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Immune Support by myco labs Information

Immune Support by myco labs is designed with an immense healing potential. That’s why the manufacturers added a special blend of therapeutic plants into these capsules. Besides psilocybin, these caps contain organic Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, and Shiitake. With all of these brought together, the healing effects are improved multifold, and this translates to a better state of being for you. Your mind and body will relish in the feeling of peak relaxation provided by these capsules.

One of these capsules is enough to send a healing wave of relaxation through your body. Not only will the psilocybin offer microdosing benefits but the other healing plants will improve your wellbeing for the time being. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain with the Immune Support by myco labs. Give them a shot and see what you think! We guarantee you’ll think faster simply by swallowing one of these capsules. You’ll be happier, as well.

How does Immune Support by myco labs affect me?

 The great thing about these capsules is that they don’t just support and activate your immune system. They enhance a whole lot of other physiological and psychological functions such as creativity, mood, imagination, motivation, and so on. Your body and mind will go through a transformative journey after taking one of the Immune Support capsules. When combined, psilocybin and the herbal blend offer undeniable healing and enhancing effects like:

  • Improved mood
  • Heightened energy levels
  • More motivation
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Fewer chronic pains
  • Feeling of relaxation and tranquility
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Faster thinking
  • Enhanced creativity and imagination

When you’re thinking that nothing can help you anymore, Immune Support can! It’s been devised with effective medical applications in mind, from the very start. It can deal with headaches, nausea, mild chronic pains, insomnia, appetite loss, and much more. Furthermore, the psilocybin microdose offers a wide array of cognitive improvements that make your day better in more ways than one!

Information about dosage

 Immune Support by myco labs comes in two different variants. One has 50mg each of psilocybin, Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, and Maitake. The other has 200mg of psilocybin and 70mg each of Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Turkey Tail, and Chaga. As a result of this concentrated blend of healing plants and psilocybin, one capsule is equal to one serving, which is equal to one sitting. Swallow one capsule and wait for the effects to kick in. Though, you can go about your day as if nothing happened!

The dose makes the poison which, in this case, is not quite true but still applies in some way. If you take more than one capsule, the effects may be unpredictable and may go beyond the scope of what a microdose should be. Immune Support by myco labs is a supplement above all else, and you should consume it like one. This means small but consistent doses to achieve the desirable effects, which are almost all therapeutic in scope. We’re waiting for you to give this a shot!

28 reviews for Immune Support by myco labs

  1. Jacob

    I love the microdose capsules by Myco Labs. The immune support capsules are tucked in with lots of mushroom goodies to help your body and boost your immunity. Would deinitely reccommend these just as much as their other line of products. Pick them up today and try them out for yourself!

  2. Tanya

    Been taking these for years (not in a daily) I like to take them a few days apart as you can notice the light feeling of enhancement. Definitely recommend

  3. Rob

    Absolutely fantastic. Definitely helps with digestion.

  4. Jenn

    These are great, kept me focused. I do find I need a few each time

  5. Dawn

    I have MS and this product has kept me 95% symptom free since I started taking it. Highly recommend it.

  6. Samantha

    These are everything they say they are.

  7. Laura

    These work great! Such a relaxing feeling which kept up over time. Definitely recommend for micro dosing.
    I highly recommended these to other friends who needed a release. They appreciated my recommendation and were very happy with this product as well.

  8. Dua

    This changed my life, it is really helping me with anxiety

  9. Jordan

    These have worked wonders for me for microdosing. We have tried most of the varieties and will keep returning. They have helped with mental wellness and working though some of the biggest issues that I have had to deal with. Started with 200mg dose, if you’re just starting in microdosing, I recommend a slightly lower dose. I would definitely recommend.

  10. Sally

    I was looking for a product that would help me heal from CA treatment, psychologically, physically and spiritually. The Immune Support by Myco Labs did not disappoint. 🙂 This product is great value as it includes mushrooms which have been well researched (particularly in non-western countries) and that are known to boost immune response. Meanwhile the psychoactive mushrooms are really good at increasing clarity of thought and focus. I find that it is far easier to meditate while using them. And they often lift my mood as well, not a bad thing during these challenging times!

    For greatest effect of the psychoactive mushrooms, I find it best to stagger usage and not take them every day. In this way, tolerance buildup does not limit the experience. I started out by taking 100mg 4 days a week for 3 weeks and then I would take 2-4 weeks off. I am now using 200 to 400mg/day 1 – 3 times a month for maintenance. They have been very helpful to me and I highly recommend giving them a try.

  11. Josli

    I started at the 50 dosage, and didn’t notice anything really. Then did 100 dosage and overtime I definitely noticed I was more open to positive thoughts, much less negative about life in general. It’s been VERY refreshing!! 🙂 The “immune” part makes me feel healthier, but maybe that’s all in the name. Either way I like it.

  12. Nicole

    This was my first time purchasing a psilocybin capsule. It eases you in nicely and is a smooth ride.
    No nausea, although I did experience some diarrhea. I am not an experienced user and lived the effects of this capsule!

  13. Stacey

    I bought it to help me relax

  14. Laura

    Love this product, helps with mood and energy without leaving me feeling like I’ve taken anything

  15. Erika

    This was my first time microdosing and I absolutely loved it. I took one every three days to avoid building a tolerance and took a break from them once I felt like my depressive feelings and thoughts had subsided. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I didn’t feel high at all and noticed a quick improvement in my ability to stay engaged in whatever activity I was doing (especially noticed this at work).
    I bought the 50mg to start and thought that was a high enough dose for me. I love that it includes a lot of other amazing mushroom supplements as well.

