that preserve the original and authentic qualities of each strain. They come in 1ml cartridges that are compatible with 510 threaded batteries.
    Vape Carts by Drip Extracts offer a variety of strains to choose from, including Durban Poison, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, Pink Kush, and Quantum Kush. (I got Grand Daddy Purple, which was devine!) Each strain has its own distinctive aroma and taste, as well as its own effects. Whether you prefer a sativa or an indica dominant strain, you can find one that suits your mood and needs.
    Vape Carts by Drip Extracts are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a pure and natural vaping experience. They are smooth, clean, and easy to use. They provide a fast and discreet way to consume cannabis without any combustion or smoke. They can help with various conditions such as pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and nausea. Vape Carts by Drip Extracts are a high-quality product that delivers a satisfying and enjoyable smoke.
    Will def purchase again in future orders! 5 out of 5⭐’s !!

  51. Amardeep

    just wanted to drop a quick review on these vape carts by Drip Extracts that I got from MMJ Direct. First off, let me just say that their delivery was on point – I received my order in just a few days, which was awesome.

    As for the vape carts themselves, I was pretty happy with them overall. I tried a few different variants and they all tasted pretty good – not too artificial or chemically like some other vape carts I’ve tried in the past. The effects were also pretty strong, and I found that they helped me relax and unwind after a long day.

    The only downside was that the carts seemed to run out pretty quickly, which was a bit of a bummer. But overall, I was pretty satisfied with my purchase, and I would definitely consider buying from Drip Extracts (and MMJ Direct) again in the future.

  52. Barbara

    These vape carts are great! Very clean, pure distillate. Little to no coughing with these! I got Grandaddy Purple, Quantum Kush and ATF.
    Each vape has a distinct taste/flavour. Will be definitely ordering again. Helps with my pain and headaches.

  53. Ghislain

    très bien

  54. Jonelle

    Grand daddy purple works well for me. I have MS and require additional pain control in the evenings and night time. This particular strain provides me with pain relief and also helps me sleep with less repeat waking due to my symptoms.

  55. Michael

    Who hasn’t tried these carts that shops here am I right lol. Good flavour and long lasting I picked up blue dream and it really was a good concentrate form of the flower. I typically prefer lower temps for vape carts as Im a fan of flavour more than potency. Will buy again. Used a PCKT VRTCL battery and it was great.

  56. Victor

    Got this for my gf to smoke so she doesn’t suck up all my weed. Not a success, 👎🏽 it fell over on the glass coffee table and cracked the cartridge which then proceeded to leak everywhere and was ultimately unusable. 😔😣 What a waste. ☹️ Had that not happened, Im sure it would have been alright, 🤷🏽 however it seems this kind of cartridge clogs easily and is extremely difficult to unclog.😕 I also find they drain my pen battery like 3x faster than other cartridges. 🤔🤔
    For the first day we had it before it broke, it was quite good. I would purchase again for my gf but not for myself. 🤷🏽😶

  57. Kanita

    Clean and easy, doesn’t clog up, doesn’t stink up the house. And it gets the job done!

  58. Krista

    Le gout est très bien a la bouche , pas trop fort et sans arrière gout, je trouve que ce produit est de bonne qualité contrairement a certaine cartouche. La concentration est très bien le % est très bien aussi. Je le conseil fortement vous ne serez pas déçu de votre achat. Nous en avons essayer plusieurs et celui-ci est surprenant. Il se brule très bien et la consistance reste belle même au froid extérieur. La variété se saveur est très bien. le service de livraison a été très rapide ceci est apprécié.

  59. Kevin

    Mimosa is so tasty and those carts last a really long time! Good price, a lot of choice and always fast delivery!

  60. kat

    i’ve tried this a few times, and it does exactly what you think, very smooth pull and it never clogs for me unlike some other cartridges. My favourite one so far has been the grandaddy purple and the other Indica dominant options because I prefer to use it for sleep, and it gets me through the whole entire night 😴 😊

  61. pierre

    this is a great product good flow great taste its a good cart to have a couple around

  62. Savannah

    I really like these carts! They are great for the price. I’ve tried a few different strains , and all of them seem to be good. They don’t clog very easily, and they are my go to’s because it’s such a good product quality for price. I usually have three good hits before bed and it helps me sleep thru the night, but it depends on the strain that you get. I usually stick to indica or something and they perform really well.

  63. Eric

    Very impressed with this Blue Zkittlez cartridge was very strong and exactly what I needed for a chill afternoon. The high hits just after just 2 or so rips. And with them being a 1g cart you’re going to get a lot out of it so I definitely recommend it.

