Kush Mints (Mediums)

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Kush Mints (Mediums) Information

Have you ever tried a perfectly balanced weed hybrid, with 22-24% THC concentration, and a super delicious kush-mint flavour? Well, do you want to try it? Then Kush Mint is a perfect choice, especially for medical patients seeking a treatment for their symptoms. This strain can easily alleviate most chronic pains, symptoms of OCD, PTSD, and even cancer symptoms. The THC is abundant enough to provide ample healing effects.

As for the psychoactive experience, Kush Mint will put your through an intensely relaxing journey. You’ll become a bit introspective and euphoric, seeing as though all your bodily discomforts vanish in a puff of smoke. Speaking of smoke, Kush Mint’s smoke is very smooth and flavourful. The aroma of mint and coffee will take over your taste buds from the very first toke you take, all the way until you stop smoking.

What are the appearance and taste of Kush Mint?


Flavour-wise, Kush Mint excels in the intensity department. Even before putting a joint to your lips, the intense mint aroma overflows outwards. There’s a bit of coffee and earthy spiciness hiding deeper within the main aroma. Alongside the mint aroma comes the potent kush flavour that’ll wrack your brains with satisfaction! Few other strains are as flavourful and delicious as Kush Mint. If you thoroughly enjoy the aroma of mint and kush, you’ll love this strain!

Appearance-wise, this strain is a classic case of oversized nugs with amber patterns spreading outwards. The greenness of the nugs contrasts with the orange hairs surrounding them. Lastly, there’s a thin coating of frost-white trichomes covering every bit of the nugs’ surface. When put together, all these aspects lead to an impressive appearance, certainly on the level of the kush mint flavour. Kush Mint looks like a healthy plant with plenty of healing benefits to offer, which is certainly true!

How will Kush Mint affect you?


Kush Mint never ceases to amaze us in terms of psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits. That first toke will send a wave of soothing relaxation running down your spine, as your body becomes warmer and tingly. The relaxation permeates throughout your body, touching your limbs, and going all the way to your toes. We bet you’ve never felt so thoroughly relaxed before! It’s an experience worth going through, as reported by countless medical patients who’ve tried it.

This strain is beneficial to medical patients with chronic pains, like in the case of:


  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathic pains


It’ll relax your limbs, muscles, tendons, and skin in a thorough and complete way. No bodily discomforts are left behind for the duration of Kush Mint’s effects. It can also alleviate fatigue, nausea, depression, mild cases of anxiety, and appetite loss. In some cases, insomnia patients have used Kush Mint to get a good night’s sleep and relax!

25 reviews for Kush Mints (Mediums)

  1. Karl

    Flavor taste and a great value its on the keeper list for sure 🙂

  2. Jad

    a bit of a fuzzy feeling i get

  3. Alicia

    Love this strain. Really mellow indica that I use for daytime for anxiety and adhd. Great taste and always fluffy buds. 10/10, am buying again.

  4. Shaelene

    Kush mints, omg yum! Nuff said 😂
    A nice strain

  5. Laurie

    Amazing taste. I have been experimenting various products you offer and found that this satisfied the moment of relaxation and meditative state I was looking for to decompress from a rough day at work. I have highly recommend3d this strain to clos3 f4iends that would appreciate the same experience that I had.

  6. Winstonite

    Formed by mixing Bubba Kush with Animal Mints, Kush Mints is a high-level THC strain with a minty taste, extracted from the finest strains of marijuana, and offers a quick and discreet way to enjoy it.

  7. Ricky

    Kush mints just wow

  8. Amardeep

    I recently purchased Kush Mints from MMJ Direct and I must say I was really impressed with this strain. The buds were dense and covered in trichomes, and the smell was absolutely divine. As soon as I opened the package, the aroma of mint and earthy undertones hit my senses. The taste was also exceptional, with a smooth smoke that left a minty aftertaste on the tongue.

    In terms of effects, Kush Mints did not disappoint. It provided a nice balance of relaxation and euphoria, which made it perfect for unwinding after a long day. I also found it helpful for managing stress and anxiety. The high was not too overwhelming, which allowed me to stay functional and focused throughout the day. Overall, I highly recommend Kush Mints to anyone looking for a high-quality strain that delivers a smooth and balanced experience. And kudos to MMJ Direct for their excellent delivery and quality!

  9. Sarah

    Great product. Perfect to roll into a joint. I like adding dried lavender to my joints to make it extra relaxing. Burns well and tastes good. Enjoyable high, very relaxing, great for night time. My boyfriend is more of a weed smoker than me and he really enjoyed this product. Hasn’t dried out too much on us so far. Would purchase again.

