Golden Teacher Chocolates (Gold)

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1 Gram of Golden Teachers Psilocybin Cubensis in each chocolate.

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Golden Teacher Chocolates (Gold) Information

If you’re ready for introspection and inner visions that start with a delicious, chocolaty treat, Golden Teacher Chocolates is the right product for you. Essentially Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms wrapped in 70% high-quality dark chocolate, these little treats will help you start a magical journey that could lead you to both spiritual and physical awareness as well as innovative ideas like you’ve never had before.

Let’s talk strain

The active ingredient in the Golden Teacher Chocolates are the Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms. They are a type of psychedelic mushrooms with two main active compounds – psilocin and psilocybin. The mushrooms themselves are creamy-white with a specific golden top, which gives them their famous name. Their origin is not known, but they were discovered in the late 80s. Since then, they have become one of the most popular psychedelic mushrooms for people who are eager to discover more about themselves.

The mushrooms have been mixed with 70% dark chocolate to give you the option to buy Golden Teachers Chocolates online. The result is delicious chocolate shaped like a flower. You will find 1 gram of the famous mushroom in each little chocolate.

As a result, if you are a beginner, we advise you to start with a half or a third of chocolate. You can increase the dose as you move forward on your journey to discover your inner self. Please allow at least one hour for the effects to take place.

The journey begins

While you can buy Golden Teachers Chocolates online simply for day-tripping, their main effect is to allow you to take a trip of spiritual and physical awareness. Users report having visions and reconnecting with themselves and the space around them. Some have even called the experience to be of shamanistic levels, seeing as the psilocybes will enhance all your sensations.

Please be aware that you have to buy Golden Teachers Chocolates online in Canada responsibly. Do not drive while under the influence of the mushrooms. If you are a first time user, try not to have your first experience with these mushrooms alone.

If possible, have your first journey in a controlled environment. At the same time, please be aware that mushrooms can provide a pleasant experience in small doses. However, a large dose that is not meant for you can prove to be somewhat uncomfortable and even frightening.

64 reviews for Golden Teacher Chocolates (Gold)

  1. Duane

    These were perfect for my first foray into mushrooms in almost 20 years. The chocolate form and the dosage were perfect. It was nice to be able to research exactly what I was looking for and have consistent dosing. Started with a 10 pack and will be ordering more. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  2. Jane

    I bought this because I have been struggling with CPTSD during the pandemic. As an autistic person, talk therapy is no longer cutting it for me. If you struggle with looking at your trauma and with relaxing, and have executive dysfunction or food/texture restrictions that makes it harder to consume shrooms more directly, I would recommend this. For smaller people, taking half does the trick: it relaxed me deeply and I learned new things about myself.

  3. Heather

    I have never tried mushrooms before. I can be a little bit impulsive. I ate one (1 gram) chocolate of the Golden Teacher mushrooms and watched Jumanji. Partway through the movie, I wasn’t really feeling very much, so I opted for another chocolate. My timeline was about 9 pm – took 1 gram, 9:50 pm – took another 1 gram. The movie ended and I started to really feel the effects. I was trying to decide if I wanted to watch anything else but a lot of things became sensory overload. I turned on music but kept the volume very low, I suddenly hated the feeling of my sheets lol. Everything was funny. My ceiling became my movie screen and I was seeing butterflies everywhere in a kind of embossed pattern. A lot of art started making sense; pictures, paintings, what I’d been reading lately. It all kind of came together and I had this odd sense that everything was actually a dream. Not the same kind of dream when we’re asleep, but I dunno I kept thinking “it’s all a dream”. Nothing was really off-putting until I looked at myself in my mirror in an almost dark room and it looked like I had no face. I watched a video later and the people were distorted. It was like I was detached from a lot of the things that I would consider “physical”. All this on 2 grams. Definitely had some nausea. I’m certain I had more thoughts but I’m going to save those for journaling later. I’m certainly recommending trying these though. The chocolate is delicious.