  64. MMj

    Bought strawberry cough and it was incredible.
    Tasted very sweet, though not too much of a fake taste, wasn’t too artificial.
    The high was great I love the uplifting sativa.
    I will definitely be purchasing this strain again I highly recommend it. 👍

  65. Josh

    Great quality cart.
    Airflow was good, didn’t get clogged often.
    Tastes great I’ve tried a variety and they’re all amazing, good natural tastes.
    These carts get my high right every time no matter the strain, I’ll keep coming back to them, highly recommend these.

  66. Cole

    Was looking for a strong, portable, and cheap way to consume thc throughout the day and decided to give these a shot. The taste was FANTASTIC, the effects were STRONG, and all from this tiny cartridge. The buzz lasted a long time, and i felt great the entire time.

    Id recommend to anyone looking for a strong and portable way of ingesting marijuana. One hit is all you need, use at you own discretion!

  67. Ryan

    I tried ATF, Pink Kush and Super Lemon Skunk and was not let down. Nice clean pulls with barely any coughing👌

  68. Ben

    Very nice cart.
    Tried about 10 different strains from drip extracts, and every one is incredible.
    all of them taste smooth and natural, they don’t clog often, and give great highs.
    Highly recomend, great for medical or recreational use.

  69. Maxime

    I ordered cartridge for the first time, super lemon haze was the way to go for me.
    Super energic high, really good feeling for the sunny outdoor days.

    I opted for vape/cartridge because I wanted to be able to smoke in crowded area and its really good at it, no smells.

  70. Dean

    These carts are consistently effecient and a fuss free surprisingly smooth glide path to living vicariously through a coral reef jellyfish…the Pink Kush is giddifying… highly reccomended to triple OG cannabis pioneers….

  71. Jennifer

    I love this, such a nice alternative to consuming flower when I don’t want to go out doors, I’m able to use it in the house and in this cold a$$ weather, it’s nice to not have to go outside. Smooth, and has a pleasant flavor.

  72. ziviot75

    Very nice fresh minty sweet taste. Incredible full body high from a few hits, relaxing, but able to get work done and focus. 10/10
    Tastes incredible, very good high quality cartridge.
    Helped with chronic pain.
    will purchase again 👌👍

  73. Andre

    Great product. I got this as its one of the most reasonably priced cartridges and they do not disappoint. I use these on the daily and enjoy a variety of strains.
    Quantum Kush is a great sativa dominant strain I like to use in the daytime, helps with creativity and gives me good energy, along with a good uplifting and euphoric feeling.

  74. Rachel

    very nice and TASTY vape carts love mango haze my favourite drip extracts delivers

  75. Josh

    Great cart came fast very high quality

  76. Charlotte

    Love it 😍

  77. Yu

    I feel that he is very clean and easy to touch. I always carry it on my pocket

  78. Jesse

    These are pretty consistent and good quality. I’ve purchased several flavours and never been disappointed. If you are prone to coughing these are pretty smooth and the coughing is mild and easily goes away with a few sips of water.

    These are very helpful if you want a controlled dose, especially for mild highs. You can keep toking until you reach your desired high. The vapour is visible but hardly any smell. Easy to vape indoors without bothering anyone.

    Personal favourite: Grand Daddy Purple (70% Indica), I particularly like this one for late at night before bed.
    Honourable mentions: Blue Zkittlez (70% Indica), name is pretty apt. Quantum Kush (75% Sativa), nice daytime vape.

  79. Adrian

    drip extracts is probably my favorite cart manufacturer.

    havent had any bad carts. I love them, and will keep buying them.
    They taste good, the effects are great, I buy various ones to try all the time.

  80. William

    Good and tasty, a little harsh but altogether pretty good

  81. Ryan

    Ordered these for the first time a few weeks ago. Definitely a good product, they are cheaper than buying them from the local store here. The one thing I found was they seemed to empty a lot faster than the ones I get from the local store here, not sure if its just me or not. Overall great product and I would still recommend.

  82. Viviane

    The carts leaked after a couple months of using it almost daily.
    Perfect for family vacation
    Was worried it would be so cheap it’d break in so easily: it’s not: I feel it’s quite resistant and strong enough to be carried without to much care.
    The clogging is also not so bad!
    Even the battery lasts enough time to go around a whole day

  83. Alysha

    the death bubba is my favorite strain to smoke before bed. death bubba puts me to bed no problem no need to take another hit. I’m ordering more now and can wait until it comes in the mail. it tastes so good with “high-c grape”. Like you take a hit, drink the grape juice, and it’s incredible.

