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300mg CBD Party Mix Gummies by SPINS Information

SPINS CBD Party Mix Gummies are made in Vancouver, BC, offering 300mg CBD in one package with strawberry, grape, watermelon, and green apple flavours. With 15 pieces of these CBD-infused edibles in one packaging, each gummy contains 20mg CBD providing precision in dosing with each consumption.

CBD Party Mix Gummies are great for daytime use for new marijuana users who are looking to soothe mild cases of physical aches or mental stresses. These CBD edibles offer cerebral and physical relaxing and soothing effects that may relieve symptoms of general pain, stress, and mild cases of anxiety.

A Stimulating Relaxation

SPINS CBD Party Mix Gummies 300mg may be a great daily supplement as they may strengthen your overall immune system or soothe some of your mildly occurring physical aches. These fruity edibles may help you tap into a soothing yet gently uplifting relaxation in cases of stress or anxiety.

The 20mg CBD per gummy offers lower levels of potency, which is why these edibles are ideal for new users as they won’t deliver overwhelming effects. Because these gummies contain CBD without THC, you can enjoy the beneficial effects they carry without getting high, allowing you to consume them even at work in a discreet manner.

Soothing Mild Pain. CBD Party Mix Gummies contain anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that may alleviate lower levels of pains and aches in the body.

Mental Stimulative Relaxation. These CBD-infused edibles may relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety due to their relaxing effects. These usually carry stimulative properties that may offer you a mental boost to be able to focus better and be more productive.

The Right Dose

If you are a novice user, when it comes to consuming cannabis edibles, the only right dose is the small dose. It is important for you to experiment with these CBD gummies in a safe yet fun way to learn your tolerance levels and get the best of effects.

SPINS CBD Party Mix, because of its 300mg per package CBD content, is considered a low strength edible. Meaning, its effects shouldn’t be intense. For safe experimenting, we recommend any novice users to start with one gummy. Wait for about 45-60 minutes for effects to kick in. If at this point you are not noticing a smooth relaxing or calming effect, you may consider consuming another CBD-infused gummy. You may repeat increasing your dosage slowly until your tolerance levels match the desired effects.

67 reviews for 300mg CBD Party Mix Gummies by SPINS

  1. Martin

    Perfect edible for body relaxation, easing tension. They work as a great sleep aid as well. Effects are present within half an hour, lasting two or more hours.
    Their strength means that for those sensitive to its effects, half is often sufficient. If you don’t want or can’t be high but want something to alleviate body pains of all kinds, this is an excellent choice.

  2. Marci

    These gummies are consistently tasty and effective for my aches, pains, and good sleep. I love the tin for easy storage. There is no weed taste which I wouldn’t mind, but I know some people would like to know that so I am including it.

    If you are new to using gummies, I would start with a half of the 20 mg ones or even a bit less. I was using half a gummy to begin with and now am using a full 20 mg gummy with each use. They come on nice and slow and there is no feeling of paranoia from the high due to the CBD, just a pleasant, relaxing feeling that eases me into a gentle, deep, sweet slumber. They also really help with my chronic neck and shoulder pain which often affects my sleep, but these gummies help me achieve a nice deep sleep and relieve the pain so I can sleep even better.
    The Party Mix are my favourite flavour, but I’ve tried all of them and they are all good.
    I highly recommend these gummies!

  3. James

    Whether in hand with its THC cousin, CBD Party Mix Gummies offer a smooth, relaxing experience. The fruity taste and candy texture, along with its anti-inflammatory effects makes this CBD edible impossible to ignore.

  4. KELLY

    these are great love to take them and chill out,

  5. Camara

    I’ve been a repeat customer of CBD Party Mix, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. These gummies have been a game-changer for me, effectively alleviating my stress and anxiety while also reducing inflammation. The blend of natural ingredients and high-quality CBD creates a synergistic effect that truly enhances my well-being. Plus, the taste is surprisingly delightful—each gummy offers a burst of flavor that makes taking my daily dose something to look forward to. If you’re seeking a holistic approach to managing stress and bodily discomfort, look no further. CBD Party Mix delivers on all fronts.

  6. Peter

    The taste is fine. The effect on inflammation is very good.
    I am a repeat buyer.
    The package is nice and neat. No mess with this stuff.
    I just take it on days I work out. Gets the job done for me.
    I store it in the fridge/ fresh fresh.

