Star Blend Chocolates (Black)

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Star Blend Chocolates (Black) Information

The Star Blend Chocolate brings together some of the best mushrooms the world has to offer, including Golden Teachers and Penis Envy. The resulting experience is unlike anything you’ve gone through before. As the state of psychedelia takes over your mind, you’ll wish you’d have prepared better for this. The hallucinations and spiritual experiences are quite potent, even when you take a small bite. Speaking of bites, this chocolate nurtures a very delicious and aromatic flavour.

You may not have tried any psilocybin-based chocolates before. This is the perfect moment to start your sweet adventures down the proverbial rabbit hole. The Star Blend Chocolate will make you see all kinds of stars, and that’s just the beginning. Soon, you’ll hit up synesthesia, euphoria, and time loops all of a sudden. Everything keeps on piling up, taking you to a new state of appreciation for magic mushrooms. Golden Teachers and Penis Envy were already good by themselves, let alone in a crazy combination!

What does Star Blend Chocolate look and taste like?

 These chocolates are what you would expect from a chocolate. They’re brown and soft-looking, with a creamy texture that melts in your mouth when you bite into it. As you take that first bite, though, the biggest of your worries should be overstepping your tolerance level. The effects of Star Blend Chocolate are first-rate, coming from the purest mushrooms strains the market has to offer. You may enjoy the delicious chocolate flavour, yet the effects will alter your perceptions in a split second.

That’s because there’s a lot of psilocybin in every piece of Star Blend Chocolate. Fortunately, you can microdose it just like you would other edibles and magic mushrooms themselves. This chocolate has a very potent taste of chocolate, with a hint of milk, and it’s quite sweet, as well. Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate this as a work of art, considering the magic mushroom component. It’s important to realize that this isn’t just a chocolate, but rather a mind-altering one.

What are the effects of Star Blend Chocolate?

Being a combination of Golden Teachers, Penis Envy, and other mushrooms, the effects can only be described as ravishing and overwhelming. You may experience one of the following when biting into this chocolate:

  • Improved mood
  • Sudden bout of hallucinatory visions
  • Spiritual profoundness and awakening of your spirit side
  • Unlocking your hidden potential by accessing the world beyond
  • Enhanced creativity and artistic potential
  • Fewer tendencies to become anxious and depressed
  • Time dilation
  • Ego death
  • Synesthesia
  • Feeling of connectedness

Once you eat a piece of Star Blend Chocolate, all that psychedelic mix will hit your body like a jackhammer. If you’re not ready, your mind will buzz uncontrollably with visions, sounds, and a plethora of other sensory perceptions that you can’t manage. The time dilation and spiritual experiences often come together, making this chocolate a truly mind-blowing one!

104 reviews for Star Blend Chocolates (Black)

  1. Mike

    I thought they were great, believe it or not i chopped it up and added it to cookie dough, worked perfectly and would recommend to anyone.

  2. Zachery

    Just 1 is all you need but you should get more.

  3. Skyler

    Really good

  4. Camille

    I got the star blend chocolates to help with spiritual journeying. The dosage has been extremely consistent which helps me feel safe, and like I can control to some extent the depth of the trip. I don’t love the taste (but I think it might be I just tend to feel a bit nauseous with mushrooms), but the effects are wonderful. My experience has been it helps you feel what you need to feel. If you need to grieve, you grieve. If you need to giggle and feel love, you do. I don’t get visuals, but music sounds even more wonderful, dancing on these is ecstatic, and being with someone you love deepens the love. I think they have a very therapeutic effect if you go into the trip already feeling somewhat stable, connected and grounded in your life.

  5. Sean

    Absolutely loved these!!! What a beautiful buzz. Funny with friends filled with lots of laughs or setting an intention and enjoying solo, either way these are incredible and delicious 😋

  6. Shaydon

    These are easily some of the most potent shrooms chocolates I have ever experienced, I come back to order them a few times per year because they always hit hard. It’s a good idea to wait a week or two but in my experience even if you feel like tripping again the very next day, just one more chocolate than what was taken the previous day will always get you just as messed up as the first time, no two week wait needed at all.

  7. Simon

    Jai vraiment aimé ces chocolats, moi et mes amis on na eu une soirée hillarante. Une vrai thérapie du rire. Je vais en racheter cest certain!

