Lemon Jack

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Lemon Jack Information

Lemon Jack is a cannabis strain that offers an invigorating zestiness. Also known as Lemon Herer, this cannabis strain is a cross between Jack Herer and Lemon Kush strains. Lemon Jack features a distinctive Sativa dominance, carrying a ratio of 30% Indica to 70% Sativa.


Lemon Jack cannabis strain’s buds showcase a captivating shape and attractive colours, with an overall aesthetic appeal that cannabis connoisseurs will find hard to resist. The strain’s aroma and flavour profiles, both heavily characterised by citrus and lemon, are refreshingly vibrant. As soon as you encounter the strain, the citrusy scent hits your senses, leading you towards a similarly flavoured, lemon-infused journey.


A Zesty Affair: Flavour and Aroma


When it comes to Lemon Jack, its flavour profile is a delightful blend of citrus, lemon, pine, and sweetness. Each puff delivers a taste reminiscent of a zesty lemon grove, with an earthy pine undertone that provides an appealing complexity. Its sweet notes create a well-rounded, pleasing aftertaste, making the experience of consuming Lemon Jack a joy from start to finish.


The scent of Lemon Jack can be summarised in two words: citrus and lemon. However, to merely say that it smells like citrus and lemon would be an understatement; the aroma is a vibrant bouquet that fills the room with a refreshing and energising fragrance.


Sunny Days Ahead: Energetic Effects and Best Time of Use


Given its significant Sativa dominance, Lemon Jack offers a wave of uplifting effects that will leave users feeling revitalized.


Who would be the best match for Lemon Jack? This strain is a fitting choice for those who are seeking a euphoric, creative, and energizing elevation. It is recommended for daytime use because of its potential to bring a burst of energy and positivity into your day.


Structure, Colours, and Trichomes


Taking a closer look at the physical aspects of Lemon Jack, one can see how the strain’s quality shines through in its structure. The buds showcase their lush size. The colours of the buds range from vibrant greens to subtle yellows.


The highlight of Lemon Jack in its appearance is the strain’s trichomes. These tiny, shiny structures seem to glisten as they carry the strain’s potent resin.

4 reviews for Lemon Jack

  1. Alexandre

    Bon sans plus ,aucun gout ou senteur de jack. Herer…dense ,beau,pas tres fort

  2. Julien

    Absolutely delicious strain. My favourite go-to sativa. Very energetic high but no paranoia. Flavour profile seems to be smack in between a classic Jack Herer and a lemon haze, best of both worlds. Will 100% purchase again. Loved this!

  3. Colborn

    Great flavor and head effect, can’t miss.

  4. Maude

    After smoking this, i rarely felt the need to re-energize with a coffee or redbull, just a few puffs and I had renewed energy and stamina! This is a strong strain, one of the strongest sativas I’ve ever smoked actually, and a new friend of mine felt extremely anxious from this so I definitely do NOT recommend this for those of you who overthink or are edgy naturally. I- on the other hand- found this to be perfect for those of you who like to be high and be active at the same time 🙂 it’s euphoric and lovely!

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