  7. Dwight

    I bought the CBD 300mg gummies to relieve my aches and pains after my workouts. Boy!, was I pleasantly surprised to find out how well these little gems worked. It was a bonus how delicious they are. No strong weed taste, just sweet flavourful varieties of my choosing. Thanks guys, I love them and plan on buying again.

  8. Hugues

    Très appréciable petit bonbon. Idéal pour relaxer le corps et l’esprit. Me semble utile pour les douleurs diffuses et chroniques. Super goût. Miam miam! Probablement un bon choix aussi pour les personnes qui veulent se détendre sans nécessairement avoir un buzz de THC.

  9. Colin

    Great tasting and help provide relief from body aches and pains that come with age.

  10. Amanda

    I love these gummies – the texture and flavour are both excellent and they come in a convenient tin you can keep in your bag or purse. The quality of the CBD seems to be really good and they are nice to have on hand!

  11. Tim

    work great, but I prefer the tropical ones for taste.

  12. Chantal

    I can’t use THC so I decided to try CBD for my pain management of fibromyalgia, a torn shoulder tendon and knee arthrosis … OH MY GOSH!! Well first, I mostly take it before bed, I take between 3 and 4 depending on the pain and it helps me to ease into sleep and I do not wake up at night due to pain. I tried not to take it to see if it was really working and it does. BONUS: they really taste good… I tried a few CBD gummies before, but these work the best for me and other bonus: it helps with my stress and anxiety without the head high. I recommend 100%

  13. Garth

    These are ok but prefer my homemade

  14. Marilynne

    I liked these as they were CBC not THC for a change. It’s nice to mix it up.

  15. Shirley

    I don’t even remember buying it so it must have been pretty good stuff.

  16. Alanna

    These taste absolutely delicious and love that i can take them anytime i feel anxious. I have purchased these for a long time based off my results and taste and will continue to do so!

  17. Anthony

    Ordered at first to get to the free shipping number. I have severe artritis in both knees and find cbd helps me cope.

    I keep a tin at work in case i forget my drops in the morning or know i am going to have a physical day i will top off my morning dose at work. I recommend!

  18. Erika

    They taste absolutely amazing, I could eat the whole tin. It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor as they’re all sooo delicious.

    I love taking these in combination with the 40mg thc gummy.
    I find that it makes the high last longer and I feel even more relaxed and calm. This is such a fantastic product and I’m so happy to have access to such a highly concentrated cbd product at a very reasonable price!

  19. Elaine

    I purchased gummies as I was having trouble sleeping I would sleep great till midnight then be awake for 3-4 hours it definitely helps. I take one 1/2 hour before bed. I also have peripheral neuropathy in my legs and they really help with pain. Highly recommend.

  20. Craig

    Amazing product, top quality and tastes great. Helps me chill, helps with sleep and dealing with the aches and pains of getting older. I have ordered many times and will order again. As always a speedy and problem free delivery.

  21. Mike

    This product is wonderful. It is exactly what I needed to get nice deep sleeps. It also helps with pain management. I suffer from a bad back and I have been using this product to make sure that my back stays nice and healthy. I would recommend this to just about anybody.

  22. Justin

    Makes you feel so relaxed

  23. Karen

    These are awesome, great for pain anxiety and inspiration and creativity. Recommend for those who enjoy an uplifting experience. I have them throughout the day, no unwanted side effects, a definite Yes to me repurchasing. Thank you.

  24. Darcy

    I have purchased this product many many times and I can say, the quality is consistent and always do the job! Hands down the best cbd gummies for dosage and price. Flavor is unreal!

  25. Peter

    Use these to treat my depression and migraines, works great and tastes great too

  26. Kanita

    These are amazing. You take one and then you notice nothing. And then you notice the absence of your problems and your pain. And you congratulate yourself on having found these edibles.

  27. Nicole

    Purchased these for my dad, who was in desperate need of pain relief after having a stroke. He found nothing was working (and hates prescription meds) he finally gave in to trying CBD products and these were a great starting point to get him comfortable in trying something unconventional and new. He’s now a firm believer and ready to try a higher dose. So thankful for these gummies. I believe they are the start of a life changing journey for my dad.

  28. Line

    super good taste, no aftertaste, decreases my pain a lot, I can go through the day!

  29. Gillian

    Yummins. Love to take these before a long drive and just feel chilled out. Smooths out life’s hard edges. Helps with my general pain from a physical outdoor job. Wish they sold them in bulk!