  8. Mike

    Star blend is one of my favourites to order and consume. Dark chocolate tasted great and the effects from the edibe were totally awesome. Really made me feel great, a must buy next time I purchase.

  9. Anthony

    Tried those with a good friend (two of them each) ; it took a while to kick in, but the next day we were still feeling funny and life was good !


    i dont know, i was another best impression with the first chocolates black… this last was not so strong. anyway this is a good way for start whit the mushromms! i love it!

  11. Raeanne

    Loved these! Definitely the strongest effects out of all the chocolates I’ve tried from here.

  12. Erin

    Loved these!! The perfect high! Just enough for a great night at home or going for a hike. Too strong for canadas wonderland lol I found out the hard way lol great product, already ordering more.

  13. Rob

    Just one chocolate turned into a great experience and a great evening.

  14. Anthony

    Absolutely love this product,strong but not too deep effect,had the night of my life in these,definitely recommend

  15. Brian

    I have had a few experiences before with shrooms (typically golden teachers), and they’ve all been just the shrooms themselves and not any sort of “edible” version (chocolate). This might just be how it affected or affects me specifically, but I literally ate four (two to start, two more an hour in) and felt very little except a bit sick to my stomach. I had zero effects that I’m used to – no visuals, no “big thoughts,” nothing like that. I mean, I wouldn’t have driven, but definitely didn’t get the high I had hoped for or expected.

    Further to that – and again, it could just be my batch – the chocolate was dry, white, and crumbly. In a way it made it easier to eat but it definitely wasn’t appetizing. I quite likely won’t be getting these again.

  16. Jasmine

    I usually go with golden teachers, or some other generic variety of psilocybin but this particular chocolate is very strong and has vivid visuals. If you are able to comfortably close your eyes for a closed eye journey, this blend will have you mesmerized with colours and patterns. I had a pretty spiritual experience off of them as well. I had a lot of visions that I took as a significant, and eventually got the giggles. Definitely recommend!

  17. Johanie

    Shared it with few friends for a microdose and super nice vibes !

  18. Anouar

    This one is absolutely hits different!!
    So i was in the living room when I decided to eat it, it wasn’t my first time with mushrooms so i was like no worries i took it all in one bite and 35-40mins boom!!

  19. Lisa

    Had a much better experience with Star Blend Black than with Blue Meanie.
    As stated the ease of eating a chocolate is beneficial.
    Still experience some nausea at the beginning.
    Ate the whole chocolate and felt effects about 30 minutes in.
    Release my brain of outside thoughts only to experience an immediate calm.
    Would definitely purchase “Black” again.
    Being able to have a day of calm, happiness and empty thoughts is a huge relief.
    The chocolate is tasty, a bit of “ mushroom grit” but not off putting.
    Not much in visuals, just some sensitivity.
    Not looking to get messed up so I think 1 gram is perfect.
    Thanks MMJ DIRECT!
    Great products and price.

  20. Tracy

    Great way to dose. The chocolate makes it easier to get down.

    The highs great, very body buzzy and energy.

    Definitely recommend.

  21. Tom

    I am a novice with shrooms. I am not a fan of the cannabis edibles and have been trying to drink a little less alcohol, so wanted to give something else a try. I have been taking just half a chocolate and then I feel great for a couple hours and a little “stoned” but still being able to fully interact with friends/pay attention to what’s going on. After a couple hours it’s mostly out of my system and then there are no after effects I notice other than some odd dreams here and there. I find I don’t get much out of taking the other half a couple hours after the first, but I was probably waiting too long.
    For me it was really about replacing drinking 5-6 alcoholic drinks in a night to get a buzzed feeling. it’s just a lot of calories to drink! now I just take half a chocolate and get a similar feeling but a little more feel-good.

  22. Marissa

    Highly recommend. 1 chocolate is good for me, great high, fun, good visuals, no anxiety lol. Just straight good times good vibes. They also taste good which is great plus. A super easy go to

  23. Martin

    Good chocolat taste and Nice effects

  24. cherie

    Perfect if you don’t like the taste

  25. Barbara

    The chocolate is quite good and the amount is perfect for a great evening.

