Golden Teacher Chocolates

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1 Gram of Golden Teachers Psilocybin Cubensis in each chocolate.

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Golden Teacher Chocolates Information

If you’re ready for introspection and inner visions that start with a delicious, chocolaty treat, Golden Teacher Chocolates is the right product for you. Essentially Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms wrapped in 70% high-quality dark chocolate, these little treats will help you start a magical journey that could lead you to both spiritual and physical awareness as well as innovative ideas like you’ve never had before.

Let’s talk strain

The active ingredient in the Golden Teacher Chocolates are the Golden Teacher Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms. They are a type of psychedelic mushrooms with two main active compounds – psilocin and psilocybin. The mushrooms themselves are creamy-white with a specific golden top, which gives them their famous name. Their origin is not known, but they were discovered in the late 80s. Since then, they have become one of the most popular psychedelic mushrooms for people who are eager to discover more about themselves.

The mushrooms have been mixed with 70% dark chocolate to give you the option to buy Golden Teachers Chocolates online. The result is delicious chocolate shaped like a flower. You will find 1 gram of the famous mushroom in each little chocolate.

As a result, if you are a beginner, we advise you to start with a half or a third of chocolate. You can increase the dose as you move forward on your journey to discover your inner self. Please allow at least one hour for the effects to take place.

The journey begins

While you can buy Golden Teachers Chocolates online simply for day-tripping, their main effect is to allow you to take a trip of spiritual and physical awareness. Users report having visions and reconnecting with themselves and the space around them. Some have even called the experience to be of shamanistic levels, seeing as the psilocybes will enhance all your sensations.

Please be aware that you have to buy Golden Teachers Chocolates online in Canada responsibly. Do not drive while under the influence of the mushrooms. If you are a first time user, try not to have your first experience with these mushrooms alone.

If possible, have your first journey in a controlled environment. At the same time, please be aware that mushrooms can provide a pleasant experience in small doses. However, a large dose that is not meant for you can prove to be somewhat uncomfortable and even frightening.

34 reviews for Golden Teacher Chocolates

  1. Jen

    I absolutely love these chocolates. They taste pretty darn good, though the earthiness of the mushroom still comes through a bit. I’ve tried them multiple times now. Decent visuals and a few bouts of the giggles. I also have never got any stomach queasiness using these, which I occasionally get with mushrooms alone. Highly recommend.

  2. Jessica

    So I was very cautious as I’ve had a bad trip before on mushrooms. I started out with half a chocolate, then an hour and a half later took the other half. Needless to say it was not only delicious! But the high was perfect for someone who has a low tolerance:) nice body high and mild visuals made for the perfect solo trip! Highly recommend these to anyone who’s just starting on their psychedelic journey!

  3. Emma

    Wow! These honestly blew me away. I ate 2 of them and I was feeling SO funky!!! Super potent but they didn’t last too long so I was able to sleep. Awesome

  4. John

    Love these – never disappointed with these chocolates.

  5. Aaron

    Had 3 chocolates and a great night!
    Just overall pleasant feeling, no negatives. Took about 30mins to feel the effects, chocolates were little dry but easy to ingest. Had some laughing fits.
    Would recommend for novice users

  6. Subhash

    First of all, tastes great. That’s the one thing that sucks about shrooms, they taste like bark. And it’s a perfect dose if just want to dip your toes, without going in too deep in shroom world. So up the dosage if you want to deep because it’s potent enough. I’m looking forward taking 5 to go on the journey.

  7. Alkistis

    Beautiful product, really fun and positive experience full of laughter and cool visuals. My tolerance isn’t high at all so one chocolate was all it took for a good 3-4h of enhanced visuals. Chocolate was delicious as well.

  8. Senja

    These are so good ! Delicious and very potent

  9. Mary

    Bought these chocolates because I liked the idea of having a handy premeasured dose. Was really impressed that they also taste good. Golden teachers did not disappoint and i really enjoy the high with mild hullicinations. I will definitely by them again.