  84. Kevin

    Perfect one

  85. Mike

    Durban poison is a OG of sativa if there ever was one. I found this strain a few years ago and it’s been byfar a true definition of what a sativa is meant to be. You feel alert, focused energized yet slightly euphoric with zero burn out ready for the day. Sometimes the flower can be a bit on the dry harsh side which makes this vape a very nice way to puff some Durb! Good flavour and a smooth pull right to the end. Quality distillet here that not many have to this level. It rarely clugs up unless left in the cold too long. Needless to say I’ll be buying Durban poison in different forms for years to come and highly recommend as a vape 👌

  86. Alaina

    I really love these vapes. they don’t get clogged like others I’ve tried. The lemon haze is perfect for daytime as it doesnt make me sleepy or too out of it. I find it helps with my creativity!

  87. Jeannette

    Love pink kush! It is very good for pain relief! Helps me sleep. I have chronic pain and muscle spasms and this helps me get through the night.

  88. Pat

    I enjoy the flavour of this vape. It is a very mellow buzz with just a few puffs. The vape is so convenient when travelling, or somewhere where lighting up isn’t appropriate

  89. Susan

    I’m happy to get this great tasting vape again. A few tokes and I’m back picking strawberries with my Mom.

  90. Hailey

    I bought Gorilla Glue, Durban Poison, and they’re all great, the effects are immediate

  91. Katherine

    I love this product. It’s great for public places and family gatherings. Very discreet and a nice mellow high. I will continuously buy it.

  92. Lisa

    I’ve tried most of the different varieties and they have some great strong ones like Super Lemon Haze and Alaska Thunderfuck. Overall great, though I had some issues with several cartridges leaking.

  93. Jennifer

    Always happy with Drip Extracts – good quality and good price. I love indica and their Pink Kush is tasty and smooth!

  94. Patricia

    I love it , it help me to relax and eat .I do smoke leaf normaly and this vape do not smell .I don’t feel to high just very relax .Orange Cookies is my favorite 😍

  95. Alexandre

    I have ordered these a few times, in a variety of strains and flavors, and have to say that I am never disappointed. The flavors are fairly subtle, but the high is clean and enveloping. Good little carts to puff on or keep your high topped off after a couple dabs.

  96. Lisa

    Only disappointment is flavour. It’s just weird.

  97. Bayardo

    One of the best strains for me. this one is better than OCS’s vapes. more potent and costs less! will be buying this all day every da



  99. James

    Pink kush is a mellow indica, great for winding down at the end of the day. If you keep hitting it you will be pleasantly stoned. It’s my favourite strain and the vape is super convenient. Can’t give it a 5 because the flavours and lining feeling isn’t the best but that’s not why we smoke.

  100. Darcy

    Pulls smooth, little tickle. The effect is smooth and sedative yet uplifting and euphoric. Fruity and leaves a pleasant taste.

    Satisfying, good quality and never leak in the pocket. Highly recommend, especially when on sale!

  101. Samuel

    This was good. It was a good flavor, would reccomend it. It did leak a bit but that’s pretty typical i find haha

  102. Colborn

    I just love this product, great flavour and a bang for your buck. I love my flower but I have started using these for ease of use when out and about and I am very glad I have, what an excellent product line!

  103. jennifer

    Awesome! Love the taste and it really helps with my back pain

  104. Jennifer

    Extremely satisfied with these vape cartridges. The size is a meaningful difference. I basically have this in hand from the time I wake until the end of the day so that can add up pretty quickly. The larger size means every cart is going to last a little longer and the price is unbeatable. I was worried at first actually because the price is so reasonable but I have had no worries! Also have not had any issues with clogging or defective carts.

    Pink Kush is a favourite strain – medicinal usage for PTSD and agoraphobia.The Pink Kush is great for when I need something heavier to relax or for night, before bed. Not harsh at all. Taste is really nice and kinda fruity.

  105. Shelli

    I purchased Alaskan Thunder Fuck due to the strain and the attributes to help anxiety. I was not disappointed. It has a strong but not unpleasant taste and does exactly what it says it does. With just 1-2 puffs it is invigorating allowing me to get everything I need to do done but takes off the anxious edge and I haven’t had a single headache since using this strain. I take it daily and can actually say that I am getting more done than usual. Will definitely buy again!!

  106. Katherine

    I caught these vape carts on sale

  107. Ricky

    These vapes are an excellent choice but I can’t give 5 stars as some flovors was not as good as others. These vapes also starting to make my throat sore

  108. Samuel

    not my favorite but quality is there ! i prefer punchy coils

  109. Dustin

    Easy too use, tastes great, I’ve tried the Indica and it made for a great sleep, can’t wait to try the Sativa

  110. Myana

    To be quite honest with you these are probably the best cartridges you can get for your buck.