  26. Ankur

    This was absolutely amazing! I took it while on an annoying phone call, 20 minutes later… Time felt so slow i told her I had another call, closed my eyes and listened to nature psychidelic music. I’ve never felt so calm and peaceful before. 10 star rating!

  27. cindy

    It was my first time trying shrooms, and the experience was great. Highly recommend. Good quality

  28. Laura

    I had a bad experience with mushrooms 20 years ago and never touched them again. I was nervous to try so I only took a half a chocolate at first. I felt okay so I took the other half 30 minutes later. I was pleasantly surprised by these chocolates. When the effects started to kick I started to feel warm and happy and uplifted. It was a wonderful experience. My friends and I had a great night talking, listening to music and dancing. And everything seemed so funny so we laughed so much. it was a great night. I highly recommend these chocolates. I’ll be getting them again

  29. Josh

    Experienced user. Two of these gives you a nice solid high. Would recommend to both new and experienced users.

  30. Oliver

    J’ai l’habitude de prendre les PE, mais j’ai décidé d’essayer de nouveau chamipgnons, mais cette fois-ci en chocolats. Le gout être très bon, et l’effet est très bien. Il y a moins d’effet visuel que les PE, mais beaucoup plus sur un euphorique.

  31. Tyler

    As a shroom novice, my partner and I took these and loved them. Very smooth chocolate and great tasting. Took about 30 minutes to feel noticeable effects.

    Partner had a hint of nausea but was their first instance of taking any edible. Had 1 chocolate each and had a great time with happy giggles feeling relaxed for about 4-6 hours. Highly recommend these for anyone nervous to try.

    Looking forward to trying all the other one!

  32. Chris

    These shroom chocolates are what made cookie monster decide to give up cookies and started saying “shroomie shroomie shroomie” sometimes shrooms on there own can give me some issues with stomach bloating or abdominal cramps and even sometimes slight slight ibs. But the chocolate infused are perfect to take away that worrisome ordeal. The shrooms are very uplifting and in my previous comments I have mentioned depression. This strain worked better for me with anxiety, it’s like I could see my thoughts and laugh at how dumb and over the top they were. I highly recommend these. Highly!

  33. Mike

    Very pleased with these. Haven’t done shrooms in years so wanted something I could stomach and after researching I figured a chocolate shroom might be worth the while. I took 2 since they are 1 gram each. Taste was nice and didn’t notice the acidic shroom taste that normally comes with it. Within about 30 or 40mins I was completely tripping. Faces all over my room, not scary and very amusing for some reason lol start slow if you’re new. I made one mistake and took an additional 2 grams about 2 hours in. Don’t do this! Commit to a dose and stick to it. You can always do more another time. Would definitely recommend

  34. Andrew

    Ok, so it was mine and my gf’s first time trying mushrooms. We both had 1 each and sat around for a bit. It felt like it was taking forever to do anything, so we just listened to some music.

    After a while we started to dance in the kitchen, we set up a colorful party light and danced in the dark. Before we knew it, we were dancing naked. Follow that with some of the best sex ever… She told me she touched god, haha.

    Experiences after the first time were different, but no less profound. I’m ordering more now so we can try it at higher doses.
    Highly recommend.

  35. Stephone

    Whoa. These were stronger than the Avery’s and much deeper. A huge bang of this little guy. Definitely more for the experienced

  36. Cole

    Bought this for a nice mild relaxing evening and it served its purpose perfectly. I got all the good vibes without any “oh man im tripping out” anxiety. Very mellow and perfectly dosed. Didnt actually taste too bad either.

    Id recommend these to experts and noobies as well. Great product

  37. Alexander

    Highly recommend these chocolates for anyone to new mushrooms, they are the perfect dose and taste great

  38. Nisha

    I didn’t know what to expect, but took a chance and I am so glad I did. This blend worked ultra-harmoniously together, offering hours of teachings, healings and beautiful visions. I have moderate experience with mushrooms–not a beginner, and a single chocolate was enough for a powerful trip, during which I felt perfectly in control but could choose to follow the journey as it was offered. I would do this dose again, as I do like knowing I have control if I need to take it back, but otherwise can relax, trust the mushrooms, and see where they take me. Would highly recommend this blend to newbies and veterans alike.

