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Great White Monster Information

Great White Monster is a medical patient’s dream come true, though it offers an incredible psychoactive experience at the same time. The hallucinogenic effects are excellent, especially when you take a larger dose and let it simmer there. You’ll see dragons, hear phoenixes cry, and get the occasional time distortion that leaves you confused and joyful. This mutant psilocybe strain is too great to leave aside!

In terms of therapeutic potential, Great White Monster can help your anxiety and depression problems, it can hold off cancer spread, and it’ll even help with chronic pains. Psilocybin, the main component in Great White Monster, has a lot of scientific data behind it, supporting the many therapeutic benefits it offers. Medical patients report feeling much better after a singular dose of Great White Monster.

What effects does Great White Monster have?


Where to even start? Great White Monster has some of the most powerful effects, even when compared to other mushroom strains. Being a mutant, this albino psilocybin strain developed strains from multiple mushroom strains. When you take a bit, the first thing you’ll feel is a buzzy warmth that takes over your mind. Then, the fractals will start popping up in your mind’s eye, only to continue with other vivid hallucinations. You’ll also experience synesthesia at some point, where you hear colours and see sounds.

If you try tackling with a larger dose of Great White Monster, you may also experience ego dissolution or ego death. At this point, you’ll wish you hadn’t done this because ego death may not be a pretty experience for many people. You may become anxious suddenly if you’re not careful enough. That’s why we recommend starting with a lower dose so you can get used to Great White Monster’s potency. This way, you’ll build your tolerance level and become able to eat even larger quantities of mushrooms.

What’s the best way to consume Great White Monster?


Regardless of the actual quantity of mushrooms you have, you should always start with the lowest dose possible. A microdose, for instance, ranges between 0.1g and 0.3g, and what you should feel are some mild effects if you follow this guide. A beginner-level dose ranges from 0.3g to 1g, and an average dose used by a regular consumer ranges between 1g and 2.5g.

Veteran consumers with a high tolerance level can consume from 2.5g up to 3.5g and upward without having any problems. The lower your tolerance level, the more intense the effects will be on your mind and body. Great White Monster is definitely an extremely powerful and potent psilocybe strain that you should be careful of. Though, medical patients will have many things to be glad about. Great White Monster can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, put a stop to cancer spread, and more.

4 reviews for Great White Monster

  1. Brandon

    These were fantastic!!! Tears of joy, belly aches of laughter, yawns of bliss and wicked wicked gas! If that’s what it takes to experience this sort of nirvana then so be it! I also have not had the desire to do mushrooms again since taking this trip several months ago, sort of like it gave me what I was looking for and I moved past that. (Not like I was planning on doing them every weekend anyway). I would absolutely try this strain again, right up there with the penis envy.

  2. Guillaume

    most beautiful mushroom I never seen, high quality!! very clean and photogenic product, I will buy more

  3. Michael

    Had a great experience with it, kicked in after 30-40 mins, decent visuals but more so a great buzz and good laughs

  4. Patrick

    WhooHooo! Hold on to your seats ladies and gents !

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