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Grand Rozay Information

Grand Rozay, a cross between Rozay and Grand Daddy Purple, carries THC levels that usually average at 20%, with some batches potentially offering a higher variation of this number. This Indica weed bud should be used in the evening as it delivers a deeply relaxing high that could potentially turn into a couch-lock effect followed by a sleepy state.


As the sedative high settles in, physical pains and aches may be relieved. The cerebral high of Grand Rozay is also sedative and calming, great for an evening of relaxation at home, with a great movie or some chill tunes. The effects of this marijuana strain may alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, stress, and insomnia.


Beneficial Effects For Relaxation


You should “break open” Grand Rozay in the evening, at the end of a day filled with tasks and stress that drained all your positive energy. With this weed bud, you can slip into a state of relaxation, disconnecting from responsibilities, the idea of tasks, and anxious feelings causing tension. As the high of this cannabis flower eases up the tensions in your body and calms your mind, you may notice an increase in your appetite. Soon, a couch-lock effect may kick in, potentially leading into a deep sleep that could last through the night.


Chronic pain. With 20% THC, the sedative effects of Grand Rozay are quite potent. These can potentially soothe even the more severe cases of pain, including nerve-related pain, migraines, back pains, joint pains (such as arthritis), and muscle cramps.


Appetite loss. As the body high of this weed flower soothes your physical pains, your appetite levels may increase.


Calmed mind and mood. The relaxing and sedative properties of Grand Rozay may calm your racing thoughts and ease your anxious feelings, so you can fully relax and rest.


Insomnia. Regardless if a couch-lock effect kicks in, as the high starts to wear off you may experience deep sleepiness take over. This will most likely carry you through the night with restful sleep.


A Strain For The Experienced


As Grand Rozay can offer THC levels as high as 20%, or in some cases even higher, we suggest for this weed strain to be consumed by more experienced users. If you smoke this bud on an empty stomach, the effects may intensify, potentially leading to a stronger sense of sedation. When you plan on using this strain, make sure to have no plans that include responsibilities, driving, or tasks.

4 reviews for Grand Rozay

  1. Jason

    Sweet taste, nice chunky buds. It burns nice and slow and high hits nice. Wasn’t couch-locked, felt very happy and content. I just ordered it for the third time. Genetics are from Berner/Cookies, if you know the brand.

  2. Ryan

    I have a great appreciation for the Grand Rozay, large glistening buds rolls up nice, enjoyably bubbly smoke feel. There is a taste of richness it has that sets it apart from other strains. This is a must try!

  3. Christine

    Nice looking buds. Ground up very nicely too. Excellent for my insomnia. One minute you’re relaxing and the next you’re drifting off. A little pricey compared to some others but was still worth it. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Benjamin

    Nice, large chunky buds, ground up nice and dusty.
    I found this strain to be sweet and fruity, with spacey effects. I would reorder this again, and it really had a nice eye appeal, with trichome laced buds and a really appealing color.

    5 Stars for this one, great work MMJ!

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