  39. Laura

    I bought these as I prefer edibles to anything else. The taste is great and the experience was awesome. I was so relaxed and found everything funny and saw some crazy colors. Highly recommend.

  40. Denis

    First time I tried these was amazing. The energetic feeling and calmness all in one, was a truly amazing experience.

  41. Ryan

    All of the chocolates are great, you cannot go wrong with any. They taste pretty good for having mushrooms in them you can barely taste it. Highly recommend!

  42. Jacob

    Giggles and smiles all around, learn a valuable lesson from the Golden Teachers while obtaining the power of the Penis Envy. A must have 2-3g experience. 🙂

  43. Krystel

    I really really loved those chocolates. It was a very mild trip, but still super interesting and visually great! I took a full one by myself and enjoyed it very much. Also tried taking half of one with my boyfriend and we were both feeling euphoric and overall pretty amazing ! I recommend 🙂

  44. Cianna

    Not as strong as we thought but still a good high. Good taste, woukd recommend getting a couple at once and taking 1/2 at a time 🙂

  45. Tina

    These were 100% the BEST MUSHROOM BUZZ, I’ve ever had. I had the greatest time, by myself the first trip dancing the night away and only 1.5g. Thre 2nd time I took them, I took 3g, with my friends and had the most psychedelic trip ive ever had. Every time I blinked my eyes I saw a complete moving color show. Highly recommend. Amazing alone or in a group setting ❤❤

  46. Rebecca

    These chocolates are all the same to me: acceptable taste, some euphoria and an overall really nice time. I will keep buying them, I think they are a fantastic little portion just to kick the night off. Great for social situations.

  47. Jessica

    Absolutely fantastic trip on these. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste and texture of the chocolate, there is no denying that these are very potent. These are also super convenient in that you don’t have to measure out a dose or prepare dried mushrooms. Excellent product!

  48. Ty Weaver

    Taste great, gave my wife 3/4 of one for her first trip and it was a good starting amount (she’s small). She wasn’t overwhelmed or anything just had a good little first trip

  49. Astha

    I was actually mind blown with this one I didn’t know up till now that this was the one that I had got a year back. It was actually very powerful and i had a crazy trip with this one!! Buying 2 this time

  50. Eric

    I feel kinda bad giving a 2 star review, because I don’t know if it’s actually the product, but I didn’t feel much of anything. Maybe I’ve just got a high tolerance for psilocybin, I don’t know. This was my second experience with it, the first being just the mushrooms, and after both I had a splitting headache the next morning. This is less of a “this product is bad” and more of a “be warned, it may affect you differently, this is how it affected me”.

    The chocolates themselves were pretty bad, flavour-wise though. Not very chocolatey with a pit of a powdery texture.

  51. Wren

    These were so much fun! Moderate visual trippiness, loads of giggle fits and weirdly yawns too, lol. I’ve had these before and think they’re well portioned for beginners as well. Felt like hours would pass and in real time be 30mins. I never felt out of it but elated throughout. Trip lasted hours. High reco.

  52. Joanie

    I was used in on a camping trip and it was beautifully colourful. Lot of pure laughs, visuals and colours were blissful!

  53. shea

    These were fantastic. Worth paying slightly more per gram over dried mushrooms in my opinion. The chocolate masks the taste of the mushrooms, which by itself, is enough to make these a great choice. Being 1 gram each and nicely wrapped also makes these a great option for nights out.

  54. Laura

    These were stronger than expected and compared to eating regular schrooms raw.

    Super fun.
    Effects seemed quicker than eating schrooms. Faster visuals and yawning. 😊

    Definitely recommend!

  55. carlos

    What a trip!!!
    I ate a chocolate and after 30 minutes I started to feel some strange things, I started to see the sounds!! and I started to feel the light like waves on mi skin, I saw some moving patterns on my living room’s paintings, definitely it was one of the best experiences I have ever had, for sure I will order some more!!, the effects began to vanish 3 hours later.

  56. Andrea

    Really enjoyed. Tasty and fun

  57. celeste

    These little gems taste incredible! If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, you will not be disappointed. I ate 1 and found the high quite manageable. I experienced and increased sense of gratitude and wellbeing while enjoying mild visuals and intense colour. Going to try 2 this time around.