  30. Jacqueline

    I bought these last year for Christmas. As stocking stuffers. Everyone loves them

  31. Melinda

    Super happy with these, friends and family love them too. Helps with sore muscles and joints, especially after dealing with this Christmas dumping of snow!
    Easy to order, fast shipping, couldn’t be happier. Ordering again.

  32. Tammy

    So these candies are pretty tasty and I’ve never gotten high from edibles so was a bit hesitant about trying them but super glad I did as they actually work and help with my pain. I eat about 3/4 at a time and within 30/45 min notice my pain starting to fade. They taste pretty good too!

  33. Fatemeh

    My Gummies arrived this morning. It’s my first experience with these gummies. I bought it for my anxiety and chronic pain that I have daily. I took 2 this morning. After half an hour or so I was feeling relaxed and the anxiety that I had almost vanished. After about 2-3 hours I took the third one. My experience was that it was a little bit too much for me because it caused a little bit of dizziness that I don’t like. So I will stay with 2. However, I didn’t see much effect on my pain caused by Sclerosis which is not mild. For relief from anxiety, it is great and really works.

  34. marie

    Great flavours! Really helps with anxiety and pain. Highly recommend this product during day or night! Discrete container fits in purse and keeps the product fresh.
    Great for those just new to CBD for pain and anxiety issues. I have shared with friends and family and they are all hit for everyone of all ages.
    Product is small and easy to chew and swallow. Love these flavours the best of all of the varieties.

  35. Joseph

    This was an excellent product. I was looking for something to help with chronic neck and back pain without the high of THC. This fit the bill. Good taste and good dosage.

  36. Richard

    I highly recommend these gummies, I bought 3 cases and blew right through all of them.
    My routine was taking it in the morning right before leaving my house to go to work. The days would go by so fast and smooth. Out of all the gummies I’ve tried I must say that these ones are the tastiest, I’ve tried other brands that didn’t go down as well and left a bad after taste.

  37. Pat

    These gummies are my go-to for sleeping. It is a nice, sweet treat in the evening, and they put my into a wonderful sleep. It takes about 60-70 minutes to kick in….then…dreamland

  38. Alice

    Delicious taste want to eat the box.

  39. SCOTTY

    These CBD gummies are a staple of my day to day life.

    If I don’t have to leave the house, I usually opt for SPINS’ THC offering, but I often have to venture out into the world, and I never leave home without a tin of these. I personally love a bit of a high along with the back pain relief, increased focus, and improved mood I try to get from my gummies, but if I have to drive or be completely present and conversational, these CBD gummies are definitely the ticket.

    They work very subtly to give me similar relief from my back pain, and they definitely help with my focus and my mood. The SPINS stuff across the board has been really good for me. Very tasty, and highly effective. MMJs crazy fast shipping doesn’t hurt either! Buy with confidence! 🙂

  40. Ricky

    Love these cbd candies. Great for working 12 hrs shifts one candy every break no back pains and also makes the day go faster also helps block negative people at work. Keeps you nice and calm during work. When you leave work get home very good relaxing night.

  41. Alexandre

    J’ai acheter ce produit pour régler des problèmes d’insomnie,au début je prenais seulement un gummie et ensuite prit environ trois et ça m’a aider m’endormir plus rapidement ,je sentais mes muscles plus détendu aussi .ça et ceux au thc vraiment bon produit!

  42. Karen

    I ALWAYS have these on hand. The taste is amazing and its the perfect amount for a quick dose. I currently use for arthritis pain and anxiety. And bonus for the tin to use after for storing things. Overall the perfect CBD product!

  43. Austin

    These gummies have been great! I bought them for 2 reasons. 1 is to relax and to help with pain after hard days at work. The other reason that I bought them is that they come in perfect portions for me so I can just take one and be good for the next while. After using them for about a month I can say that they have worked great and the quality is consistent. For what the product is, it has worked very well for me personally and if you are ever new to cbd and do not know doses, even just half of a gummy is a great way to start!

  44. Jhonatan

    good flavor ,good for sleep and pain.

  45. Danielle

    Bought these in the past and buying them again.
    They taste just great !!

  46. Tyson

    These are the best cbd edibles i have ever try. Nice taste, very soft i recommend for pain and sleep

  47. Andrea

    We bought these as they are more convenient and easy to keep in a tin. Taste great no after taste. We take to help sleep and dealing with back and leg pain, helps us to get a good sleep. Will continue to buy.

