HighTea CBD Teas

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100mg of CBD per bag

Less than 5mg THC per bag

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HighTea CBD Teas Information

Looking for a way to enhance the relaxing vibes of a cup of your favourite tea? HighTea’s CBD-Infused Tea is the perfect combination of taste, texture, and texture. HighTea’s didn’t compromise the integrity of their teas when they infused it with CBD 100 percent extracted from hemp plants. Instead, they designed a recipe that could utilize the synergy that exists between the active ingredients in CBD and teas from around the world.

Humans have used teas for their calming and tranquil effects for thousands of years. In fact, we’ve been doing the same thing with CBD. Ancient Chinese emperors used CBD to help alleviate headaches, toothaches, and other chronic pain more than 3,000 years ago. The synergy between the active ingredients in these and the CBD infused within them makes a potent combination that’s perfect for a plethora of occasions.

Traits and Properties

HighTea designed this CBD-Infused Tea to complement their THC-infused option. CBD, its main ingredient, doesn’t possess any of the psychoactive properties that THC, its molecular relative, does. Instead, CBD may be able to help users relieve a wide array of potential effects. Some of these effects may include reduced swelling, elimination of chronic pain, increased appetite, and better sleep, among others.

As a result, many proponents believe that CBD may be able to combat certain health issues. For example, CBD may be able to help users recover from glaucoma, insomnia, low appetite, arthritis, and a variety of other issues.

How to Use It

HighTea’s CBD-Infused Tea is just as simple to use as any other tea. Just boil water and add it to a mug with a tea bag inside. Let the tea bag steep for a few minutes, and you’ll be ready to go!

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29 reviews for HighTea CBD Teas

  1. Cindy

    Love this tea!

  2. Braedan

    I mean its pretty good average chamomile with a CBD effect.

    This tea has me thinking, why would I ever drink none cbd chamomile tea? Like you drink chamomile to relax, and you take cbd to relax, so like put them together an it just makes sense.

    Enjoy it with an infused cookie for an awesome tea time.

    Not really any reason to not like this product

  3. Grant

    This tea is so nice to be able to relax after work for me. Working in construction, and having been a frequent cannabis user over the years, some nights the buzz from thc is not as therapeutic as I find cbd can be. This tea makes it more of a “ritual” you could say than applying drops. Plus you get the added comfort of a warm cup of tea.
    I find this tea blends very well with other herbal teas and is easy to drink. Good for anyone I would recommend, you get a bit of a warm body buzz from the cbd without many psychological affects. Would definitely recommend!

  4. Sarah

    These teas are great! I love them! Highly recommend

  5. Yvonne

    Of all the CBD items I’ve tried in an effort to reduce my anxiety, and I’ve tried many, I’ve found this to be the best and I will always return to it for that reason.

    The flavour/scent has a slight cannabis aroma but nothing very noticeable. It’s minor enough that I can take this tea on the go with me and no one bats an eye when I consume it in public. Another reason it is one of my favourites.

    Lastly, I find it a lot more fast acting than other products. I start to feel the full effects within 15-30 mins of drinking. Most recently, I brought some to an appointment to get a very large tattoo, and it helpled me have a calm and clear head when making decisions and to relax during the tattoo!

  6. Alexandre

    Jai acheter pour trouble du sommeil tres efficace!


    I love the High Teas. They are great way to calm stress and pain.
    A plus , Please try a cup of this healing tea. Donna Cournoyer

  8. Brett

    Excellent product. Nicely packaged. High quality tea is excellent tasting.
    My wife uses this to help her sleep and it works well. I get moderate pain relief from a knee injury with this tea and a topical.

  9. Buddy

    This has been the most effective way with CBD for me so far. Sleep quality improving significantly.

  10. Michelle

    Very tasty treat.. help to relax me

  11. Kim

    This tea is amazing! My mum loves it for her arthritis and I adore it for my anxiety and calming effects!! Highly recommend

  12. Pat

    This tea was good, and gave me a nice, mellow buzz. However, it was a bit harsh and gave me abdominal cramps whenever I drank it.

