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myco labs Original stands at the crossroads to a new realm of shroom-based supplements. These capsules contain only psilocybin, with no added plants or other supplements. It’s the original masterstroke of psychedelic proportions, one made with one goal, and that is to enhance every bit of your person. As the effects start kicking in, you’ll feel a state of mindfulness and openness that over you. That’s the microdosing impact of psilocybin, and there’s more where that came from!

How does myco labs Original affect me?

Pound by pound, every milligram of psilocybin in each Original capsule will push the boundaries of your potential even further. The natural mind-enhancing effects of psilocybin come flowing smoothly, filling your mind with openness, self-forgiveness, and mindfulness. If you’ve never tried microdosing psilocybin, then myco labs Original capsules will set the mood for a great experience. There are plenty of beneficial effects in store, such as:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Creativity enhancements
  • Openness and increased flow state
  • Mindfulness and peace
  • Conversational fluidity
  • Clearer and more connected thinking
  • Emotional stability
  • Decreased stress

Needless to say, there are plenty of occasions where you can use a cerebral boost like this one. In fact, we confront ourselves with plenty of tough situations during day-to-day life. And we’d often want to react faster, say the right thing at the right moment, or make the right call when it matters. Yet the right answers often elude us due to a lack of something. The myco labs Original capsules fill that void by enhancing your brain in more ways than one!

Tips and recommendations

 Before anything else, you should know that there are two variants to these capsules – a 50mg one and a 200mg one. The 50mg one contains 50mg of psilocybin blend, while the 200mg one contains, you guessed it, 200mg of psilocybin blend. It’s as simple as that, really. Naturally, the 200mg variant will be a bit more potent than its lower-concentration counterpart. Either way, you can’t get high from consuming one capsule, so you shouldn’t worry.

One capsule is equal to one serving, and you should stick to this plan. It’s better to use one capsule when you only need that one capsule to reach the desired effects. More than one capsule may be a stretch and you’d only be wasting it. Moreover, we don’t recommend that you go above the regular dose. In any case, myco labs Original capsules are GMO-free, vegan-friendly, and extremely effective!

56 reviews for Original by myco labs

  1. Helen

    I was very hesitant beginning my microdosing journey but it was truly impactful.
    The small amount in each capsule allows you to tip toe into the process and I feel a true healing and expansion and I continued use over the course of a month or so. Would highly recommend.

  2. Alyssa

    I have always been hesitant to try mushrooms but I found I was getting a shorter and shorter fuse at work and that at of things were just bugging me more so I tried micro dosing. These have been amazing. I started at 50mg and the first pill I took I just felt lighter. I have since upped my dose to 100mg however I am a lot less reactive and more even tempered now. Highly recommend for beginners.

  3. James

    These have become my go to for anything psilocybin related. The 200mg capsules are great for dosing. I very rarely use these for actual microdosing, but normally take multiple capsules depending upon the experience I would like to have. There is no taste, they go down easy and they become active within a reasonable time frame (what you might expect from eating mushrooms or maybe a bit faster).

    Everyone I have shared these with have become proponents of this product.

    I give these a hearty and heady 5 stars!

  4. Priti

    The best out of all that I’ve tried.

  5. Carley

    I’ve bought this product before and am back for more!
    A perfect dose to keep in control as much as you’d like.
    I recommend these to all my friends and happily share whenever the mood strikes.
    Never overwhelming to start with 200 mgs. Love them.

  6. Tina

    I’m pretty new to microdosing, and initially I found 200mg to be just a little much for me (100mg is my sweet spot), but one every three days seems to be the ticket. No stomach issues, no high…just a subtle sense of well-being beyond typical, and a decrease in anxiety and mood issues. Anti-depressants were HORRIBLE for me with terrible side effects, and these caps were a fantastic change from that. Highly recommended, just find your best dose and stick with it once every three days or so.

  7. Lan

    First of all ! The customer service is great – I made a silly mistake of ordering the wrong option (Brain Boost vs. Original) and the team replied to my email the next morning and gave me the correct order.

