Garlic Breath

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Garlic Breath Information

Garlic Breath is a one-of-a-kind strain in the cannabis arena. There are fewer than few strains like this one. One of its main characteristics is the intensely pungent flavour of garlic that never lets you go until you stop smoking. On your first toke, you’ll realize that the herbal-spicy and chemical flavour is all you’ll feel for the next hours. Then, the soothing relaxation and euphoria makes your day a bit better.

The THC concentration on this strain is 16-18%, which means you can expect potent effects. The psychoactive experience will take you through euphoria, joy, improved mood and motivation, then through the bodily healing sensations. Your chronic pains, nausea, insomnia, and fatigue will all vanish after a few smokes of Garlic Breath. If you can endure the stinky aroma, your body and mind will benefit endlessly!

What does Garlic Breath look and taste like?


In terms of taste and aroma, Garlic Breath is unmatched in terms of skunkiness, spiciness, and pungency. There’s almost nothing that compares to this strain, perhaps only Tuna Fish. You’ll either love the flavour or hate it. There’s no other way around it. However, even if you’re not a fan of the flavour, you should endure it thanks to the beneficial therapeutic effects. Your body will thank you for it later one!

As for its looks, Garlic Breath has minty-green nugs the shape of spades, with bright-orange hairs surrounding them. Lastly, there’s a coat of beautiful snow-white trichomes that cover everything, including the nugs and hairs. It gives off the impression of a patch of herbs with an intense garlic odour. Everything is as it should be when it comes to Garlic Breath’s appearance. Nothing could be better, perhaps only a bit of sweetness and pleasantness on the aroma.


How does Garlic Breath affect you?


There are a couple of things that Garlic Breath does to your body and mind. From the very beginning, you’ll feel your mind thrum with a warmth feeling, and your body will feel tingly all of a sudden. Then, the therapeutic effects start occurring, one by one. This state is a soothing and relaxing one, and you’ll feel these effects over time:

  • Improved mood
  • Mental calmness
  • Sleepiness
  • Munchies
  • Pure sedation
  • Euphoric rush
  • Improved creativity
  • Dreaminess

Clearly, there’s only one way you can consume this strain – with the intention of treating or improving yourself one way or another. It can easily improve your creativity when you’re out of ideas for a new project, for instance. A couple of smokes will also treat your sciatica and arthritis pains, as well as eliminate all aches and bodily discomforts. When it comes to insomnia or lack of appetite, Garlic Breath will give you a good reason to sleep soundly and eat better. This strain is perfect for medical patients looking for a treatment for their symptoms!

6 reviews for Garlic Breath

  1. Maude

    This is indeed a nice blend of something that creates fun thoughts in the mind while not making the body feel heavy, but the body does feel pretty darn relaxed. Smooth taste. Nice to look at – colorful buds that feel nice. Music sounds better, I think. I’m a big Blues fan and the guitar work seems to jump out at me, maybe because I look for it. I don’t know where I’d rate this but would surely put this in consideration for a top shelf experience any day of the week. Not bad at night but one must tolerate going through some fun thoughts on the way to a deeper relaxation.

    Make it a good day, no matter the level of bullshit ur dealing with. Love this strain

  2. Zein

    The moment I opened the bag, the smell slaps you in the face in the best possible way. Smells gasy and dank, not far off from garlic😂
    I had this during the day in a joint and found it very mellow and not overpowering. Got some chores done and relaxed by the river. Smoked this strain in a joint on its own and the taste is great, burns well and before you know it, I was ready for star gazing.

    Would add some hash before sleeping for more indica leaning effects.

    Ordered the 7g but I will be ordering an ounce soon as the value and flavor is such a great deal.

  3. Alexandre

    J’aime bien mais comparer au jedi ça ne sent et goûte pas tellement , l’effet y ai ,beau look ,fleur dense ,

  4. Jessica

    Covered in trichomes! great high. would order again. Nicely balanced for a hybrid

  5. Giuseppe

    Great strain! Very helpful relieving pain to help fall asleep. Great smell and flavour. I highly recommend this one.

  6. Alana

    Hello, new favourite strain! When I first opened up the bag I was hit with a dank aroma, letting me know I was in for a treat. This looks great, the buds are beautiful and it busts up like a dreamy cloud and burns like a dream. This strain does it all, if you are looking to just relax in the afternoon with a good book, enjoy a nice walk, or cuddle up and watch some films at night, this strain will set the right tone. It is a deeply relaxing strain, but it doesn’t lock you down and it makes all the troubles of the day just float away. I would recommend this strain to anyone looking to relax but not be overpowered.

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