  48. Sophie


  49. Rob

    Spins is a brand that I’ve come to enjoy. Consistent quality in shape, colour and taste and most of all effect. I take 2 at a time as that seems to be ideal for me at the end of the day. Helps with sleep too. Recommend

  50. Mark

    These are the best cbd gummies period ! They reduce my arthritis pain, great tasting edibles.

  51. Frederic

    Pleasant taste, one of the best texture I’ve experimented in edibles. They always feel soft like they would have been made a couple of hours ago. The taste is really different for each color and the body calming cbd effect is very present. I take 2 before going to sleep and and really helps with my insomnia.

  52. Tania

    These gummies are AMAZING. I’ve never liked edibles the after taste they leave in your mouth BUT these don’t have that. The flavor and texture is absolutely perfect. I lost my son and have been struggling with my moods but these gummies help me get thru the day and still function. I will definitely be recommending this product to others. Strawberry is the best!

  53. Bella

    i love these! i have a tin on me everywhere i go… i micro dose on one when particularly stressed out. A nibble at a time, they are like an invisible blanket of calmness. And soon enough a soothing ‘you got this’ feeling washes into me. Love them. And they taste yummy!

  54. Aidan

    Got these gummies for pain relief as I’ve been having a hard time getting to sleep. They did a good job, convient in a candy toi rather than carrying around a syringe of oil. Oh they taste great too!

  55. Lindsey

    They taste delicious!! Very inexpensive and enough to take the edge off and have a relaxing nights sleep.

  56. Darla

    worked great for me to relax long enough to get to sleep, difficult with my arthritis pain


    Awesome product! I have been trying various cbd gummies over the past few years and these have to be my favourite yet. I take them mainly for muscle pain/after workouts, and have found Spins brand to work well, not leave me with any residual side effects, and I sleep like a champ!

  58. Ryan

    One of the better tasting candies on the market and definitely help relive pain. This is a must try.

  59. Arathi

    These gummies are delicious. It works well to reduce chronic pain. I wanted something which reduced pain without getting high or losing any control, these do just that. CBD has helped me live a more normal life than having to deal with constant pain from fibromyalgia and disk herniation. Watch out- these gummies are so tasty that I have to remind myself that they contain CBD and I shouldn’t just pop the whole can.

  60. Tony

    This was my first time ordering CBD is edible form (usually use oil). I had previously ordered the THC version of this product (which is also great). These gummies taste great with zero taste of marijuana, they come in a tin that seals tightly and should be hard for young kids to open. The relief provided by them is exactly as all the oils I have had in the past, price point is exceptionally good and will be ordering more in the near future. A

  61. Shaundra

    I usually buy cbd oil but these keep tempting me to repurchase,
    very yummy and affordable. and i’ve found the 20mg to usually be enough to take the edge off for me although I’m used to a higher dosage w tinctures

  62. Linda

    The CBD Party Mix Gummies by Spins work so well with my pain, sorry they are sold out but I will try to order them again in a week and hopefully they will be back on line. The price is great, they taste great and like the four flavours that come in one container. I will be back to order them. I have recommended it to several of my friends as they have sure helped me.
    Linda W

  63. Stephanie

    I love this product. I use it for pain. It is easy to take as they are proportioned into 20mg doses. I can keep a container in my purse. They taste good

  64. Dvora

    These gummies are delicious, inexpensive and just enough to snack on during study to stay focused. They are awesome!

  65. Brenda

    I am very impressed with these gummies. I make my oil normally but I ran out. Good CBD herb is sometimes hard to get. I purchased these gummies to replace my oil until I could get some made. Did I get a pleasant surprise. These taste good. if you like gummies its hard to just eat one they are so good. But the best part is they worked very well. It works out almost cheaper too but the Spins Gummies tastes much better then my oil. I am a medical patient that normally buys from an LP. I will be taking a long hard look at making my own. These little gems work very well, no muss, no fuss and they taste good.

  66. Melanie

    I love this brand! These little gummies are so tasty even my Dad will try them out when he visits. The CBD level seems right on point and the packaging is great with a twist top container.
    I use these for daytime aches and pains, mixed with a Sativa gummy.
    Always make sure to add these to my order if they are available!

  67. Victor

    Amazingggg.🤩🤩 These are my absolute favorite, they taste so good, it’s hard not to eat the entire thing at once. These taste better than actual candy! helps with relaxing, headaches, sleep, pain, and pretty much anything else you could possibly need help with. I absolutely love this product!! Highly recommend!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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