    To the product – I’ve been wanting to try out microdosing for awhile now, and was hoping that it would help with my focus while studying. I got the 50 mg and took once in the evening, every other day and it had been a week since I’ve started this regime. The effect is very subtly but noticeable – I was able to concentrated abit more on my study and in general feel calmer. It also seems easier to mediated or even working out, as in I just have more focus on my current task and less scattered mind. In general, I am happy with the purchase and would come back for more.

  8. Marco

    Amazing stuff

  9. Tony

    I like the 50mg capsules simply cause if I find 1 capsule is not enough I’ll take 2 at once whereas the 200 mg might be to strong for me.

  10. Alan

    Great product for beginning micro-dosing. Very convenient to have the measured capsules for experimenting with larger doses as well. The 200mg is fairly potent at first but I adapted to it well. I would recommend someone with limited to no psilocybin experience to start with the 50mg caps as I did feel high at times. Overall, this felt like a high-quality product and had a wonderful impact on my creativity and mental health.

  11. Keith

    Awesome for a relaxing time. The 1st time I felt quite buzzed. After I found the next day I was so focused I started writing a new novel.

  12. Jackie

    Think I like the “passion” better for socializing, this gave me more of a cannabis-style buzz.

  13. Rick

    Really happy with the product. One of the best I have tried.

  14. Zoe

    This has been an absolute gamechanger for me. I struggle with OCD and a lot of social anxiety

  15. Cathy

    Started microdosing this product to replace antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds that made me feel numb. In a few short weeks, I feel like a different person. It’s definitely the best decision I have made in a long time.

  16. BJ

    I bought this to fight my depression and it has REALLY helped. Prescription meds for depression did not help me, in fact made me worse.There are no adverse effects with this product and does not have any taste.
    I take the 200 mg a few times a week, finding intermittent use effective.

  17. Daryl

    The product is really amazing and I use it regularly. I have noticed my anxiety to put at bay as I feel a as cool as a cucumber LOL. My sleep is better and I can focus on projects longer. I also noticed that my edibles work better when taken on the same day as a one of these capsules. Not hard on the tummy at all either. Highly recommend.

  18. Cole

    Doses are perfect, one capsule is great. You dont notice it except for very slight effects like the occasional creative thought, or sense of calm relaxation. Bought this to help focus me when i make music, and it seems to help with that.

    Would recommend to anyone starting out on their microdose journey. Easy to swallow capsules. Cant go wrong

  19. Max

    Great experience with these. Very controlled and manageable. Great for your every day.

  20. William

    Exactly what you need to relieve stress

  21. jordon

    Returning customer! Customer who has been dealing with cyclical depression for years and have finally found something that brings me out of my funk.

    Was hesitant on trying but will return again and again.

  22. Julie

    What a perfect way to start your day! One of these will take away your anxious feelings and get you on your way to a bright day!!
    🌞 😃

  23. Troy

    To start I took the 50mg once per day, I felt great, alert, focused. I did decrease to every other day or every second day as I found I didn’t require it every day. This is a great product and I highly recommend it, you feel awake and focused and in a better all around mood.

  24. Gabriel

    Amazing product and quality

  25. Dua

    I keep ordering the Original, i don’t believe it is really helping me with my anxiety. I Highly recommend 👍🏻

  26. Renata

    This product was recommended by a dr of Chinese Medicine for anxiety and stress. I bought Original Myco 200mg. This is first time I tried psilocybin so I tried it 1 per day. It did not help enough. It was suggested to try 3 times per day. So I tried and l love how gently relaxes me and I don’t have this constant nagging worrying thoughts. I think I will stay on it for a bit longer.

    I have no other issues except being thirsty more than usual.

  27. Kylie


  28. Alex

    So good! Very even doses that scale nicely from micro to macro.

  29. Curtis

    I have been using these to help with my ADHD and they work great! Just the right amount of boost my brain needs to stay focused and happy!