  58. Amjad

    A classic experience. I will be back for more. Perfect for any camping trip. The visuals are perfectly balanced nothing too overwhelming.
    A great trip for first timers as well. A comfortable trip for experienced users. Helps me feel more socially confident.

  59. Chris

    If you cant stomach the taste of straight shrooms, this is definitely the next best option! Taste is great and you still feel the shrooms. Highly recommended for beginners!

  60. Joel

    Great taste and solid high. Moderately experienced with psychdelics and 1.5 of these gave a real euphoria and lots of visuals while still being very manageable. Definitely recommend.

  61. Landon

    Great taste for an edible but my experience was surprising given all the other reviews here. I started microdosing the Brain Boost 3 days ago, and bought 2 of these chocolates for when I was ready for a macro dose. Well I took half of one tentatively around 8:30 while I was making cookies. I did notice that I was more focused and enjoyed music more than usual, but nothing exceptional. An hour later I took the other half. No difference. An hour after that I decided to eat the entire second chocolate. I watched TV for an hour or so, again just noticing that I was more focused than usual (recently diagnosed with ADHD), and that was the extent of it. Great for relaxing but think I might need more for a true trip!

  62. Devin

    Absolutely one of the best ways to get into shroom tripping properly and safely! The dosage is incredibly controlled, the high is always outstanding, and the price is very reasonable.

    Things to expect based on mine and others’ experiences: great visuals, warm feelings both literally and metaphorically, euphoria, reasonably intense introspection, and an overall sense of well-being.

    I’d strongly recommend starting off with one if you’re relatively new to mushrooms, 2-3 if you’re a well-traveled psychonaut. Thanks MMJ for always coming up clutch!!

  63. Sébastien

    The trip was amazing. It was my first time in years, and it was just strong enough to feel multiple effects.

  64. Chantal

    By far my favourite strain to trip on. Always so euphoric, can’t help but be happy with the world on these. Highly recommend watching Moving Art to just feel incredibly amazed by the beauty of the planet.

  65. MIA

    this is the most magical shroom chocolate! It doesn’t taste good for me but at least it masks the disgusting shroom taste. I often see divine geometry and light when having this. Really cool introspective and magical experience.

  66. Yves

    Great product taste is good ! Really Smith feeling high quality

  67. Dwayne

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All around!

    I have tried a few different strains of edibles – by far this is the best.

    Familiar with the effects of Psilocybin now, felt ready to challenge myself. Purchased 9 of these and planned two trips – one on 4g and the other on 5g.

    My 4g trip felt cross-dimensional as there were subtle visuals of architectural geometry superimposed upon the physical reality. Deciding to take an evening walk in the neighborhood brought about a connection with nature. Each decorative front lawn was a mini paradise to soak in. Very profound.

    As for the 5g trip. This was methodically planned. Fasted min 8hr prior. Between dose and come up, cooked to preocccupy the mind. Finished cooking just in time to muster the remaining ability to clean up as the flight was boarding for this trip and takeoff was not far behind. Made it to my designated quiet spot with music and laid down on a soft mat. Remarkable visuals and introspection. This WILL alter one’s view on life, reality and the world encompassed by it. A definite breakthrough experience for me. Fell into a few mental loops with a moment that seemed like a state of eternity.

    The hardest pill to swallow was the aspect of time. Far too much was experienced during the trip to fit in the time frame.

    Thanks to MMJD Team for making this possible

  68. Jared

    Long time tripper, first time with chocolates.

    I have never tried any edibles made from psil in my life. I had no idea what to expect but based on the other reviews I bought 3 of them. After getting home from work I thought I would test the waters with .5. Next time a full one and the third time I would take the remaining 1.5. Well 20 mins after eating the first half I decided why not, 1 can’t be so bad. So I ate the rest. Taste was really good, like a dark chocolate with a bit of an off texture. No mushroom taste. The 1 was amazing, so happy and euphoric and actually did some mental work on my self image and worth and it had lasting effects. I feel so much better now. Since I was feeling so amazing I said screw it why not 2. I ate a second one. Checking the clock I realized it was only an hour and a half since I took the first one and potentially didn’t peak yet… After more time in front of a mirror and a snack I laid in bed with music and blasted out of my body. Lost connection to my body, time and space. But gained connection to literally everyone with a complete feeling of Oneness. I highly recommend 2 if you want an out of body experience that will alter your life forever. Fair warning, time didn’t exist and it felt like it lasted years, which was equally terrifying and unbelievablly amazing.