  4. John David

    Absolutely perfect dose for a user with some “miles” on the psychometer.

    My Brother and I took one each, trip lasted about 3 hours which was perfect for a movie night, that is, if your idea of a perfect movie night involves watching your flick on mute while diving into deep introspective discussion.

    Bonus, chocolate tasted fantastic.

  5. Tina

    I’ve done lots of reading about psyilocybin and how it can help depression and mood. I tried half of one of these while I was in a depressive episode, and I felt a definite boost to my mood for a few days. It was a lovely high, mild and calming and I didn’t experience many visual distortions. I was a little glad about that, as I was very hesitant to try them but it was a very good experience for someone totally new to psilocybin.

  6. Cyrus

    I had not had shrooms before this but I was done for about 4 hours

  7. Patricia

    Enjoyed these but as a first timer I needed 2/3 first time. Maybe it’s just me or maybe this one isn’t very intense. It was a nice start. Ended up using the entire chocolate. Just a note: tried Penis Envy after and be cautious if you are a first timer. Golden Teacher’s are much much more mild.

  8. Rohit

    Love this strain, have never felt happier and more content with any other strain in my life!

  9. Christin

    I love golden teacher. I’ve tried many of the other types, but this one is by far my favorite. You get a very mild upset stomach just before it kicks in, then The lights start to move everything gets sparkly. These are nice for a night in watching movies, but is also a good one for going out. I like how it allows me to be sociable if I am out, without any anxiety.
    These are my go to now. Love them

  10. Jennifer

    As a beginner with psilocybin I have only tried a few different, but these have been my favourite so far. Fantastic euphoric feeling. I still start with a half chocolate and eat the other half about 30 to 45 minutes later. I don’t get too high too fast, it’s perfect. I was very content and felt warm and fuzzy. I will definitely be buying these again. And recommending to friends and family

  11. Simon

    I have try 6 type of mushrooms chocolates and its my favorite

  12. Verda

    these were great for novice users! – my first time and no visuals but a great body buzz

  13. crystal

    These chocolates were great, I really enjoyed them. It was my first time eating chocolate and I started slow. I bought it because normal mushrooms taste terrible and I was curious about edibles. This is a good product if you are just starting out with mushroom edibles. You can still be cautious and don’t eat the whole chocolate which is what I recommend for a more chill high. It tasted decent, it wasn’t bad, it tastes a lot better than some of the other mushroom chocolate products I have tried from here.

  14. Rox

    Loved these chocolates. I have a hard time with the taste of mushrooms but this tasted so good!
    I have a low tolerance to just about anything so I started with only half a chocolate.
    After 45 minutes, I decided to eat the other half. A little later I started yawning. I decided to watch the movie Avatar. I have never felt so involved in a movie! I completely forgot myself, all that existed was Pandora. I cried so much, tears of sadness and of joy, and I also laughed a lot. I felt so connected to the Na’vi it was beautiful.
    I am actually buying some more right now! Definitely recommend 🙂

  15. Adam

    had 2-3 hours of just sweating and some sort of body high, only had the one chocolate so maybe i need a bit more or its just not for me.