    The smoke itself is smooth in your throat and does not feel like you just inhaled a whole motor. The taste is also great and pleasant. The carts are filled right to the top and lasts you a while. I took it for depression and sleep and I find that it’s helped with both. Definitely helped me sleep at night.

    The smell is discreet and does not linger.

  111. Jasmine

    These carts last a lot longer than any other. I’ve tried them from dispensaries and nothing compares, they go further which means I have to buy less, and I like that a lot!

  112. NANCY

    My go-to cartridge for day for my creative pursuits and it provides me with peaceful sleep at night.

  113. Frederic

    I was expecting more to be honest. I used Alaskan Thunder Fuck. The taste is not very good but completely terrible either, just so-so, there is an strong chemical after-taste. They are potent but not mind-blowing. I’ve felt like I’ve smoked a 0.2g needle of an average Kush. So again, not bad but far from being “an experience”. Balanced high, not big laugh but no couch lock either. The most negative point about this cartridge is the way it made me cough. Not smooth at all. Taking more than 4 puffs is almost impossible. After 3 hits, I have to stop because I feel like I have saw-dust in my lungs. Will try another brand next time.

  114. Valerie

    First time user of of a vape and I am back for more!

  115. Tess

    I have tried three different kinds of these Vape Carts by Drip Extracts and they all worked fine, and did the job. The durban poison, girl scout cookies and the blue zittles. They are pretty good quality, not anything superb or amazing, just regular old extraction. The durban poison is a good day time high, with a piney flavour, helps with focusing. The girl scout cookies was also pretty good, mellow indica high, nice flavour. The blue zittles tasted like flavouring, so would not get that one again, but still provides a pretty good night time stone, as a heavy smoker. I will buy again, while on sale. Not the greatest price at full cost.

  116. Rahul

    Best price point out there for your vape cartridge. Especially with the 420 Sale! clean, smooth, as expected from all my MMJ products. I’m not usually big on vaping but this didn’t leave my throat burned like the rest of the cartridges I’ve had in the past. It’s turned me back on to this as an option for early smokes.

  117. Murray

    I tried these vape carts for something convenient when I want to be on the go. I like having a puff ready to consume, and very discreet with no lingering smell

    The Durban poison was the perfect daytime motivator, on my list when I order carts again

  118. Kelsey

    First time trying a vape pen. I wanted to be able to puff in public without stinkin up the place. Success! Super easy to use, effective and flavorful. Different settings let you adjust the hit. Only downside is that it started to clog at the end.

  119. Heather

    Great product. Definitely will buy again!

  120. Tina

    This is the only cart I have had so far that does not clog up near the end. I had stopped buying 1 mg carts for that very reason, too much waste. I have only tried a few flavours so far but I can attest they are tasty, smooth, and heavy hitting. Will get more.

  121. Hannah

    I bought it to try a new type of cartridge. It turned out to be a very good experience. I bought blue zkittles and it was one of the best tasting cartridges I’ve tried.
    I will definitely be getting it again, along with mango haze. Would definitely recommend!

  122. Vanessa

    I love these carts!! I’ve tried almost each one by now, but my favorite is mimosa!! So good! It tastes so good. None of them have ever had that nasty burnt taste, that some vapes can give off. Highly highly recommend!

  123. Windy

    While I really like the strains and the high of these carts, I find that they tend to clog more than some other brands I’ve tried. But aside from that they are strong and the strawberry cough one tastes amazing! The strains do what they claim to do. Pineapple Express and Girl Scout Cookies are really nice hybrids that are good for any activity.

  124. Darla

    Very good did not make me cough

  125. gerald

    First time trying vape carts.Convenient,discreet and easy to control dose.Really like the selection as well.Won’t be ordering any more soon since I stocked up on the holiday sales.Keep up the good work MMJ!

  126. Crystal

    Beautiful pure flavours that gives an intense high! Every cartridge is curated to perfection, and are well worth the money!

  127. Caroline

    Even better than expected. I’d been dying to try the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain for a long time, and I was not disappointed at all. It has a wonderful citrusy taste and a really “happy” high that I really enjoyed!