  69. Shellena

    Amazing trip that allowed me to enter a space where I could do some serious shadow work and healing. 10/10 Recommend

  70. Mikayla

    I bought these chocolates as a little add on too my order and they did not disappoint. The chocolate was tasty. But the texture was a little off. I would recommend only doing half of a chocolate if it’s your first time having them. They have a nice euphoric feeling, very uplifting and no hallucinations. Would definitely recommend.

  71. Kyle

    Probably the best choice of chocolates! Out of all available chocolates, these have always given me a great experience!

    1 chocolate was amazing, fairly light and manageable feeling!

    I thought eating two would be a step up, but it was more than I anticipated! So tread carefully, I was stuck tripping out on a very intense feeling!

    Tread carefully, but still amazing chocolates!
    5/5 for me

  72. Ambrose

    Microdosing with 0.5 grams (half a chocolate) gives me a very euphoric feeling. I’m able to control myself in social settings better. Helps with my social anxiety. When I want to trip, I’ll usually take 2 grams (2 chocolates) and this will usually give me an introspective journey type of high and produces very enjoyable and intense visuals. Easily my favourite blend of shrooms I’ve tried from this site.

  73. Franco

    Pretty good. I tried the red, the gold, and this black one last. I THINK this was the strongest. But awesome. if your new one of these is good, even half, but I would do one.

  74. Kara

    One chocolate gave me a nice, 4 hour high. It was mild enough that I could converse with others and I had the munchies at the end.

  75. Courtney

    These are a great alternative to dried shrooms. The taste is great and effects are awesome. We had a great trip. Looking forward to trying the different colors available, but the black was perfect.

    Definitely worth the money. We took one chocolate each and felt effects in about 30-40 minutes.

  76. Deryk

    Holy Shiiit!!! No lie, I’d rather shoot myself in the foot than to never reorder these again and again. Not even exaggerating in the slightest. I bought this product hoping to get in touch with my spiritual side, and was def not let down!! There’s some very positive vibes out there to take part in experiencing. 1 (or 2 if you’re a real freak) is a sure-fire way to do just that! Life is short… the intense high from Star Blend Chocolates is absolutely anything but short
    Buy, consume, trip like a mother fucker, repeat!!!
    THANK YOU MMJ, sincerely. 2 of these changed my life. Legit 💯
    #MindBlown 🤯

  77. Shad

    Perso, j’en ai pris 2 pour ma premiere fois, mais j’ai eu quelque hallucination, je recommande mais que 2

  78. karl

    Had wonderful trip with it

  79. Carol

    Super fun high. Got the giggles and had some great visuals and creative ideas.

  80. Matthew

    These chocolates are a definite 5 out of 5!!! They are great to share with a friend! We just cut it in half and spend the night connecting. Whether it is with laughter or deep conversations, these chocolates never cease to satisfy. They were recommended by a friend and I am a repeat customer now! They taste great!

  81. Kathryn

    Five stars for these star blend from me! I’ve had shrooms a dozen times or so but never felt that intensity I had from the chocolate and it felt great but at one point I freaked out bc when I was in the shower someone had the water on and scalded me. the searing pain triggered a fit of rage somehow(a rare occurrence) I immediately tried to place blame then tried to start a fight with my roommates over an actual fist fight and I’m just a little girl so Long story short, I seriously could not get a hold of myself for a good five hours…can just imagine the steady stream of tears as I barricaded myself into my bedroom, all the while pacing incessantly within the dark small four walls, clenched jaw and fists cocked, steam coming out of my ears. I don’t know how much time had passed, but I glanced in the mirror and saw big round solid black eyes looking back at me. The usual bright green now diminished to a mere thread of green pigment against the pitch black of my pupils. In conclusion, I put myself immediately to bed, and to my utter disbelief when I finally arose, I was fine. 10/10! no regrets! In fact I shall be ordering more for me and my friends for xmas heh …this time I’m thinking PE26
    Happy holiday to you! -Katie

  82. Verda

    these were much more visual than i expected!