  10. David

    I found these to be very, very light. A peripheral journey with 60 minutes of experience. I didn’t find these to be the best value.

  11. Denis

    Great taste, great mix and great time

  12. Monique

    Good times 🙂

  13. Patrick

    Great time on this. I ate one and the experience was magical. No upset stomach neither. I would buy this again

  14. Dan

    I did 3 of these chocolates and had my very first trip! It was great, I had a fun time and I learned a lot about myself. i felt like I was connected to the universe. I connected with my past self and the things that came up. Very powerful for therapeutic cleansing!

  15. Chris

    They are perfect mix

  16. Elizabeth

    This tasted great, however 1 piece was not enough for the effect I was looking for (only felt a body high). Will try again with a higher dose.

  17. Meredith

    So excellent. A must buy for anyone who wants a mini-mushroom experience.

  18. Michael Ray

    If you want a solid trip/lesson from golden teachers without the tummy ache then definitely go for these. Stronger than I anticipated but a welcome one. Doesn’t hurt that the chocolate tastes pretty good too. Will definitely buy again.

  19. Patrick

    I ordered these on a whim. They definitely worked well. The chocolate seemed of high quality and tasted delicious. I ate 2 chocolates and hardly even noticed the mushrooms. After about 30 minutes, it was on. I didn’t really get any visuals, but alot of laughter ensued. These are more than likely best used in a group, say, like a party. They went over well.

  20. Stephanie

    These chocolates are perfect! I only do mushrooms once or twice a year so I don’t take very much. Half a chocolate was more than enough to get a nice body high and mild visuals. I would definitely recommend it for people trying it for the first time. They taste good too.

  21. Tracy

    I am not the type to leave a review but I really enjoyed this product. So much so I’m back online ordering more.
    The chocolate is delicious and the mushroom is so finally chopped you can barely taste it. No worries though you can feel the effects just fine.
    Mellow, euphoric and a relaxing body buzz I can think of no better way to spend a Sunday.
    I highly recommend you start with half and go from there.
    I’m off to order more now. Enjoy!

  22. Kyle

    I took 3g ( 3 Chocolates )
    …… WOW! What a trip <3
    amazing body vibrations, geometric patterns everywhere, super uplifting and zen
    Great experience !! 10/10

  23. Devin

    Me and my partner ate them same time kicked in very quickly. And strong enough. I doubted it cuz I’m very experienced in eating lots of mushrooms at once and I really enjoyed just the chocolate.

  24. Morgen

    Amazing love it great taste and good high laughing lol

  25. Amber

    Super tasty chocolate, but I was a tiny bit disappointed with the size. It tasted so good, I wanted more. Felt very happy, silly, and relaxed. It felt so good to laugh. I would highly recommend for first timers.

  26. Guillaume

    i like it.. very good stuff

  27. Ilyas

    Ate whole chocolate. Great Taste. Felt nice for a couple hours. I would buy again.

  28. Kyle

    Girlfriend didn’t want to do the raw mushrooms so we tried the chocolates.. very impressed. Taste great, 5 hour peaceful and relaxing trip. Perfect for her first time.

  29. Serena

    Lovely spiritual experience. Visuals and increased sensory capacity. Creativity and thinking heightened. Loved it!

  30. Jad

    No heavy stomach sensations after consumption, very soothing

  31. Vivian

    These are good for first time trippers or people looking for a tamer shroom experience. I’d say take 1.5 chocolates to get good visuals.

  32. Alexandra

    happy time without stomac pain

  33. Sean

    These are the real deal. Amazing experiences have been had with these. Chocolate tastes really great as well. I’ve found them to kick in much faster than capsules as well.

    Half a chocolate is great for a silly good time.

    5 chocolates will have you on the journey of a lifetime.

  34. Thomas

    Had two of these bad boys, sent me on a casual trip over the following 6 hours, very calming, and quite a nice body heaviness, plus some visual distortions. These also have an amazing taste, and they’re very easy on the stomach. Definitely recommend.

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