Frosty Gelato

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6 reviews for Frosty Gelato

  1. Alexandre

    quel belle decouverte!👍goutt fruite,tres doux,sent les agrumes et gateau, jen racheterai c sur

  2. Jhonatan

    smell great very sweet sugar , very big nugs ,looks great, one of my favorite strain here!

  3. Deryk

    Frosty Gelato!! This strain had me stoked to try. And this stuff burned nice and slow throughout all the joints I rolled of it. It also is a bit sticky but fluffs up nicely.
    It has a bold, great taste and aroma to it. Super dense buds for sure that broke✂️up nicely. And the potency level of this strain is Dynamite!! Friends and neighbors enjoyed this product also.
    Frosty Gelato helped relieve chronic back pain, as well as rheumatoid arthritis on my wife’s behalf.
    Will def purchase more and recommend to others as this strain is a 5 out of 5⭐product!
    MMJ, stock up on this!

  4. jennifer

    Very nice colour, definitely will continue to find!

  5. Maude

    Good daytime buzz that’s energetic and clear. Got a good bit of work done and time flew by today. Made me pretty giggly at one time but never really made m hungry like most sativas. Great taste. Im sure Gelato came through heavy.’s named after its exceptionally frosted appearance, packs a powerful punch of potency, mouth-watering flavors, and an excellent mix of effects that make it a perfect strain for just about any time of day.Gelato offers a great mix of mental effects and physical effects.

    Taste: 9.4/10
    Look: 9,5/10
    Effect: 9,7/10

  6. Jean Roch

    Wow I really love this Hybrid Indica dominant strain, I mostly acquire strong THC-packed Indicas for my severe chronic insomnia but I do enjoy this one as it makes me feel energetic, talkative, and uplifted. Good for daytime and afternoon use. 10/10 for bag appeal with big fresh nugs with an exceptionally frosted appearance. Packs a good punch without being too heavy for daytime use. I highly recommend this strain to anyone as I am sure they will love it as well.

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