  83. Jessy

    We absolutely Love these! Wanted to try edibles just for fun. Tastes great and would definitely buy again.
    Ate one and got a Very mood enhancing, nice small relaxing trip for a few hours. They were very easy on the stomach and couldn’t taste anything but chocolate. I will be buying more as gifts for a family member of mine for Christmas.

  84. Maxime

    I took half to start and after an hour I was just laughing and happy so I was like well might as well take the other half…

    I went for a walk did some phone calls everything was alright and nearly 2 hours after I took the initial first bite it got me by surprise!

    Was on the phone with my buddy and I had to let him go cause I was laughing at my carpet flooring…

    Everything was moving so I laughed for a good 2 hours than I tried to cook and somehow I didn’t burnt the house down lol

    Anyway good times lol it was worth it I recommend it ^^

  85. Iola

    Had a great time with these! We did a take half now-half later situation and it was perfect. Spent the day fossil hunting and everything outside was so vibrant and beautiful. The chocolates were delicious with minimal gut rot sensations as I normally get. Going to buy these again!

  86. Stephane

    First time user. Ate late at night. Probably a mistake. Did not feel much in the first 30mn after eating so went to bed disappointed. But woke up earlier than usual in a parallel universe. It felt neither good nor bad but definitely spacey like an interesting dream that lasts. Will try again at a different time to explore further, experimenting with dosage. This thing does produce an effect, but nothing like hallucinations for me. The chocolate tasted good by the way.

  87. Randy

    These chocolates rock!

  88. Nicholas

    A very pleasurable experience, the mushroom taste is just about nonexistent in my opinion. Told myself I’d eat half, 30 seconds later devoured the remainder of the chocolate. Enjoyed a night of being alone outside under the stars, found the experience to be overall very peaceful and enlightening. Would strongly recommend these, however, these are my first time trying shroom chocolates. Purchasing two more for myself and my significant other, as we plan to enjoy a night of camping in the backyard, watching movies, smoking some herb, and looking at the stars!

  89. aymerick

    they taste super good, took two of these along with a handful of golden teacher for my first time and had to be dragged to my room before the guest arrived 10/10 would recommend

  90. Stephanie

    Maybe the best mushroom chocolate I’ve had. I usually micro dose so I started with half a chocolate and it was perfect. I had the other half a few hours later and lasted me the day. Everything was heightened but no crazy visuals. Perfect for chillin with friends in the outdoors. I’m sure if you ate more you’d have a crazy trip.

  91. Peter

    Why would you ever eat those gross raw shrooms again when you can eat these delightful chocolates? You can’t even taste the shrooms in these! These are a total game-changer to anyone who hates the taste of shrooms. They kick in nicely for a great trip. I recommend these for beginners as they come in 1g doses, easy to start with for a nice high, but experienced users can take more than 1 and have a full out trip. I had a great time with them and appreciated some nice introspection and clearer thinking alongside euphoria and positive feelings.

  92. Jonathan

    Wow this chocolate was really fun trip it’s so tasty by the way and it has such a nice vibe even for beginners you can take the whole chocolate and it’s gonna give you some nice effects nice illusions trust me I will buy it again for sure 🍄🍄🔥🔥😍

  93. Shady

    It’s a perfect product for a night out, I don’t drink but this product puts me in a fantastic mood, gives you energy and makes you social

  94. Shyann

    I loved these chocolates! Took one and was a great high. Don’t let the tiny piece fool you. They are powerful.

  95. Stephen

    one of these is a very nice and pleasant museum dose. calm, relaxed, blissful and introspective. but if you’re looking for psychedelic meltiness, you probably want something stronger

  96. Tatiana

    I recently tried magic mushrooms out of curiosity, and have tried almost all the chocolates on this website. If you’re looking for colourful hallucinations, this one is my favourite and planning to buying it again. I could see colourful patterns forming and the hallucinations started to kick in about 30 minutes after eating 1. However, just 1 chocolate would be mild for an experienced user. So, if you want to see bright colours and see patterns blend in, you would need to eat 2. This is a good thing, as it gradually kicks in and removes any stressful sensation with a nice body high. Really enjoyable!