  128. Chris

    I’ve purchased a couple of these vap carts and I haven’t been disappointed. They offer great flavor and potency. The effects seem to last quite a long time.
    I enjoy how easy / inconspicuous it allows me to consume my choice herb. Not to mention the convenience and price. I will be buying again. Cheers

  129. Nelson

    It was very smooth, nice solid buzz, really helped me quiet the mind, relieve my pain and a solid sleep

  130. Daniel

    These Vape Carts by Drip Extracts have to be the best value I’ve found yet. A 1g cart for a great price full-priced or on sale. We tried the Blue Dream strain and it’s the perfect mix of natural tasting with just the right amount of terpenes to offer a great taste. It really does have a hint of blueberry if you try real hard to taste it. The smoke on these is as smooth as any of the expensive carts and just as good, if not better tasting. We use it with a CCell Palm and it works amazingly. If it gets very very cold, you can heat it up in your palm and the oil will ready to go again. About to buy some more after I write this

  131. Sal

    Purchased this cart based on the reviews I read and I was not disappointed. I’m a daily smoker and this cart was good enough to get me through the days. The taste of the product is good, Each hit came out smooth with no bad after taste. The high is also good enough to give you a buzz and not have you too out of it to function throughput the day. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  132. Erika

    Love this one! Very smooth with a subtle taste and doesn’t take long to kick in. I love the drip extracts cartridges cause they last a long time and don’t seem to leak as much as others. Great price too!

  133. Aidan

    Very impressed with this pink Kush cartridge I am new to this world but it tastes great, gets the job done but with a less heavy high than I’d get from a joint. Got this to keep in my coat and backpack when I’m on walks and don’t want to roll a joint in the wind. I ordered a disposable pen previously and it lasted quite a while. I got the reusable one this time as I know I liked the product.

  134. Jo-anne

    Love it! Best Pink Kush cart I ever had…tasty and a great heavy hitter.
    Good for pain and insomnia…and WOW what’s way to get there!
    Thank you MMJ

  135. mathieu

    Bought the super Lemon haze cart.Taste amazing.I have the same strain in flowers and the taste is just amazing.Very potent but a bit harsh on the troath.Pleased.

  136. vincent


  137. Maxime

    Bon. Le high est bien present. Pour le gout je dirais 8/10.

  138. William

    Great products! Good vapes

  139. Zaheen

    Feel a bit light on the feet and clears up my thoughts. Great variant.

  140. Guillaume

    Amazing quality, my favorite vape product, i tryied Girls scout cookie and i’m in love.. i use with the Bob vape pen.. taste and effect is perfect.. very strong, and discreet!

  141. Mandy

    I loved this one! Definitely helps me with relaxing and falling asleep. I would recommend.

  142. Nicole

    Best stuff I’ve touched in years.

    100% hands down a nice smooth relaxing feeling

  143. katarina

    I was looking forward to this one the most as I have such trouble falling asleep 😴 and calming down my thoughts 🥲 so after trying the pink kush just WOW wow. 😩 I honestly never felt calmer. It helped me fall asleep only after a few puffs, and I stayed asleep for way way longer than normal. Even if you need to take more puffs it will lead to a calming and happy sensation 😋. I know once there is only a little left in cartridges it can be harder to heat and then inhale however I did not have this problem here 😎. There was barely any left before I couldn’t pull anymore, microscopic 🔬even. And if you experience depressive states or even have clinical depression, I think this can help. Just don’t forget to drink water or juice! 🙄🥤🧃Also! it does have a earthy taste, kinda like pine needles or like tree sap 🌲, but that taste fades quite fast and after a while I didn’t even notice it.

  144. Travis

    I was ordering a number of different vape carts, from various brands on this site. When it comes to enjoyable flavour and smoothness, Durban Poison from Drip extracts. The flavour was very citrus dominant, but also a pleasant sweetness. Almost like taking a sip of mountain dew!

    The high is very balanced I find, besides it being a sativa dominant strain. Energetic euphoria that can bring social confidence, and surprisingly anti-anxiety (provided you’re respectful with the dose). I remember the last time I used this cart, I was inspired to do a workout…while prior, I was slightly drained from my day. Then it gradually becomes mind numbing and your body melts into a puddle. You’re now about to sleep. Get the best of both worlds. Definitely recommend!

  145. Chris

    Strong and tasty. I get these for my wife and she keeps asking for more. Happy wife happy life 🙂

  146. Denis

    Great product! I Like all the flavor

  147. Jason

    I really enjoyed this, good flavour, very clean taste and buzz, very smooth. I can take nice big hauls. The oil appears to be very high quality, very clear and just the perfect viscosity. i can’t see this clogging. I wish they used better carts though, I’ve never been a fan of this style of the 510 carts, i can definitely recommend these and i will definitely buy these again.

  148. Barbara

    Used this for sleeping and was exceptionally pleased . This would be my third third time ordering. Fast and efficient delivery.!

  149. Sepehr

    This my daily vape now. I really enjoyed the wedding cake and GG #4. It really helps me during the day and night. This is my 3rd time ordering and mmjdirect is my go to for any vape cart!

  150. Gabrielle

    Love this product! It was my first time trying a vape and I will definitely buy more carts!

  151. William

    Great product that I would definitely purchase again!

