Full Spectrum 1:1 CBD/THC Vape Top by Viridesco

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Full Spectrum 1:1 CBD/THC Vape Top by Viridesco Information

The Viridesco Vape Top 1:1 CBD/THC is the one thing you need when you’re in pains or aches. This is a highly therapeutic product that aims to heal your body and mind efficiently. When you take 1-2 pulls of this balanced product, the CBD and THC produce the entourage effect, improving the therapeutic effects. This Vape Top will calm you down and sedate your body until it reaches maximum relaxation.

Thanks to the balanced CBD-THC profile, the Viridesco Vape Top offers a comprehensive journey toward relaxation and euphoria. While the CBD counteracts the effects of the THC, you’ll still feel a bit euphoric, energetic, and creative after consuming this oil. As for the CBD, its main purpose is to treat your medical symptoms, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss
  • Bipolar disorder
  • ADHD
  • PTSD

How does the Viridesco Vape Top 1:1 CBD/THC affect you?


This cannabis oil offers a way out of the hellish pains you’re dealing with. Muscular aches, arthritis, sciatica pains, nerve pains, they all back off in front of the healing effects of the Viridesco Vape Top. With a trusty vaporizer and a 510 threaded battery, you can use this Vape Top immediately. It’s entirely worth it to calm your fluctuating mood down, and to improve your creativity for the time being.

Both CBD and THC have countless studies behind them showing their benefits on the human health. Whether we’re talking about mental contemplation, improved creativity, or bodily sedation and tranquility, THC and CBD work best together. Their combined effects are proven to be more potent than with each compound alone. Viridesco capitalized on this aspect to make the Vape Top 1:1 CBD/THC!

What’s the best way to use the Vape Top 1:1 CBD/THC?


You can vape it, smoke it, consume it with food or beverages, or use the sublingual method. You probably know how to use a vaporizer or how to make a joint, so we won’t be getting into these methods. Regarding food, you can mix the Vape Top oil into any food or drink of your choice. This will mask its chemical flavour, making it easier to swallow and enjoy.

As for the sublingual method, it ensures maximum bioavailability and absorption. Place a few drops under your tongue, wait for 30-40 seconds, and then swallow. Your oral mucus will absorb most of the oil, and the throat tissue will take care of the rest. This way, the oil enters your bloodstream faster, allowing for quicker effects to take place.

7 reviews for Full Spectrum 1:1 CBD/THC Vape Top by Viridesco

  1. joseph

    I recently tried a new cartridge for my vape pen, and it has completely elevated my vaping experience. What initially caught my attention was the wide range of strains and flavors available. I opted for a hybrid strain known for its balanced effects, and I was not disappointed. The moment I took my first draw, I was enveloped in a cloud of flavor. The taste was incredibly true to the strain, with subtle notes of earthiness and citrus dancing on my palate.

    One of the most impressive aspects of this cartridge was its potency. Each hit was consistently strong, delivering a powerful yet smooth vapor that allowed me to fully appreciate the nuances of the strain. The effects were almost instantaneous, providing a sense of relaxation that gently washed over me. It was the perfect blend of mental clarity and physical ease, making it ideal for both daytime and evening use.

    The convenience of the cartridge cannot be overstated. It securely attaches to my vape pen, and I was impressed by how long it lasted. The cartridge’s capacity ensured that I could enjoy my vaping sessions without worrying about constantly refilling it. Plus, the discreet design meant that I could use it practically anywhere without drawing undue attention.

    For anyone looking for a high-quality and flavorful vaping experience, this cartridge is a game-changer. Its rich taste, potent effects, and user-friendly design make it a standout choice in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the world of vaping, this cartridge offers a reliable and enjoyable way to indulge in your favorite strains. It has certainly become my preferred choice, and I believe it would greatly enhance the vaping journey for others as well.

  2. Shaun

    I ordered this vape when I had some really bad arthritis in my knee, I had tried their RSO and other oils and thought a vape might be a good delivery method. I didn’t find this vape to be very flavorful, it was smooth and certainly worked. I found this to be a great end of day, getting ready for bed with a tea vape. It was relaxing and chilled my spasms and allowed me to drift off to sleep. I wish that this brand’s vape was more accessible as it proved to be one of the best cartridges for those nerve, jimmy leg spasms and therefore facilitated some good sleeps.

  3. Karla

    I found the Viridesco 1:1 because I was looking for something full spectrum. I have used isolates and they seem to do the trick well enough, but I wanted to harness the “entourage effect.”

    This cart is better tasting, and smoother smoking than 1:1 isolates I have tried. It relieves my anxiety, takes my chronic back pain down a few notches, and lifts my entire mood.

    I will likely buy these again if they are available.

  4. Tess

    I do really love full spectrum products. It is how the plant was meant to be used. I wish more concentrated were not isolates too. Tasty. A good product. I hate that it is so expensive though. $30 for .5ml or $60 for 1 ml is way too expensive. I will only ever buy this again if it is on super sale. It is an unreasonable price, especially when the same site offers 1 gram concentrates for $20 on the regular. Good for discretion. Good for pain. Bad for the pocket.

  5. Kylie

    I bought this hoping it would help relax me before bed as it does say one of the uses is for insomnia. I’ve found it to do the opposite and I think it would be better suited for daytime use.

    While I wouldn’t recommend it for insomnia, I would recommend it for evening use to help with pain. It helped with my sore back which was appreciated!

  6. Jo-anne

    I have relied on Indica dominant products for many years and have little experience with CBD.
    As a chronic pain sufferer, I decided, based on my own research to try a 1:1 ratio product.
    When it arrived, I found it a nice easy draw,a pleasant yet subtle flavour and POTENT pain and inflammation reduction!

    Amazing!👍🥰😁❤️. I find a couple of draws in the morning when I arise, a couple more around noon and a nice 15 minute session before bed reduces the need for prescription pain meds or prescription sleep meds.!❤️👀❤️👀

    For the first time in 11 yrs. I’ve come to the end of the month but not the end of my prescriptions!

    I am truly grateful to be able to reduce my medication use in favour of the pleasant euphoria and pain relieving qualities of this superior 1:1 ratio cart!👍

  7. Nicholas

    I’ve been looking for a good product balancing the with cbd, for medical purposes.

    I’ve tried tinctures and oils, and vaping is a nice way to consume. This oil is incredibly smooth, high quality (viridesco is the best). Best so far, and very discreet. Rich- albeit not oberpowering- terpenes and good indica nod.

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