  97. Anna

    I was really impressed with this product I’ve never ordered off of MMJ before and I’m sure glad I did. I ate one of these chocolates with a .5 of penis envy and all I’ve got to say is HIGH Really awesome visuals I probably didn’t even need to eat that .5 with the chocolate because my girlfriend only ate the chocolate and she was really high but it was her first time but we both had a great time and will be definitely purchasing more of these. Now I just got to get the Jack Frost ones next time. O Ya and I was the only one who had a bit of a tummy ache but it wasn’t to bad about 15 minutes when it first kicked in and a little intense at first but all good. LOVE THESE

  98. Kate

    LOVED these. I normally take 2g golden teacher when I want to trip lightly – this 1g chocolate had the same effect! Normally I would do 1g for an exceptional walk in the woods or a concert (if those existed) but this was a lie-down-and-watch-the-grass-move high. Highly recommend for a nice, positive day with mild visuals, bright colours and disconnect from the body.

  99. Truc

    tasty and effective! These were a great introduction to shrooms for an inexperienced user like myself. The chocolate itself was tasty and you could see the flakes in it. I bought them twice so far and loved it

  100. Amy

    I bought these chocolates during a sale as I liked the description and convenience of not having to measure out doses – just eat a chocolate! The flavour was okay, nothing exceptional, tastes like a decent sort of earthy chocolate. I ate it as I put a spaghetti squash in the oven and then popped out to Walmart quickly to grab some things to go to the beach, thinking it would hit around the time I got home and then I would eat and go to the beach with some friends. Boy oh boy was I wrong, I was standing in the produce section of Walmart staring at the fruits and veggies doing some deep breathing when my friends found me and brought me outside to wait. So the onset is about 30 minutes. What followed was a wonderful, easy, light experience that made the world look bright and beautiful and gave me a lot of introspective moments. Having tried one, I would probably eat two for the level of trip I enjoy (I normally eat around 3g). Great time at the beach, buying more right now so I can do again.

  101. Alex

    So I decided to give these chocolates a whirl since they are well-priced and seemed to be having good effects on others. For less than $10/chocolate, these Star Blends hit pretty damn good! I ordered 3 chocolates and decided to try one, since others noted that they felt fairly strong effects off 2 chocolates. I must say, I was pretty surprised at how hard one chocolate managed to hit me. While I didn’t have enough psilocybin to witness any visuals, it truly felt like I couldn’t shut my brain off and I had lots of energy. I sometimes enjoy just feeling the mild effects of psilocybin and will have myself around 3-3.5g every once in a while. Overall, these chocolates are very well priced and should make peoples nights a bit more interesting forsure! As others have noted, maybe take 1 chocolate and see how it goes if you aren’t very experienced. Take 2 or more if one doesn’t do the trick. Thanks MMJ!

  102. Devin

    Get time and awesome price. Loved the buzz and taste is good and smooth. Very little stomach ache if at all. Recommend for first timers and for experienced take 2. 👌

  103. Aimee

    Amazing! I bought these to make ingesting the shrooms more pleasant. Let me start by saying there was a possibility that they wouldn’t work at all because I’ve had quite a bit of shrooms lately which of course builds up tolerance. With shrooms in their natural form, I normally eat 4g’s of PE, increasing the dosage slightly if I’m not going to wait a few days or a week before taking them again. I had 5gs of PE on Saturday night and more a few days before that. I received the chocolates on Wednesday. I started with one on an empty stomach. I waited about 30-45 before deciding to eat another. The taste was pleasant. Very cocoa-y. Not too sweet but not too bitter. It masks the shroom taste well and causes no uneasy stomach feelings. After eating my 2nd chocolate within 30 minutes I was having the greatest trip. Better than most I’ve had while eating straight up shrooms or lemon tekking. At no point did I feel like it was too much or too little. I was happy, at peace, the curtains and flags in my living room waved and changed colours, the patterns in our flooring transformed and morphs before my eyes. When I was ready to go to sleep.. slept came easy and happily. I woke up feeling rejuvenated and in a great mood. I wish I could take them again tonight but don’t want to risk wasting them.

  104. Patrick

    Love love love ,
    Not enough to say about these ,
    1 chocolate and you’ll be good to go for the entire night !

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