    Felt like it always hit me nicely which made it last longer than most I seem to buy. Pull was smooth and flavour was just fine. I’ve tried a pretty large number of carts last couple of years and this one I would say was better than most.

  152. Maude

    Amazing tasting product. Seems to last longer then other brands I’ve used. Will 100% buy again.
    Great heavy-hitting strain really shine in this cart not one of the cart I have to keep switching to joints throughout the day because it stops being potent. Definitely one that is good throughout the day.

    I was pleasantly surprised how flavourful this cart was

  153. Sandra

    Great vape! I’ve weaned off flower due to chronic cough and this is a fabulous replacement. Awesome clean buzz

  154. Cathy

    This is the first time we tried carts and over all we liked them very much.
    Loved the convenience. Nice big hit for the draw, enjoyed that.
    Dreamy, euphoric high. Lots of ideas but didn’t get too much actually done 😄😄😄 Ended up going for a walk in the nice weather, have to work on that
    Didn’t care for the taste unfortunately.
    Got use to it but definitely prefer other methods of smoking as far as the flavor goes.
    We will try some of the other kinds as well, see if they taste any better

  155. Adam

    great alternative to constantly rolling, a bit harsher on the lungs i find though, still tasty and sedating.

  156. Amanda

    My wife absolutely loves the stuff and has a really asked to get more.


  157. Heather

    Great quality vape. I use for extreme pain and appetite. These carts are great. Takes 3 or 4 deep inhales before pain starts to fade. No real flavour profile. I keep a Tile gps tracker attached to it because losing it is not an option! I only order indica or hybrid.

  158. Georgia

    Great vape cartridge, works with bob and keyy cartridge well. I find it doesn’t clog up or heat the pen up too much. Very smooth vapor and a classic bud taste. I’ve tried a few different ones, mostly based on names, but there is a good difference between the indica and sativa strains depending on what you want out of the vapes.

  159. Trip

    I’ve purchased several different “ Vape Carts by Drip Extracts” and I’m very pleasantly surprised to find full
    spectrum cannabinoids in their cartridges. I’m a Lyme patient and shop by cannabinoid as well as strength and sativa/hybrid family.

    Super, super happy. Thanks for your hard work.


  160. Sarah

    The taste is smooth, and the relaxing effect is immediate. An absolute must try for experienced and new vapers alike. Creative and uplifting feeling lasts for about an hour. After effects are a calm mind and relaxed body. Would highly recommend!

  161. Melvin

    Good value in these carts, but not premo. You get 1mL of oil that seems to last. The taste is good, but not heavy on terpenes. Drip Extracts’ HTFSE carts might be tastier, but have yet to try them.

    This cart is for those that want the most quantity of oil in their carts, while getting very acceptable smoke. So its a great economy choice, but not premium.

  162. Maria

    Love this product! Better than most vapes

  163. Katrina

    Ordered a strawberry cough and loved it!! Sweet tasty strawberries with nice Sativa buzz during the day. No harsh coughing, just smooth oil. I missed out on super lemon haze which I reeeaaallly want to try as it’s my fave strain. But I’ll continue trying the other ones as this is one of the few brands that don’t make me cough like crazy. The oil was a nice golden colour, no brown stuff. Price point is good for the quality, especially with 20% discount. Recommend!

  164. Julie-Anna

    I Purchased Blue Dream, which I’ve tryed at other retailers, but this one seems to be much better in taste and gives a nicer energy feeling,..just sit back and enjoy the fun feeling, great in parties will purchase for sure again👍🏻☺️

  165. Karl

    We tried the pink kush for sleeping purpose and its potent , taste is alright, the price on these cart is incredibly low, will buy again.

  166. Leanne

    I love these carts. They last and you don’t have anything left in the cart when it’s done. It’s great tasting, the feeling comes on smooth and floaty.

    Keep the base charged, and your good for every situation. Small puff,and your good to go.

  167. Sarah

    I loved the taste of the Durban, it was so zesty and citrusy. Really good carts with a good mouthpiece, though mine did begin to clog near the tail end of its life. I would still order again.

  168. Seyedeh

    Love these carts! We order random flavours each time and have had no issues. Great price too. Highly recommended

  169. Suthan

    This were great cartridges for my 510 battery! I chose the Durban Poison as my daytime vape and Pink Kush as my evening strain before bed. The price is fantastic and the quality of the vapour was flavourful and potent. Thank you guys for such a good product, I will be sure to order more in the future…

  170. Peter

    These carts are very affordable and high quality. They do not ever clog, and unlike smoking bud, you do not feel too impaired to carry on with your day. My favorite was the pink kush cart, which was probably the best cart I’ve ever smoked. Fantastic highs, super relaxing and great for nighttime. A close second was durban poison, making me energetic and motivated to exercise and leave the house to adventure. The hybrids I tried were good for taking the edge off on a boring day inside. If you’re having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, these carts are also great for wake and bakes and getting you started in good spirits. The smoke is not harsh, and I’ve never coughed from them. They are also discreet, fast and do not smell. The taste is pretty neutral and hard to notice, but never bad. Overall, if you’re looking for carts, you can’t go wrong with these.