  16. Frank

    After years of trying to try mushrooms by eating them naturally, I gave up on the whole idea because I couldn’t take the taste and because the amounts I was taking were not controlled and we’re not making me feel anything. But when I saw these chocolates and knew the exact dose I was going to take, I went for two full chocolates (2 grams of psilocybin). It was an experience I’ll never forget At first I was getting these beautiful images of green and purple swirling around with the feeling that purple meant trust to me and green kind of meant of the evils of the world in a balance. Then I was looking at trees outside of my garage and they were telling me that life is beautiful and they were almost giving me a feeling of ‘welcome to the universe you do belong here’. When honestly, my whole life I’ve never really felt that I did.The first thought that came to my head was ‘why don’t you trust people?’ And instantly I zoomed to a moment in my life I didn’t even think about again. I must’ve been two or three years old and another boy locked me into a closet and I was stuck there for hours and my family couldn’t find me. Then I basically started remembering experiences of my life and having better insights about why they happened and what I’ve done since then and who I’ve become since then. It’s allowed me to almost hug my inner child and make me realize there’s more to this universe than I thought. Perhaps I took a bit too much but I’m still drawing from that experience from a few months ago and since then I’ve been microdosing by taking a quarter of a gram each time and just getting more insights on how to do my life correctly. I want to trip again but I think next time I’ll start with one whole chocolate and see where that puts me but in the meantime I just feel that these chocolates are actually my secret weapon of life and happiness. The reason I would start with one was because after those six beautiful experiences my insides told me to buckle up because I had to deal with something I didn’t want to and that was how I’ve treated my father the last few years and I had took almost feel his pain to realize I was an asshole and I’ve worked on my relationship with my father as he’s at the point where he’s not going to live much longer. So honestly these chocolates mean more than just a tasty treat and some giddy feelings. They could change your life.

  17. Dvora

    Loved the chocolate. Such an easy delivery system. Perfect Golden teacher experience

  18. Eric

    These little 1g chocolates are such a comfortable way to relax into the benefits of Golden Teachers. I’m an “experienced” psychonaught and found eating one whole gave a perfect and comfortable high.

    My partner had her first experience with mushrooms by taking 1/4, waiting an hour, then having another 1/4. For someone who was trepedatious around ‘tripping’, GT showed her the power is in her hands, and that the mysteries of the universe weren’t so difficult after all.

  19. Leah

    These chocolates are amazing! The chocolate tastes great and Hides any pungent mushroom flavour. The effects came fairly quickly- feelings of euphoria, connectedness to the universe and very pleasant exalted physical connection. Absolutely no come down or hangover, other than a lasting feeling of optimism and new possibilities.
    -One very happy customer

  20. Geeta

    Love these chocolates. From a taste perspective, they are yummy and easy to consume. But from a medicine perspective… It’s my favourite way to dose. I find the 1 g chocolate is perfect easy dose. And I can eat more as I need to.

    My golden teacher experience has been wonderful. Nice visuals and a lot of euphoria. I love being able to observe my thoughts on these shrooms and have had some truly beautiful and life shifting observations.

  21. Hudson

    Easy way to get some shrooms done without the awful taste, or the hassle of blending/cutting or mixing up. For golden teacher, price is the best part. Very affordable!

  22. Jordan

    I took 300mg of these to test them, I didnt feel much after an hour so took the other 700mg, and let me tell you, I had one of the top 5 experiences of my entire life. I felt extremely focused and calm, thinking felt easier like all my brain fog and anxiety was just gone. Colors were more vivid, and music sounded better.

    It’s not a very subdued high. you’re very much aware of what’s going on around you at 1000mg.

    They’re like weed, but better. Except for sleeping, they definitely kept me up on the effects for a solid 8 hours.

    5/5 Highly recommended

  23. Daniel

    These are the best!

  24. Jennifer

    I bought this for my partner to take on a camping trip. He has diagnoses of PTSD and agoraphobia. The chocolate itself was very tasty and creamy. Not too dark as his preference. Effects started within 20 to 30 minutes. Everything was crisp and clear. Good body buzz. Positive outlook and mood.

  25. Morgan

    I have tried other shroom chocolate and gummies before that have not been very pleasant to eat or they say 1 gram of shrooms but dont feel like 1 gram of shrooms! I like shrooms but the taste of them is hard to take. This is the first chocolate that I actually don’t mind the taste of! it breaks apart into small pieces so you don’t have to chew to long and it kinda reminds me of a chocolate bar with nuts. Also you do feel a good high off a whole piece, even half is good if you just want to chill or just need a pick me up. Usually get nauseous feeling after eating mushrooms too but with these none just eat and enjoy! have only had one at a time but maybe try 2 for fun sometime.

