Live Resin by XTC Extracts

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Live Resin by XTC Extracts Information

Live Resin by XTC Extracts is a cannabis concentrate with a significantly high terpene content. Live resin preserves more terpene and other plant compounds from the freshly harvested weed through a very specific and unique extraction process. Terpenes can have a significant therapeutic influence with medicinal benefits, including relief from anxiety, depression, pain, or epilepsy. 

This marijuana extract offers a higher concentration of terpenes and carries more of the complete plant’s elements. These, plus the more complex, fuller flavour, and stronger aroma, allow for a tastier and a more fresh dabbing, vaping, or even smoking experience. Because Live Resin contains a more complete profile of the weed plant, this leads to an increased synergistic effect with improved therapeutic benefits. The synergistic impact magnifies the effects of all the individual components present in this extract. 

The Synergetic Therapeutic Effects

Live Resin by XTC Extracts offers several recreational but mainly medical benefits for individuals struggling with a number of complications, such as anxiety, stress, or pain. The effects of this cannabis extract usually deliver high potency that is best fitting for more experienced users. Let’s explore some of the most common therapeutic effects of live resin. 

Nausea and vomiting. This weed concentrate may help with severe nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy, potentially balancing healthier levels of appetite at the same time.

Chronic pain. Because of the high potency of Live Resin, individuals suffering from chronic pain caused by several medical conditions may benefit from a soothing relief. These conditions may include but are not limited to migraines, neuropathic pain, arthritis, back pain, muscle strains, repetitive stress injuries, nerve damage, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, cancer, acid reflux, and more.

Muscle spasticity. The medical properties of this weed extract may reduce muscle spasticity caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

Anxiety or depression. The soothing and calming effects of cannabis may reduce symptoms caused by depression, stress, or anxiety.

Insomnia. If sleeping is a constant struggle, Live Resin may be able to help you fall asleep easier and remain asleep throughout the night so you can get the rest you need.

Live Resin: Uses

You may smoke live resin, but the best way to enjoy its flavour, aroma, and effects is via dabbing or vaping. You can also add this marijuana extract on top of your weed bowl or joint.

Live Resin: Storage

The key to preserving the quality and consistency of Live Resin is to store it in a dry and cool place, such as the fridge. Keep it in an air-tight container, because if you leave it outside without a tight lid, the air, light, and heat can cause the terpenes to degrade. The concentrate could also harden, making it difficult to handle and enjoy.


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