  10. Lauryn

    This stuff is okay – does the job but not sure i would order again

  11. Ryan

    Kush Mints has fat, frosty flowers that are absolutely covered in amber hairs which make them really pop out. While I didn’t find the scent to be particularly minty, there were hints of dark chocolate, coffee and sour diesel.
    I enjoyed my first spliff of Kush Mints with my morning coffee and it was quite uplifting.The morning paper was certainly fascinating and I often found myself getting lost in deep contemplation and self-reflection. It’s perfect for someone looking to enhance their creativity, in particular, musicians and writers. And, just so you know, prepare at least two servings of snacks before enjoying this herb.

  12. Benjamin

    super belle couleur mauve et sucrée bonne odeur et gout

  13. Deryk

    Dynamite weed strain!!! The best strain thus far is now here! I wasn’t expecting the impact of this stuff’s punch, but WHOA… What a punch indeed!
    Kush Mints (smalls or whatever sized nugs) gets me feeling euphoric! Very relaxing vibes.
    It has a distinct taste all on its own. Veery dark purple in color (almost black) with varying sized buds, frosted with crystals. Dense buds broke up nicely for sure!
    Overall I give this strain 5 out of 5 ⭐’s! Def an A product. 10/10 Will def order again. Highly recommend to all 4/20 friendly folks 😁👌longtime tokers and beginner bowl-blasters alike.

  14. Ted

    I bought this weed on sale and kind of just, from the looks, had a good feeling for it. It had no reviews so I just pulled the trigger and said it’s still a good deal. I got it and was amazed by one, the smell, two the bud’s colour and build. My ounce was green with a tint of purple. I smoked it and fell in love. Really good taste. Kind of minty but not in a strong way. Very smooth smoke through a joint or bong. It is currently my favourite strain and am going to purchase it again.

  15. Rahul

    Nice small buds, smoked amazing – would definitely buy again – great bargain for the price!

  16. Pat

    This had a stronger flavour, but it wasn’t too strong…just right.

  17. Henry

    My go-to late night smoke, it definitely packs a punch. Relaxes the body and elevates mood like some of my other favourite strains, it simply wipes out stressful thoughts, and makes me awaken feeling very refreshed the next day.

  18. Sandra

    I found this strain to be a great balance between sativa and indica. It did a surprisingly great job of covering both the cerebral and body affects. My mind develops a very comforting feeling of well-being and happiness. I’m also focused and creative performing tasks. The body affects is similar with a whole general sense well-being from head to toe. I also felt tingly and I’m tune with my senses. The smell and taste is as described – very pleasant minty taste with a skunky kick. No harshness on my sensitive throat. Can’t go wrong with this strain, and the smalls are just as good in my opinion, not twiggy.

  19. Kevin

    Really good taste, look, smell and buzz ! One of the best strain I have ordered on this website!

  20. Robin

    Wow, that is a EUPHORIC strain. That’s the main characteristic of this one, pure euphoria. Accompanied by a good bit of body relaxation and a floaty head stone; but really, so much euphoria. I’ve had anxiety pretty much my entire life, I’ve been severely depressed off and on for some time as well. However, when I smoke this strain, I am completely care free, I feel truly happy once again, a rare occasion. Bubba kush has long been amongst my favorite strains, as well as the original Girl Scout Cookies. I’ve tried many variations of GSC, thin mint, sunset sherbert, jungle cookies, platinum huckleberry cookies, etc., but other than GSC herself, this is definitely the best high I’ve had from her lineage. Not the best flavor, Sherbert, platinum, and a lot of others have this strain beat in flavor profiles, but not the effects this one has. I strongly recommend this one if you find it. Also, it’s super stinky, a good stinky though.

  21. Edgar

    These lil nugs are so pretty, a great value even for a seasoned smoker.
    They are sticky and full of crystal just like the pics.
    The smell has a hint of mint.
    Don’t under estimate these

  22. Jessica

    This strain smells refreshingly minty! The taste is equally fresh.

    I usually don’t buy kush as I prefer sativa and hybrids, but this kush mints is definitely a must try! I smoked it before bed to help me relax and fall asleep. Does the trick every time. Another strain I would highly recommend for falling asleep is Pink Kush.

  23. Ryan

    I enjoyed this like I do most Kush strains but this Mint is delightful. the taste was a bit strong but hey we smoke the stuff so really its not that bad and the high was enjoyable.

  24. Tina

    I have not met a Kush I haven’t liked but some of them I find a bit harshnon the burn, or there is a dryness. Not with Kush Mint. I call it thin mint, because it has a back flavour of mint but is not overpowering in any way. Good solid impact weed. Buds break up easily and I can smoke it pretty much any time of the day and stay focused…and happy.

  25. Dannick

    This Weed is simply amazing if you have a chance go Buy it now

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