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Jack Herer Information

Jack Herer is a truly legendary strain. Named after esteemed cannabis activist Jack Herer, this strain doesn’t live in its namesake’s shadow. It can also stand on its own as one of the best sativa-dominant hybrids available. This strain hails from Sensi Seeds, and its ancestry is a little hazy. We know that its pedigree involves Northern Lights, Shiva Skunk and an unnamed Haze hybrid. Armed with a potent THC content and an attractive fruity aroma, Jack Herer will quickly become one of your go-to strains for early-day use.

What does Jack Herer Do?

With its THC content ranging from the high teens to low twenties, Jack Herer’s effects are noticeably more pronounced than many other sativas. Smokers report that Jack Herer provides a happy, uplifting, and energetic high. Artists love this strain for the creativity it imbues, allowing them to generate new material effortlessly. Jack Herer also may boost sociability, so it’s great for anyone who wants to smoke before a night out.

Thanks to its sativa-dominant genetics, Jack Herer is better for wake-and-bakes than it is as a nightcap. Sativas, like Jack Herer, provide euphoric and cranial highs that boost a smoker’s energy. This may keep smokers awake late at night when they’re trying to fall asleep.

High aside, Jack Herer may also have some useful health-related benefits. Some sources suggest that weed may have sleep-promoting, pain-fighting, and de-stressing effects, among others. As a result, cannabis may be able to get rid of symptoms stemming from issues like insomnia, glaucoma, arthritis, joint pain, and more.

What does Jack Herer Look and Smell Like?

Jack Herer features sweet, fruity tones that instantly assail the nose of a prospective smoker. Undertones of pepper and herbs cut that scent, giving it a harder, spicier edge. Old-school sativa fans will love Jack Herer’s flavour, reminiscent of the Haze plants that lend this strain its genetics.

18 reviews for Jack Herer

  1. Matthew

    This bud was quite cool. If you enjoy the way bud looks, this wont pls you. there are many leaves and the bud does not look like regular kush. this bud is more so for price point and to get a sativa in there. This bud actually made me qutie anxious or paranoid. but there were some times it did not. the taste reminded me of fresh cut grass, didnt smell like medicine. but for some people this strain really helped them to socialize and get things done. so im not opposed to jack herer but it is not my first choice.

  2. Gregorhy

    Great product! Would recommend. Thanks guys

  3. Eileen

    Knowing this is sale bud (140$ for 28g) it’s not gonna be the best of the best/most potent, however I was looking for a daytime smoke to begin with. I’m a medicinal user and seek cannabis strains to suit my needs which include pain and a neurodevelopmental disorder; in this case I purchased this strain to accompany doing chores/running errands, etc, instead of sinking into the couch and/or pain relief.

    Packaging – Small, tough cardboard box sealed with packing tape inside a nondescript Canada Post-branded parcel bag. The box was just the perfect size to hold the items and nothing was jumbling around. No indication from the outside that it was from a cannabis company. No smell detected from the outside even when smelling the package closely.

    Bag appeal – I’m not one to go nuts over bag appeal. The nugs do have some small leaves left on them but I don’t mind. Some stems but not much more than a couple centimeters; for me that’s an acceptable trim for the price. Opening and smelling the bag, it’s a pleasant citrus-like hit to the nose. Not a hit you in the face smell as you would expect from fresher bud, but she’s a sale bag for a reason. A few really sizeable nugs like the one pictured accompanied by smaller ones. I don’t feel at all that I got a bottom of the barrel sale bag, but that someone made sure I got some nice sized nugs in there. Even better, when I cracked open a few, some were still pretty sticky inside!

    Smoke – I typically vape using an Arizer Solo 2 at 200C for the full active vape time which has a tendency to “erase” a lot of cannabis taste, but I could taste a similar light citrusy note similar to the bag smell.

    Jack Herer is a great balance between a light cerebral high and light body high. What makes it different is you feel high, but without the “brain fogginess” or “heady” feeling. This is why people often refer to it as a “daytime” high; I feel like I can still function, pay attention and get things done. This is the smoke you have before working, dealing with customer service interactions and before getting stuff done around the house.

  4. Jeff

    Bought 3.5g and picked off at least 0.5g of leaves and stems right away. Smoked ok I guess but overall quality just seems very budget. Should have just paid more for something else.

  5. Kiyoshi

    Smooth, calming high suitable for work environments. Superb bag appeal from MMJ’s stock.

  6. Andraya

    Great high. Smooth smoke and no stanky odour.

  7. Victor

    awesome for daytime good energy and not too much anxiety !

  8. Maïka

    Me ans my sister really enjoyed this first time trying it and it was good. We both recommend!!

  9. Brittany

    Good for daytime and for low tolerance … but not very strong if what youre looking for is to get real high.

  10. Claudio

    Wonderful Sativa. Perfect for afternoon use. Doesn’t feel overly heady with a nice mellow high.

  11. Cyril

    Enjoyable. Good quantity to cost, excellent stimulus of the mind, minor couch locking effects. Pleasant taste/aroma, just don’t over do it. Stronger than it appears.

  12. Kelly

    My all time favourite!! Im not often a fan of sativas but Jack H is my favourite anytime, all the time! Smooth high, nice taste, inviting green buds make for very satisfying smoke everytime!

  13. David

    This is one of my go-to Sativa meds for the day time. This strain has just the right amount of punch to keep me going without knocking me over. A nice smooth burning bud.

  14. Jeff

    great buzz! happy daytime smoke.

  15. Michael

    Leaves you stimulated and functional. Great for daytime & getting things done.

  16. Catherine

    One of my favourite sativas ever! Great for daytime use. I love how creative, focused, happy and giggly I feel with Jack Herer. A delight.

  17. Laska

    One of my favourite Satica strains and these buds from MMJdirect are excellent quality – highly recommended!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    Good for daytime. The buds are huge, one was 6 grams, lol.

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