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Have you ever tried a perfectly balanced weed hybrid, with 22-24% THC concentration, and a super delicious kush-mint flavour? Well, do you want to try it? Then Kush Mint is a perfect choice, especially for medical patients seeking a treatment for their symptoms. This strain can easily alleviate most chronic pains, symptoms of OCD, PTSD, and even cancer symptoms. The THC is abundant enough to provide ample healing effects.

As for the psychoactive experience, Kush Mint will put your through an intensely relaxing journey. You’ll become a bit introspective and euphoric, seeing as though all your bodily discomforts vanish in a puff of smoke. Speaking of smoke, Kush Mint’s smoke is very smooth and flavourful. The aroma of mint and coffee will take over your taste buds from the very first toke you take, all the way until you stop smoking.

What are the appearance and taste of Kush Mint?


Flavour-wise, Kush Mint excels in the intensity department. Even before putting a joint to your lips, the intense mint aroma overflows outwards. There’s a bit of coffee and earthy spiciness hiding deeper within the main aroma. Alongside the mint aroma comes the potent kush flavour that’ll wrack your brains with satisfaction! Few other strains are as flavourful and delicious as Kush Mint. If you thoroughly enjoy the aroma of mint and kush, you’ll love this strain!

Appearance-wise, this strain is a classic case of oversized nugs with amber patterns spreading outwards. The greenness of the nugs contrasts with the orange hairs surrounding them. Lastly, there’s a thin coating of frost-white trichomes covering every bit of the nugs’ surface. When put together, all these aspects lead to an impressive appearance, certainly on the level of the kush mint flavour. Kush Mint looks like a healthy plant with plenty of healing benefits to offer, which is certainly true!

How will Kush Mint affect you?


Kush Mint never ceases to amaze us in terms of psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits. That first toke will send a wave of soothing relaxation running down your spine, as your body becomes warmer and tingly. The relaxation permeates throughout your body, touching your limbs, and going all the way to your toes. We bet you’ve never felt so thoroughly relaxed before! It’s an experience worth going through, as reported by countless medical patients who’ve tried it.

This strain is beneficial to medical patients with chronic pains, like in the case of:


  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathic pains


It’ll relax your limbs, muscles, tendons, and skin in a thorough and complete way. No bodily discomforts are left behind for the duration of Kush Mint’s effects. It can also alleviate fatigue, nausea, depression, mild cases of anxiety, and appetite loss. In some cases, insomnia patients have used Kush Mint to get a good night’s sleep and relax!

4 reviews for Kush Mints

  1. Jessica

    This strain smells refreshingly minty! The taste is equally fresh.

    I usually don’t buy kush as I prefer sativa and hybrids, but this kush mints is definitely a must try! I smoked it before bed to help me relax and fall asleep. Does the trick every time. Another strain I would highly recommend for falling asleep is Pink Kush.

  2. Ryan

    I enjoyed this like I do most Kush strains but this Mint is delightful. the taste was a bit strong but hey we smoke the stuff so really its not that bad and the high was enjoyable.

  3. Tina

    I have not met a Kush I haven’t liked but some of them I find a bit harshnon the burn, or there is a dryness. Not with Kush Mint. I call it thin mint, because it has a back flavour of mint but is not overpowering in any way. Good solid impact weed. Buds break up easily and I can smoke it pretty much any time of the day and stay focused…and happy.

  4. Dannick

    This Weed is simply amazing if you have a chance go Buy it now

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