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DMO by Gastown Collective Information

DMO by Gastown is a fairly new strain, so much information about this weed flower is still lacking. We do know that it is a heavy Indica cannabis strain with THC levels that have been tested as high as just over 35%. Keep in mind that depending on the phenotype and batch, there could be some variations. The potency of this marijuana bud should only be tried out by experienced users.


The effects of DMO are reported to be heavy with a taste and aroma that are pungent and skunky. It is said to be a cross between GMO (Garlic, Mushroom, Onion) and Dosidos, although some argue that one of its parent strains is Purple Punch. Its flavour is described as minty, gassy, and pleasantly savoury. DMO is known to help with anxiety, chronic pain, stress, and insomnia.


A Heavy Body High


DMO by Gastown delivers a heavy and intense full-body high with great sedative and pain-numbing effects. With THC as high as 35%, the relaxing effects of this cannabis strain can be very strong and long-lasting, most likely resulting in a deep couch-lock effect. During this sedated physical state, your body pains may go fully numb. Your mental state might dive into a dreamy, unfocused, but happy state.


Some users have reported that DMO has a super skunk aroma and taste. The main reported notes in its taste are said to be a strong gassy overtone coupled with a minty and savoury flavour.


Pain-Reliever And Sleep Aid


With the first wave of this high, you might want to break open some snacks and get comfortable on the couch. With the last wave, you will most likely be falling deeply asleep for a night-long deep and restful sleep.


Chronic pain. The deeply sedating properties of this cannabis strain may relieve your body of pain, aches, and tensions, including arthritis, migraines, neuropathic pain, or severe pain caused by an injury.


Appetite loss. Before the full-body high fully hits you hard, you might experience a significant increase in your appetite.


Stress. With the deeply relaxing and numbing effects of DMO, you may melt into a calm state, where tensions, worries, and anxious feelings fade far into the background.


Insomnia. This marijuana strain might get you into such a relaxed cerebral and mental state that a good night’s sleep becomes inevitable. If you are struggling with insomnia, then DMO might be the solution for a restful and uninterrupted sleep.

15 reviews for DMO by Gastown Collective

  1. Daniel

    My biggest reason for using this is as a sleep aid, and I found it to be very effective in that regard. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for assistance in falling asleep.

  2. Magdalen

    This strain is incredible for sleep purposes. Between the body buzz and the sleep aid, after a bowl or two, laying down in bed is gloriously comfortable and I have without fail fallen into a deep sleep every time I’ve had it. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a sleep aid!

  3. Aidan

    Nice weed! Definitely got my high AF.. pretty balanced high actually. It didn’t just knock me out right away. Dense sticky buds smell, taste and burn great. At the price I was a little underwhelmed, it doesn’t really look like the picture. HOWEVER at the end of the day, I’m still really happy with the weed. After all here in qc you can EASILY spend the same price per gram for total garbage from the gov shops .. I’ll still be getting this again.

  4. Andrew

    This stuff is Amazing. Dense sticky stinky beautiful buds. High is a hard hitter forsure. Love it. Will definitely be ordering more like I am right now! 6 stars!!

  5. Alexandre

    Great strain !5☆☆

  6. Adam

    i can always count on gastown for quality stuff and DMO is no different, felt fresh in my hand, nice and sticky couch locker for when you want to do nothing for a few hours.

  7. celine

    Perfect weed to chill

  8. Brandon

    A fine, chill strain with pleasant fruity flavor, but I’m sorry to say Its not really worth the premium. At almost $10 a gram, I expect something very potent and also with a staying power of at least 1 1/2 hours. Even in large doses, there is a noticeable dip in effects around this time. So overall, not bad but too expensive for what it offers.

  9. Ryan

    By far the nicest high I’ve had in a long time. All of my anxiety, stress and depression washed away. Gives me a really nice body high, almost similar to mushrooms but not as heavy. It’s like a warm hug all over my body

  10. Karanne

    Great flower, has a unique smell that doesn’t remind me of anything else. Some special bud here.

  11. Brandon

    There is nothing above average about this strain, I even doubled up on it thinking it would be fire because that is such a nice looking bud in the picture and I’ve had a great experience with the Gastown gang before. It gets me nice and stoned but the taste isn’t crazy memorable so it’s not worth the extra money.

  12. Ryan

    Super dank buds. Heavy indica, great for nighttime, anxiety, or just getting High as tits. Def worth the money, Gastown is the GOAT

  13. Yann

    Expect extremely dense and sticky buds with beautiful purple/green leaves accentuated with long bright brown hairs (definitely darker than in the picture).

    I found DMO to be much more sedative than other Gastown strains. No indication what the THC content is, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it clock in 20-28. End of day smoke for me without a doubt. The girlfriend didn’t like, but she’s a sativa gal…

  14. Steve

    Quality bud. Sticky nugs that roll up beautifully. Smooth smoke with a nice taste. Highly recommend

  15. Ryan

    A quality bud that rolls into a dream, smooth smoke with a big kick as I tried first thing in the morning, and I wasn’t disappointed. This is a must try strain as with all Gastown Collective.

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