Honey Oil Vape Top by Viridesco

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Honey Oil Vape Top by Viridesco Information

3 reviews for Honey Oil Vape Top by Viridesco

  1. Carol

    Has to be a favourite. I ordered this and two others during the last mega sale. I was sorry I didn’t just order three of these. It’s a little bit more but with good reason. It has that yummy honey oil flavour, is very smooth on your lungs and throat and such a nice mellow high. Even as a vape, it brings the best high. And so descrete too.

  2. James

    Love this stuff, great taste and a nice buzz. a couple hits and your good to go. Great for a boost later in the evening when the gummie starts wearing off. great for filling in the gaps. Definitely buying again. I see a lot of value for the money

    Thanks !

  3. Jo-anne

    Absolutely a game changer! Have tried every vape on this site, was satisfied with most. As a high tolerance consumer I don’t expect much of a “ high” from most of the products but use them for the medicinal benefits. Pain reduction

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