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Huautla Information

Huautla brings an enjoyable mushroom experience to the table. With its highly potent psychedelic effects and smooth euphoria, any consumer would be glad to try it. Especially medical patients should give this a shot thanks to the great therapeutic benefits. Huautla can improve your mood and creativity substantially, effectively relieving your anxiety and depression instantly.

This mushroom strain comes from the lands of Mexico, near the Huautla de Jiminez village in the Oaxaca Region. It a has long and skinny stalk, with a conic-to-hemispheric cap. The impression it gives off is that of an unassuming and innocent mushroom without a bit of psychedelia inside. Appearances can be deceiving, though, since Huautla is extremely potent in its own right. You’ll see this when you give it a shot!

What does Huautla look and taste like?

 In terms of appearance, Huautla has a brownish hue, with very thin and long stalks. In the middle of the cap, there’s a brownish portion with white dots spread around. Those are striations natural to any mushroom strain. Usually, a veteran mushroom consumer will realize that Huautla looks extremely healthy and potent from a first glance. To a beginner, this mushroom may look unassuming and completely non-psychedelic, though that’s a trap.

In terms of flavour and aroma, Huautla has one of the most thorough aromas in the world. You’ll feel the smooth and creamy texture once you start chomping down the first piece. It feels as though it melts in your mouth, while at the same time releasing the psychedelic compounds in your organism. The psilocybin and psilocin affect your mind from the first moment down to the very last, giving you an enjoyable experience with Huautla! If you’re not a fan of the flavour, you can easily combine this mushroom with a snack to alter its taste.

What are the effects of Huautla?

 Mexican mushrooms are generally very potent and hallucinogenic, and Huautla is the perfect example for this. The visual hallucinations begin shortly after you consume the first dose. Initially, you’ll start seeing some fractals here and there, in the back of your mind, when you close your eyes. Then, the hallucinations get stronger and more life-like, reaching complete forms soon. Don’t freak out because this is only the beginning!

Soon, you’ll have temporal distortions to deal with, and when you think that’s enough, the synesthesia wracks your mind. Seeing sounds and hearing colours sounds like madness but that’s exactly what happens. You have to live it to know how it feels! Ego death is the last bastion of psychedelic enthusiasm that you have to go through. Most people say that ego death is the most intense experience associated with psychedelic mushrooms, and we tend to agree. It’s pretty intense and potentially dangerous for someone with a low tolerance level. Try a lower dose if you’re not a fan of anxiety!

10 reviews for Huautla

  1. Rob

    A little more on the mild side. I found them excellent for relaxation though.

  2. Benjamin

    très agréable ses petits champignons assez célébral

  3. Ben

    I took this shroom with the intention of spending the day at my home office cleaning it up, watching a lecture online, and getting grounded with some things that have been going on that I need to process and let go of. Basically nothing major just needed to let go of some mental energy I did not need in my life. *** Intentions is key and I had mine really set out with a nice environment. *** These are definitely nice and well grounded shrooms. Started slow at 1 gram, felt myself getting into the groove, and then I stopped to sit down and think – what the hell man, you’re trying to get somewhere you already are. So I did what I always do and I turned off my lights and did mindfulness for about 30 minutes. It was really pleasant and when I was done mindfulness I just resumed my activities without putting a value statement on them. I was organizing my office because that helps me feel better about where I spend my time etc. If any of this makes sense or not, the point is simply that these had a real spiritual competent for me. Very much like the description.
    I don’t think I’d take more than 2 or 3 grams on these. I liked it at 1-2 grams max, just because of the type of experience it created for me. I’m going to get them again.

  4. Debra

    soo enjoyed these, honestly is there a bad trip LOL

  5. Mike

    Great spiritual experience, didn’t really get to level 3-or4(did 7.1g) with these not much visuals but i had a great connection with mother nature and myself. Penis envy is still my overall favourite.

  6. Devin

    Wonderful buzz. Had a good time on these. Great for chilling by the fire enjoying the colors. Can’t wait to get my hands on more. 😇😃🤪💢💥💫

  7. Kirsten

    These are very strong, and I would not mix them with other types of mushrooms. I would take these type on their own maybe at night before you sleep, knocked me out and had amazing dreams. lol

  8. Patrick

    The Huautla experience was filled with everything I thought it would be. It began with a powerful anxiety as I unpacked them. Split a half quarter with my girlfriend. They were so dark and dirty. I was almost afraid to eat them…lol. They tasted horrible and I generally use that as a sign of things to come. The mushrooms hit fast and hard. Very uplifting and positive. The visuals were quite geometric. From cubes to polygons, I was getting true fractals from these, and I’m not talking about tracers, I mean fractals. Definitely a fun time. This was the first time I had ever had this type of mushrooms and I’ll admit, they were quite enjoyable and totally recommended.

  9. Tyler

    True Mexican experience hope this one stays around the mushrooms are gorgeous i mixed this one into a fruit smoothie man what a ride true medical healing

  10. Cole

    Hadnt heard of this strain before so i decided to try it out when it went on sale. They shipped super fast, were neatly packaged, and the mushrooms were completely intact. No crumbs at all. They produced a nice peaceful high, nothing too crazy. For the money i got them for, it was money well spent. These should be great for beginners

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