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Full 1 ml Premium THC Distillate 510 Threaded Cartridge


Vape Carts by Drip Extracts Information

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Vape Carts by Drip Extracts are made using state-of-the-art extraction techniques that bring about matchless potency and flavour. These carts contain highly-concentrated terpenes and cannabinoids, which leads to original and authentic flavours, as well as potency effects that you can’t match. The actual cart itself (not the vape oil or flavour) has the same structure as the High Voltage Carts, but a different top, which makes all the difference. In fact, this difference leads to much more enjoyable experiences!

What makes Vape Carts Drip Extracts great is its variety in terms of strains. You can choose between Durban Poison, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, Pink Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, and Quantum Kush. Each strain has its distinctive flavour and aroma, which leads to unique experiences. Whether the strain is Indica or Sativa-dominant influences the psychoactive and therapeutic experience you’ll go through.

Vape Carts by Drip Extracts

This exclusive brand focuses on achieving the highest THC concentration in a small package, which leads us to these Vape Carts. One cart is worth 1ml of pure-quality concentrated THC, which means your mind and body will go through a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether it’s euphoria or relaxation, you’ll come across their most extreme forms, the kinds where you either go forward or stand down forever in shame. Once you start smoking one of these carts, there’s no going back!

Their flavour is substantially better than High Voltage Carts, due to the heightened plant extraction methods. Vape Carts by Drip Extracts come the closest to a Full-Spectrum extract, offering a peerless flavour and intense aroma. Your taste buds will reel in enthusiasm and pleasure after you take that first toke. The taste is great, with a much-needed simplicity and intense exhale. Depending on the strain you choose, the flavour and aroma will be different, which keeps the surprise at its best:

Durban Poison – Pure Sativa

A pure Sativa with approximately 20-24% THC, 1% CBD and 1% CBN, Durban Poison is creative, energizing, and euphoric. It’s one of the most powerful strains in the world, one that can even treat bipolar disorder, ADHD and ADD, depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. Its citrus and pine-infused flavour is not one you’ll forget soon. It gets even better on the exhale, when you’ll feel the sweet and spicy punginess of the earthy aroma. A subtle flavour of pine will make itself known every moment now!

Alaskan Thunder Fuck – Sativa Dominant

This strain is 70% Sativa, with a THC concentration of 16-23%. When it reaches its maximum potential, Alaskan Thunder Fuck is both energizing and arousing, with a matchless therapeutic potential. It can treat PTSD, stress, depression, headaches, chronic pains, fatigue, insomnia, and even bipolar disorder. It smells of catpiss and skunk, and it tastes of grape, citrus, spicy pine, and sweet yet rough earthiness. It’s a pungent smell and flavour that’ll leave you wanting for more every time!

Girl Scout Cookies – Indica Dominant

One flavour to rule them all, Girl Scout Cookies is a legendary Indica-dominant strain with over 25-28% THC concentration. This propels it into the very top 5 of the most powerful strains in the world. Its cherry-lemon and minty flavour transform Girl Scout Cookies into one of the tastiest strains in the world, as well. There’s nothing that this strain can’t do, including treating anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic pains, bipolar disorder, and even migraines. It’ll enhance your creativity and relax your body in a few minutes.

Blue Dream – Sativa Dominant

An infamous Sativa-dominant bud with 17-24% THC concentration, Blue Dream is highly-regarded for its creative, energizing, yet dreamy effects that relax your body and improve your mood. It’ll keep you super motivated and focused, with a warm and fuzzy feeling that spreads throughout your body rather quickly. With a blueberry and vanilla-infused flavour, this strain will sweeten your taste buds and improve your appetite faster than you realize. It’s the perfect strain for depression, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and bipolar disorder!

Pink Kush – Indica Dominant

This 90% Indica is a heavy hitter with 15-20% THC concentration. Its effects are all about sleepiness, relaxation, and sedation. Once you start smoking, you won’t be able to stop because the flavour is so good and intense! It tastes of candies, berries, and sweet vanilla. The exhale brings a floral aroma with sweet earthiness, combined with a much-needed whiff of vanilla. With Pink Kush, you can treat PTSD, mood swings, inflammation, chronic pains, insomnia, and anxiety.

Grand Daddy Purple – Indica Dominant

With its grape and pine-infused flavour, Grand Daddy Purple pushes the boundaries of simplicity when it comes to flavour and aroma. There’s nothing too complicated here, just an intense and juicy aroma of sweet grapes and berries. Yet that’s what keeps you coming back to it. It’s 17-27% THC concentration and 70% Indica profile contribute to this, as well. There’s nothing to dislike about this strain, and it can even treat chronic pains, depression, and stress. Its relaxing and euphoric effects are perfect for any user!

Quantum Kush – Sativa Dominant

Quantum Kush is a hard-hitting Sativa-dominant strain that energizes your mind during the first few moments of your stoning experience. It’ll leave you unfocused and introspective, with a spacey mind and a perfectly relaxed mind. Its THC concentration reaches 20-27%, and it has a citrus, sweet, and tropical flavour that never get old. That first taste of pungent and skunky earthiness, combined with the lemon-like and woody flavour is unmatched. You’ll want to keep smoking it is what we’re saying!

7 reviews for Vape Carts by Drip Extracts

  1. Alicia

    Granddaddy Purple: WOAH! The taste is amazing, and the high is effective and very euphoric. Very relaxing but still fun. 10/10, am recommending!

  2. Gabrielle

    I love this! It gets your appetite going, head is still pretty clear and I feel light on my feet. The taste is pretty earthy I’d say and the cartridge itself smokes pretty smoothly.

  3. Michael

    I usually buy vape carts from a dispensary but the price is so expensive I wanted to try and purchase some one. With Drip extracts I was not disappointed. The taste is unbelievable and so sweet. I took a few hits of the pink kush and it had my ready for bed in Minutes. Good quality good taste and the high is amazing too. I definitely reccomend this product! Buy as many as you can before the price goes up!

  4. Dylan

    Well on order the product showed up in 5 days. Was hoping it would be closer to the 2 days. But after it showed up i tried it out and i was semi pleased. It had very little taste, a fruity exhale for a sec. But even though it had not much taste it still packed a punch! Over all for the price it is a pretty good deal! 🤗

  5. Patrick

    I was on the fence with Drip Extracts. I had gotten burned on some shatter from them that was just unusable goo wrapped up in parchment paper. I also got some bubble hash from them that was amazing. So when I heard 1ml 510 carts for $30, I was tempted. I went ahead and grabbed 4 different strains. The carts themselves seemed ceramic and were filled right up. I like that. The flavors are strong and tasty. The smell is limited and discreet. I also like that alot. The effects are wonderful. A few pulls off one of these carts and you are goo to go. I most acquired sativas cause I like smoking all day and sedation is not an option. Thumbs up here though. Great job.

  6. Matthew

    Amazing quality and taste. wow. it has a fruity feel and all the benefits girl scout offers. a lift of depression or whatever aliment you may have with this. this is a larger size as well so it is enough to go round as well. really good quality. my lungs are not gasping for air after a hit. good quality and good price. better than what you get in a cannabis store front.

  7. Vic

    Just picked this cart in the Quantum Kush variant. The taste and strength of both the strain and the manufacturing produces an uplifting, somewhat euphoric feel. As a creative I tend to lean towards the quantum Kush for inspiration.

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