HighTea CBD Teas

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100mg of CBD per bag

Less than 5mg THC per bag


HighTea CBD Teas Information

Looking for a way to enhance the relaxing vibes of a cup of your favourite tea? HighTea’s CBD-Infused Tea is the perfect combination of taste, texture, and texture. HighTea’s didn’t compromise the integrity of their teas when they infused it with CBD 100 percent extracted from hemp plants. Instead, they designed a recipe that could utilize the synergy that exists between the active ingredients in CBD and teas from around the world.

Humans have used teas for their calming and tranquil effects for thousands of years. In fact, we’ve been doing the same thing with CBD. Ancient Chinese emperors used CBD to help alleviate headaches, toothaches, and other chronic pain more than 3,000 years ago. The synergy between the active ingredients in these and the CBD infused within them makes a potent combination that’s perfect for a plethora of occasions.

Traits and Properties

HighTea designed this CBD-Infused Tea to complement their THC-infused option. CBD, its main ingredient, doesn’t possess any of the psychoactive properties that THC, its molecular relative, does. Instead, CBD may be able to help users relieve a wide array of potential effects. Some of these effects may include reduced swelling, elimination of chronic pain, increased appetite, and better sleep, among others.

As a result, many proponents believe that CBD may be able to combat certain health issues. For example, CBD may be able to help users recover from glaucoma, insomnia, low appetite, arthritis, and a variety of other issues.

How to Use It

HighTea’s CBD-Infused Tea is just as simple to use as any other tea. Just boil water and add it to a mug with a tea bag inside. Let the tea bag steep for a few minutes, and you’ll be ready to go!

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5 reviews for HighTea CBD Teas

  1. Jeannette

    This tea is great. It is so relaxing and it tastes good too! Definitely going to buy again. It is very relaxing and also helps with pain.

  2. Cole

    Bought this tea not knowing what to expect, and im so glad i bought it! The smell and taste of the tea is lovely. Perfect for right before bed, the cbd calms my muscles and helps keep anxiety at bay when Im trying to dose off. This would make a great gift or stocking stuffer this christmas! Will buy again!

  3. Anne-Emilie

    I bought this for my mom who lives with chronic pain and is reluctant to cannabis use. She brews less than a teaspoon and still get effects. It helps her to sleep and consequently diminish her pain the next day. Moreover, the taste of the camomille blend is really nice, no fruity and artificial candy flavors I’ve found in other kinds. I have a cup (a full teaspoon) once in a while and it does help with anxiety as well !

  4. Steven

    These teas are a really nice. delicious tasting tea mixed with CBD, what else could you ask for? I enjoy them in the eveing before bed. Make it with very small amount of good quality honey, it helps sweeten it a bit.

  5. Jeremy

    These CBD teas are a great. Good quality tea mixed with CBD. I always make one of the chamomile ones before bed. Make it with very small amount of good quality coconut oil, and something to sweeten it a bit.

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