  171. Henry

    A couple tokes of this cart and I am kicking ass on my Playstation. Nice buzz but still some focus, perfect for hours of gaming. These are very quality carts with great flavour and price.

  172. Jessica

    awesome price point for a 1ml vape! At the store they range from $60-70 so you really can’t go wrong! Smooth and strong these guys are perfect on the go. will definitely be ordering drip extracts vapes again.

  173. Michael

    This is our first time ordering vapes from drip extracts but we definitely will be ordering again. The oil is fairly thin, easy to haul on and does not clog like some brands. The price point is great and you definitely get your money’s worth. From what we can tell, these will also last about the same amount of time as an average cartridge of similar size. Highly recommended.

  174. Lisa

    These are such a good deal. They don’t clog, they seem a bit bigger than typical carts as others have said, and even the compact packaging is ideal for travelling so they don’t tip as well as large writing. I only hope they continue to keep the price point at <$40 - if so, it will be my go-to. Strawberry Cough was pleasant and not overly complex. Trying out three new ones this time after great reviews, looking forward to Blue Dream, Quantum Kush, and especially Durban Poison.

  175. Dilan

    Bought the Durban Poison cart because I was looking for something that could keep me up and awake to finish essays

  176. Kevin

    These carts are fantastic. They give a nice smooth toke with a delicious flavour. The high hits hard and fast after just 2 or 3 rips. And with them being a 1g cart you’re going to get a lot out of it. Easily the best bang for your buck cartridge that doesn’t sacrifice quality for a good price. I highly recommend these and I’ll definitely be buying more of these in the future

  177. Alexander

    For the price – the best carts I have bought. I got two Pink Kush and one Quantum Kush. I’ve shopped around but these are the best for the money.

    Pink Kush – Only use this right before bed. You will be couch-locked and out like a light after a 30-minute session. Deep inhales that are slow and controlled are the best. A sleep aid. You might wake up a little foggy so give yourself some time the next morning to get ready. You will feel a dry mouth and heavy eyes. Have water or Gatorade ready.

    Quantum Kush – A daytime driver. 2-3 puffs should be good to start. This will make you a little scatterbrained, but you’ll be in a better mood. Don’t try to work while using this strain, it’s tough.

    Next up is Grand Daddy Purple and I will be buying more Pink Kush for sure.

  178. Wendy

    These cartridges are awesome! They are large and last a long time. I bought the durban poison. It’s very strong which I like. It gives good happy energy with a clear mind and I am able to focus on whatever task is at hand. I am much more social, happy to talk to people but relaxed and not anxious. It doesn’t make me paranoid which some strong weeds can sometimes do that. Lastly, these cartridges are not too expensive and mmjdirect often has good sales! I love the Drip Extracts. Would definitely recommend.

  179. Patrick

    I have bought every strain of the Drip Extract vapes and they are all great. The sativas come as advertised, excellent for day time use, indica great for evening, mango have hybrid right in the middle. Great value, great flavour. All have been smooth right to the end, no plugging or leaking in to the battery. Great product, highly recommend

  180. Nathan

    Highly suggest buying these carts. Pink Kush is where it’s at though.

  181. Michael Ray

    Got these when they were on sale and I gotta say they’re well worth it at their original price! Very smooth and you can taste the flavour. Seems like these carts are filled to the brim and lasts for a very long time. Smells good and gets you super high! Definitely a repeat buy.

  182. Evan

    Bought two quantum kush carts on sale, even not on sale they’re still a great price. Really nice high from a great sativa thats perfect for creative projects, socializing, watching a good movie. Good quality, nice mouth piece, didn’t start to clog until near the end and lasted a long time because they were not spitting oil back up. I’ve had smoother tasting and nicer tasting carts than these but there was nothing wrong with them. Still an enjoyable cart that wasn’t too harsh. Probably won’t buy again because I have my favourites but for the price point they are great carts.

  183. Shaelyn

    These carts are such a steal, even at regular price! I purchased the granddaddy purple

  184. Dusan

    Picked up this cart to try since it was new. The colour has a nice golden look to it. The cartridge didn’t experience any clogging the entire way through. Potency feels slightly less than some of the other carts on MMJD but not by much if anything. Blue Dream is always a great option, would recommend.