  13. Madeleine

    I ordered this tea by chance as I have been trying to consume in other ways than smoking recently, and this was a really wonderful choice!
    I got the calming blend, and was delighted to see so many heads of chamomile and everything from its taste to its effects were super soothing! I had a headache and it really helped me with my pain, and I appreciated that there was no sweetener or artificial flavouring in the tea. It also comes with tea bags which are very convenient and helpful!
    Overall would definitely recommend 🙂

  14. Samuel

    I’m split on this one…It was good, didn’t taste bad. I liked relaxing with them before bed. But honestly, I don’t think I used all the tea. Even though it was good I just didn’t use it often enough, I just don’t think it’s for me. I’d still recommend to give it a try tho

  15. anne

    Love this tea! 🙂 Works exactly as stated and after trying a multitude of others I pick this one ass my ‘go-to tea’ I sleep better and my pain and discomfort is greatly reduced. I function much better!

  16. Tanner

    Put both of us to sleep in no time

  17. Sandy

    Love this tea…works great on sore tired muscles after a long day working outside in the garden. Get up the next morning with no back pain.

  18. Heather

    I really enjoyed this tea! Brewed a cup before bed and slept great. I will definitely be buying again

  19. Ann

    I recently tried this tea and found it to be as described, but even better for me than some of my other plain herbal teas. It is pleasant tasting, mild flavored, and easy on my sensitive stomach. I feel my mind and body are more relaxed after drinking this calming tea. Just what I need, as I usually run anxious. Today, I have ordered 5 bags, so that I don’t run out again. Thank you for this fabulous product.

  20. Seyedeh

    Great for relaxing before bed. Great flavour and quality. Calming chamomile is the best one

  21. Josh

    This tea is so good! I got the Tranquility tea and it’s been super helpful for winding down at night. A cup of this before bed gives me such a good body tired. I feel like I’m melting into the bed as I drift off to sleep. Also, the taste is great. One of the best tasting teas I’ve had in general!

  22. Darla

    Working well for me to fall asleep 😴

  23. Tianna

    This tastes great and works for relaxation and helps ease pain. I have extremely painful period cramps and taking pain killers on a regular basis isn’t something I want to do so this cbd tea is a great alternative. When I make this tea I add in about 1/4 of a teaspoon of coconut oil and about 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of the tea. Usually start feeling better within 30 mins of drinking the tea and the effects last for about 2 hours.

    This tea is loose leaf tea, it is not preportioned into individual tea bags. But there is a good amount of paper tea filters included with the tea.

    On a side note – if you have cats they will try to go after your tea as if it was catnip. Please do not leave your cup unattended.

  24. Aidan

    Great product, I’ve been using this to help me wind down before bed. Tastes good and is effective. I like drinking a warm beverage with CBD or THC in it top.. something about that is comforting. I doubled the dosage (2 tsp) and had a great deep sleep the following night.

  25. Jeannette

    This tea is great. It is so relaxing and it tastes good too! Definitely going to buy again. It is very relaxing and also helps with pain.

  26. Cole

    Bought this tea not knowing what to expect, and im so glad i bought it! The smell and taste of the tea is lovely. Perfect for right before bed, the cbd calms my muscles and helps keep anxiety at bay when Im trying to dose off. This would make a great gift or stocking stuffer this christmas! Will buy again!

  27. Anne-Emilie

    I bought this for my mom who lives with chronic pain and is reluctant to cannabis use. She brews less than a teaspoon and still get effects. It helps her to sleep and consequently diminish her pain the next day. Moreover, the taste of the camomille blend is really nice, no fruity and artificial candy flavors I’ve found in other kinds. I have a cup (a full teaspoon) once in a while and it does help with anxiety as well !

  28. Steven

    These teas are a really nice. delicious tasting tea mixed with CBD, what else could you ask for? I enjoy them in the eveing before bed. Make it with very small amount of good quality honey, it helps sweeten it a bit.

  29. Jeremy

    These CBD teas are a great. Good quality tea mixed with CBD. I always make one of the chamomile ones before bed. Make it with very small amount of good quality coconut oil, and something to sweeten it a bit.

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