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King Kong Information

King Kong cannabis strain is a cross between Buddha Cheese and White Widow Reversed cannabis strains. This Indica-dominant strain offers an 80% Indica to 20% Sativa ratio and carries a THC potency of 14-19%.


King Kong showcases a captivating shape and a variety of vibrant colours. The aroma profile of this strain delivers a blend of earthy, pungent, skunky, sour, and spicy scents. Its aroma is complemented by the strain’s flavour profile, which combines herbal, pine, skunky, tangy, and woody notes to create a comprehensive cannabis experience.


King Kong’s Flavour and Aroma


In the world of King Kong, flavour and aroma are a beastly good time. The taste of this strain presents a blend of herbal, pine, skunky, tangy, and woody flavours, delivering a layered and sophisticated palate.


The aroma doesn’t take a back seat either. Inhale, and experience the pungent notes of King Kong’s scent profile. Earthy, pungent, skunky, sour, and spicy fragrances mingle together to create an aroma that is potent and uniquely alluring.


Effects and Best Times for King Kong


The effects of King Kong are as powerful as you might expect from its name. While it has a considerable Indica dominance, the touch of Sativa also contributes to the overall experience. The potency of 14-19% THC offers a pleasant relaxing and calm evening.


This strain is typically recommended for the end of the day use, as its strong Indica leanings can create an aura of calm and relaxation. So whether you’ve had a long day at work or just want to unwind with a good book, King Kong might be the fitting companion to round off your day.


Structure, Colours, and Trichomes


King Kong cannabis strain’s structure of the buds is noticeable, with their impressive size and well-defined shape. The variety of colours in the buds bring a touch of visual appeal, with shades ranging from deep greens to hints of purples.


Crystal-like trichomes crown the surface of King Kong’s buds, providing a delightful sparkle while housing the strain’s resinous cannabinoids.

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  1. Rob

    Ok for microdose.

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