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Grape Pie Information

Grape Pie is a cross between Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper marijuana strains, offering THC levels at about 20%-22%. The taste of this bud is delicious with sweet grape, nutty, and herbal notes. This weed strain can be enjoyed with about 70% Indica and 30% Sativa content, ideal for an evening of deep relaxation.


The cerebral high of Grape Pie may deliver a buzz of comfort and calmness, potentially numbing symptoms of stress and anxiety. This cerebral high may blur anxious thoughts that keep you worried, potentially replacing them with a flow of dreaminess. The sedative physical high of this cannabis flower can cause a couch-lock effect, relieving physical pains and aches causing discomfort and restlessness.


Pain-Relieving Effects


Grape Pie may start off its high with a cerebral high that may initially offer a gentle boost of creativity and euphoria. This positive surge usually brings with it a comforting calmness for your mind and soul, easing away sensations of stress and anxiety. Slowly, you may notice as your mind turns into a positive and tranquil dreamy state, not wanting to tire itself out with problem-solving, just simply relaxing. The body high of this cannabis strain can be heavy with beneficial sedative and anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate pain.


Chronic pain. Grape Pie is commonly consumed for its ability to ease physical pains. Its pain-soothing effects may alleviate physical aches caused by many different health conditions, such as migraines, arthritis, neuropathic pain, joint pains, muscle pains, and more.


Chronic stress. Anything chronic is hard to handle on a day-to-day basis as it can drain you of energy and positivity. The uplifting and happy high of this weed bud may help ease symptoms of stress and anxiety so you can feel more at ease elevated by positive feelings.


Appetite loss. Grape Pie may increase your appetite at some point during its high, even in cases when lack of appetite is caused by nausea.


Fatigue. Even though the cerebral high of this marijuana flower may not cause a drastic increase in focus, it may help with fatigue.


Insomnia. The heavy body high and the relaxing properties of Grape Pie may help you slip into a sleepy state followed by a night of restful sleep.


A Delicious Taste


Grape Pie is quite enjoyed for its aroma and taste. Notes of grape coupled with herbal and berry flavours will treat you to a sweet experience. Sweet hints of pine and herbs add a pleasant effect for your smoking enjoyment.

8 reviews for Grape Pie

  1. Cassie

    really great flower and tastes SOOOO GOOOOODDD! . got me very high. tastes very sweet truly a little lemony! The price is wonderful. I would try it if i were you! price is wonderful and you dont need to smoke alot to get what you’re after. 5/5 star! doesnt make you over think, a real nice release! The THC levels are devine

  2. Livv

    Solid night time smoking strain. Has a nice scent to it, grinds well, and helps to ease any residual aches

  3. Ricky

    Nice big dense bud. Has a very sweet and tardy flavor not much of grape flavor or taste. Works great for after a 12hr shift relaxes every muscle and relaxes your mind for a great sleep

  4. Jessica

    Fruity, definitely smells strongly of Grape which, which I loved! A gram provided me with about 3 volcano bags from my vaporizer. A nice hybrid – I didn’t feel too couch-locked or excessively hyped. It definitely improved my mood on the days when the winter depression kicks in. I would highly recommend this strain for anyone looking for relaxation.

  5. Patrizia

    I was very disappointed with this strain other than the smell when you open or smoke it.

    I found it a little harsh, didn’t feel a very effective relaxation or buzz.

  6. Robin

    Actually smells a bit like grape! I only smoke very small amounts ( micro doses ) of flower for treating a few medical issues and try not to get high. This strain is really nice morning or daytime. Still was productive by my standards, but relaxed and peaceful at the same time. Improved an irritable mood as well.

  7. mathieu

    Beautiful color but again the promise of a certain flavor,here grapes,was not there for me.Maybe the creator of this strain was high on grapes 🙂 Nice buds.

  8. Adam

    nice and fruity, i could smell it right when i opened the package, wasn’t disappointed with it.

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