  26. Josiah

    Each chocolate has been a different experience for me, I love these! they taste pretty good, work pretty quick, and they are 100% worth the money. Just taking half of one and relaxing watching a good movie or taking a hike is an awesome experience. Love love love these! 5 stars

  27. Debbie

    fantastic spiritual trip.

  28. Jonathan

    The shroom in the chocolat doesn’t have a strong taste, which make it more pleasant to eat. The high was soft so it was good for a first try and the delivery was fast. I recommend the golden teacher and I will buy again.

  29. Kaitlyn

    I enjoyed these so much I’ve sent several friends to buy them as well, and they’ve all been just as pleased! A perfect, predictable dose that can be customized depending on whether you want a low-key experience or something more intense.

    The taste is delicious and you wouldn’t even know there were mushrooms in the chocolate! I also didn’t notice any adverse stomach effects which is unusual for me so I was very happy 🙂

    The packaging is also very cute and the foil wrapping and little stickers remind me of candies my grandmother used to make. Love these chocolates <3

  30. Warren

    I’m new when it comes to this stuff. First time tried 0.5g (half a chocolate), figured it was a safe respectful initial taste as everyone recommends to do… After about 40 minutes things looked a little sharper, music sounded more vivid, body felt tiny stoner heavy in the legs, and emotionally was giddy.

    Second time took 1.5g, started out nothing but 45 minutes later I could feel it begining to take. Another 30 minutes and I was seeing rainbow lazers and talking to aliens with my mind. I would definitely describe it as a very special experience.

    It seems like 1.5 grams is a good starting point to see what it’s like to swim in shallow waters. I have found that personally I like a lil deeper with 2 g as it feels more like swimming but your toes can touch the bottom of the pool if you need to. Definately recommend. Just make sure your environment feels safe and happy and should be good.

  31. Jen

    I absolutely love these chocolates. They taste pretty darn good, though the earthiness of the mushroom still comes through a bit. I’ve tried them multiple times now. Decent visuals and a few bouts of the giggles. I also have never got any stomach queasiness using these, which I occasionally get with mushrooms alone. Highly recommend.

  32. Jessica

    So I was very cautious as I’ve had a bad trip before on mushrooms. I started out with half a chocolate, then an hour and a half later took the other half. Needless to say it was not only delicious! But the high was perfect for someone who has a low tolerance:) nice body high and mild visuals made for the perfect solo trip! Highly recommend these to anyone who’s just starting on their psychedelic journey!

  33. Emma

    Wow! These honestly blew me away. I ate 2 of them and I was feeling SO funky!!! Super potent but they didn’t last too long so I was able to sleep. Awesome

  34. John

    Love these – never disappointed with these chocolates.

  35. Aaron

    Had 3 chocolates and a great night!
    Just overall pleasant feeling, no negatives. Took about 30mins to feel the effects, chocolates were little dry but easy to ingest. Had some laughing fits.
    Would recommend for novice users

  36. Subhash

    First of all, tastes great. That’s the one thing that sucks about shrooms, they taste like bark. And it’s a perfect dose if just want to dip your toes, without going in too deep in shroom world. So up the dosage if you want to deep because it’s potent enough. I’m looking forward taking 5 to go on the journey.

  37. Alkistis

    Beautiful product, really fun and positive experience full of laughter and cool visuals. My tolerance isn’t high at all so one chocolate was all it took for a good 3-4h of enhanced visuals. Chocolate was delicious as well.

  38. Senja

    These are so good ! Delicious and very potent

  39. Mary

    Bought these chocolates because I liked the idea of having a handy premeasured dose. Was really impressed that they also taste good. Golden teachers did not disappoint and i really enjoy the high with mild hullicinations. I will definitely by them again.

  40. David

    I found these to be very, very light. A peripheral journey with 60 minutes of experience. I didn’t find these to be the best value.