  16. Daniel

    I find this to be helpful for my energy, and overall sense of well-being. I’m living with a terminal illness and the cancer fighting properties of mushrooms is well documented. I’d recommend this at the 50mg dosage: it’s enough to keep me centred, grounded, alert and calm.

  17. Patricia

    I LOVE this stuff! It’s been super helpful when dealing with the negativity surrounding everything. It really helps to alleviate some of that stress. The added Lion’s Mane is there but not sure if it’s really enough to help with immunity. Still, a pretty awesome product.

  18. Meghan

    These Myco Labs 50mg capsules were my first foray into microdosing psilocybin. I stopped taking mushrooms about 15 years ago after a series of bad trips. Obviously, the past year has been hard on us all, and I had heard great things about microdosing shrooms. So I bought these to give it a try.

    First of all, the dose is minute. So while the first week of taking them I felt a definite buzz after about 30 minutes, I quickly started taking 2 at a time. They boost my mood, and give me energy like a cup of coffee that lasts through the day, without the coffee side effects of anxiety or jitters. I take them 4 times/week and since I started I’ve seen a big benefit to my overall mental health. These are great for someone who’s starting out with microdosing. I also like the mix of mushrooms in these capsules.

    I’ve now moved on to 100mg capsules after I finished this bottle. So I’m giving the 50mg caps 5 stars for beginners, but if you’re a more experienced microdoser you would want a higher dose.

  19. Jared

    I have now tried 3 versions of this one. Brain Boost which was my first, Immune support which is my Second and Focus.

    The 200mg immune support seems to be a higher dose then the 200 focus or brain boost. It is not sub perceptible to me and I feel like I’m just about to trip. I enjoy it and I find it super helpful to get things done or make experiences like movies or video games better but it is too strong for work. I also feel euphoria while on it. I’m going to try the 50mg one and see if it works better for me.

  20. Vic

    First time dabbling in microdosing found me here with Myco labs. I’m a big boy so I decide to buy the 200mg dosage. Prior to arrival of shipment, I researched the best way to administer. Next package arrives!! What I decided to do, was to get my self in a good mood first. Listened to music sang watch some funny clips and then took 1 dose on empty stomach. In about 20 mins, I started to feel this rush of clarity but through my eyes. I wasn’t tripping at all. But I felt like things were clearer. It’s hard to explain. And there was this overwhelming feeling of calmness but still exciting. Oh man. I didn’t take another pill for 2 days after when I felt like I needed a mental boost. It help me feel better how? Why? I’m usually a happy person, well I’m still holding on to my #AMC shares, still going to the moon. Apes are everywhere. Hope this helps someone.

  21. Priscilla

    Great! I’m suffering from a TBI – concussion, and this is helping me in some situations when I would be overwhelmed with symptoms. I’ve started with 1 x50mg and I went up to 4x50mg so far and I was still feeling great. It’s calming my symptoms, so I supposed it would give just a great relaxing boost to anybody. I’m still a bit scared to try the higher dose , so I’ll stick with just taking more of the small one. I guess any of the capsules would give the same effect.

  22. Susan

    I’m back to order my second bottle. I’ve been suffering for years with Chronic fatigue, depression

  23. Ben

    I was dealing with fatigue and a head cold, and I had high stress levels and I knew that I was going down the path of getting sick. I had these so I took 1 per day for about 5 days and I didn’t get sick. I didn’t really take anything else but I drank a lot of water. So IMO this was effective in boosting my immunity enough so that I stayed healthy.

    I do not think that it’s a placebo. The list of ingredients makes sense I even looked them up and they make sense for immunity boosting. I like the natural non chemical options and this one was a good fit.

    I take one every second or third day to avoid getting sick and I haven’t been since I got them which was a while ago.

    About 10 days ago everyone in my house was sick with a head cold including wife and 2 kids and I didn’t get sick at all. That’s a good standard to measure its effectiveness by. I’m going to keep a bottle at all times for when I feel like I’m starting to get sick.

  24. Cedrick

    Jai acheté le immune support pour booster naturellement mon system immunitaire et les effect des shroom sont la ! Pour dire je nai pas vraiment senti de différence ses plutôt semblable au autre type de microdose mais probablement que au long terme les effect doivent être bénéfique 200mg et 1x par jour , j’aime bien leffect et je recommande pour achat👍

  25. Josiah

    these immune support microdosing capsules worked perfectly for me! I noticed benefits and general mood improvement with taking 1 daily for a week, and would recommend to anyone struggling with any type of health problems. They also are basically tasteless and go down super easy so super convenient! 🙂 thank you!

  26. Patricia

    first time trying anything like this . it was not gross to smell or taste I felt relaxed for sure

  27. Brenda

    I am in love. Immune Support gave me a peaceful feeling without a high feeling. Just a nice easy calm feeling. I had more energy. Not dopey or spacey at all and I am a newbie at this. Got me through a rough month.

  28. Amy

    I’ve tried the osmosis line. I decided to try mico labs immune support. Compared to osmosis I most definitely feel a significant difference. The capsules are tasteless and go down smoothly. I felt the effects with 30 minutes. I feel calm, focused and more tolerant and less stressed for sure. I would definitely recommend these products as opposed to Osmosis. The price is definitely a major bonus!!! I’ll definitely be ordering more. 💯Percent worth every penny ✌️

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