  185. Melissa

    Love it! Very smooth and it doesn’t take very long for it to kick in. It had a subtle taste and I definitely will be repurchasing. I’ve had the best sleep using this one. Lasted me a very long time too.

  186. Brenda

    Very impressive for a $39 cartridge. I bought a couple of varieties and am very pleased with them all. Grand Daddy Purple is my favourite. Smooth

  187. Caroline

    Le gout est très bien a la bouche , pas trop fort et sans arrière gout, je trouve que ce produit est de bonne qualité contrairement a certaine cartouche. La concentration est très bien le % est très bien aussi. Je le conseil fortement vous ne serez pas déçu de votre achat. Nous en avons essayer plusieurs et celui-ci est surprenant. Il se brule très bien et la consistance reste belle même au froid extérieur. La variété se saveur est très bien. le service de livraison a été très rapide ceci est apprécié.

  188. Amy

    Carts are definitely not my favourite way of smoking, but the convenience and subtlety of them just cannot be beat. I got the Durban Poison as well as Pink Kush for day and night respectively. First thing I noticed when I opened the tube is that not only are these $5 cheaper than the carts I normally buy, they’re also a tiny bit bigger! Durban Poison definitely helps me feel more relaxed and focused while Pink Kush levels me out and then puts me right to sleep. They both increased my appetite but not to the point where I was bingeing on munchies (which is the perfect sweet spot in my opinion), but I will say they both give more dry mouth than other carts I’ve used so keep lots of water on hand. The earthy flavour of Durban Poison wasn’t my personal favourite, however the Pink Kush is quite a nice flavour and aroma!

  189. Sean

    I’ve tried a couple of these as an alternative to the HTFSE Sauce carts, and I like that they have similar effects. I will continue to buy both.

  190. Jamelie

    Wow this distillate is so good and smooth, it brought me to a whole type of vibrations I really enjoyed, 10/10

  191. Alex

    For $35 these carts are an absolute steal! Also, I’ve noticed that these carts seem to vape much more efficiently than other carts I have used before. I have been hauling on the vape more than I normally would lately and am always finding myself impressed with how little of a dent I’ve put in the cart! I purchased the Alaskan Thunderfuck cart and have been enjoying it very much. The taste is nice and sweet, with great effects kicking in quickly after a few puffs. Overall, Id say these carts are right up there with the High Voltage HTFSE carts in terms of value and quality. Adding these carts to this website only gives me more reason to keep coming back. Thanks again MMJ team!

  192. Alicia

    Granddaddy Purple: WOAH! The taste is amazing, and the high is effective and very euphoric. Very relaxing but still fun. 10/10, am recommending!

  193. Gabrielle

    I love this! It gets your appetite going, head is still pretty clear and I feel light on my feet. The taste is pretty earthy I’d say and the cartridge itself smokes pretty smoothly.

  194. Michael

    I usually buy vape carts from a dispensary but the price is so expensive I wanted to try and purchase some one. With Drip extracts I was not disappointed. The taste is unbelievable and so sweet. I took a few hits of the pink kush and it had my ready for bed in Minutes. Good quality good taste and the high is amazing too. I definitely reccomend this product! Buy as many as you can before the price goes up!

  195. Dylan

    Well on order the product showed up in 5 days. Was hoping it would be closer to the 2 days. But after it showed up i tried it out and i was semi pleased. It had very little taste, a fruity exhale for a sec. But even though it had not much taste it still packed a punch! Over all for the price it is a pretty good deal! 🤗

  196. Patrick

    I was on the fence with Drip Extracts. I had gotten burned on some shatter from them that was just unusable goo wrapped up in parchment paper. I also got some bubble hash from them that was amazing. So when I heard 1ml 510 carts for $30, I was tempted. I went ahead and grabbed 4 different strains. The carts themselves seemed ceramic and were filled right up. I like that. The flavors are strong and tasty. The smell is limited and discreet. I also like that alot. The effects are wonderful. A few pulls off one of these carts and you are goo to go. I most acquired sativas cause I like smoking all day and sedation is not an option. Thumbs up here though. Great job.

  197. Matthew

    Amazing quality and taste. wow. it has a fruity feel and all the benefits girl scout offers. a lift of depression or whatever aliment you may have with this. this is a larger size as well so it is enough to go round as well. really good quality. my lungs are not gasping for air after a hit. good quality and good price. better than what you get in a cannabis store front.

  198. Vic

    Just picked this cart in the Quantum Kush variant. The taste and strength of both the strain and the manufacturing produces an uplifting, somewhat euphoric feel. As a creative I tend to lean towards the quantum Kush for inspiration.

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