  41. Denis

    Great taste, great mix and great time

  42. Monique

    Good times 🙂

  43. Patrick

    Great time on this. I ate one and the experience was magical. No upset stomach neither. I would buy this again

  44. Dan

    I did 3 of these chocolates and had my very first trip! It was great, I had a fun time and I learned a lot about myself. i felt like I was connected to the universe. I connected with my past self and the things that came up. Very powerful for therapeutic cleansing!

  45. Chris

    They are perfect mix

  46. Elizabeth

    This tasted great, however 1 piece was not enough for the effect I was looking for (only felt a body high). Will try again with a higher dose.

  47. Meredith

    So excellent. A must buy for anyone who wants a mini-mushroom experience.

  48. Michael Ray

    If you want a solid trip/lesson from golden teachers without the tummy ache then definitely go for these. Stronger than I anticipated but a welcome one. Doesn’t hurt that the chocolate tastes pretty good too. Will definitely buy again.

  49. Patrick

    I ordered these on a whim. They definitely worked well. The chocolate seemed of high quality and tasted delicious. I ate 2 chocolates and hardly even noticed the mushrooms. After about 30 minutes, it was on. I didn’t really get any visuals, but alot of laughter ensued. These are more than likely best used in a group, say, like a party. They went over well.

  50. Stephanie

    These chocolates are perfect! I only do mushrooms once or twice a year so I don’t take very much. Half a chocolate was more than enough to get a nice body high and mild visuals. I would definitely recommend it for people trying it for the first time. They taste good too.

  51. Tracy

    I am not the type to leave a review but I really enjoyed this product. So much so I’m back online ordering more.
    The chocolate is delicious and the mushroom is so finally chopped you can barely taste it. No worries though you can feel the effects just fine.
    Mellow, euphoric and a relaxing body buzz I can think of no better way to spend a Sunday.
    I highly recommend you start with half and go from there.
    I’m off to order more now. Enjoy!

  52. Kyle

    I took 3g ( 3 Chocolates )
    …… WOW! What a trip <3
    amazing body vibrations, geometric patterns everywhere, super uplifting and zen
    Great experience !! 10/10

  53. Devin

    Me and my partner ate them same time kicked in very quickly. And strong enough. I doubted it cuz I’m very experienced in eating lots of mushrooms at once and I really enjoyed just the chocolate.

  54. Morgen

    Amazing love it great taste and good high laughing lol

  55. Amber

    Super tasty chocolate, but I was a tiny bit disappointed with the size. It tasted so good, I wanted more. Felt very happy, silly, and relaxed. It felt so good to laugh. I would highly recommend for first timers.

  56. Guillaume

    i like it.. very good stuff

  57. Ilyas

    Ate whole chocolate. Great Taste. Felt nice for a couple hours. I would buy again.

  58. Kyle

    Girlfriend didn’t want to do the raw mushrooms so we tried the chocolates.. very impressed. Taste great, 5 hour peaceful and relaxing trip. Perfect for her first time.

  59. Serena

    Lovely spiritual experience. Visuals and increased sensory capacity. Creativity and thinking heightened. Loved it!

  60. Jad

    No heavy stomach sensations after consumption, very soothing

  61. Vivian

    These are good for first time trippers or people looking for a tamer shroom experience. I’d say take 1.5 chocolates to get good visuals.

  62. Alexandra

    happy time without stomac pain

  63. Sean

    These are the real deal. Amazing experiences have been had with these. Chocolate tastes really great as well. I’ve found them to kick in much faster than capsules as well.

    Half a chocolate is great for a silly good time.

    5 chocolates will have you on the journey of a lifetime.

  64. Thomas

    Had two of these bad boys, sent me on a casual trip over the following 6 hours, very calming, and quite a nice body heaviness, plus some visual distortions. These also have an amazing taste, and they’re very easy on the stomach. Definitely recommend.

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