  30. David

    Even with the low dose capsules I have noticed a range of beneficial effects. These did not generated any stomach issues which is a huge plus, especially for those like me that often have issue with taking raw mushrooms. I find these help me stay focused and driven for the whole day. You can experiment with dosage to find the sweet spot for each person, and to achieve the desired results for any given situation without having to worry about negative side effects. Definitely a top notch product! Will buy again.

  31. Rachel

    One of these capsules is perfect. I felt really relaxed but stimulated. I felt very energetic and could stay up past my bedtime. I felt giggly and able to socialize which was great. It really took away my anxiety which is awesome. I have not found many things that help with my anxiety but taking one of these capsules sure did.I really enjoyed how long it lasted to probably 3-5 hours. I was able to have a great restful sleep after too.

  32. Michelle

    I purchased this product as a newbie and was really unsure about trying mushrooms. I’d done a lot of reading and the results people have been getting have been dramatic. So I jumped in and tried them. This product is fantastic. I didn’t experience any negative effects and within three days I noticed a big change in my anxiety and stress levels. I was able to think about ‘normal’ things and not obsess about the negative things in my life. I’m sleeping great and feeling much more level. Would highly recommend and am definitely buying again.

  33. Randi

    Absolutely life changing. Got them because I was in quite a slump. Alot of crap going on and just down on myself and everything else. These are incredible. I’ve noticed so many changes in my thought patterns and just my mood and energy everyday. Buy them, just do it.

  34. Craig

    Bought this product to help with anxiety. 30x200mg. Taking 1 daily I could definitely feel some of the anxiety lifted.
    Would buy again. Very easy to take just like any other medication.

  35. Normand

    work very well

  36. Ruth

    I am back on the site to reorder this product. This has helped me with my anxiety and depression.

    The first time I used it , I felt euphoric… I’m a light weight. I used it throughout the Christmas holiday to deal with family , and the stress of the family.

    I don’t use it daily, but I definitely know when it’s been a while and remember to take the daily dose.

    Recommended to several friends, will continue to do so.

  37. Simon

    I bought this because I’ve had athletic concussions when I played college football and men’s rugby. I have felt sluggish and mentally stressed. Since taking original blend, which has no taste since it’s a pill, I’ve been more focused, relaxed but motivated and most importantly, less stressed. The good thing about this, is that it’s not addicting and when I start feeling great, I’ll ween off of it and go for a couple of months without it. It’s a great product and now buying another bottle. Thanks!

  38. Karina

    This is a great all purpose blend. If you are seeking just one type to buy that covers all of your bases this would be a good one. There is no taste which is great if you are someone who typically can’t handle the taste of shrooms or generally are concerned about that. I take this blend when I want to be on higher vibrations (sober but happy and seeking good).

  39. Carrie

    I didn’t know what to expect with this. I absolutely love it! I find it works really well for body pain and anxiety. Very relaxing with 1 capsule. And it works very quickly. Just a general sense of well being. Gabor Mate a trauma doctor recommends this for trauma recovery.

  40. Shirley

    These helped me sleep for a while but after a few weeks I was wide-eyed again. I probably should have double the dose to see if that would have worked.

  41. Lindsey

    I found theses very effective. It helped me stay focused and motivated me to keep moving for the day. No negative effects other then the first day. I was a little light in the head. But overall- great product. I have purchased a few times and will buy again.

  42. Ryan

    I purchased this because I have tried tons of different antidepressants and have yet to find one that actually uplifted my mood. I had heard of many studies that had looked at psychedelic microdosing and found it to be just as, if not more effective than antidepressants and wanted to give psilocybin a shot. It has worked incredibly well for me so far.

    I take it alongside lions mane and niacin, which is the most effective combination I have found to date. It helps me focus and lifts my mood.

    As for the shipping, it’s really discreet and fast. Wouldn’t change a single thing. 5 Stars

  43. Pavan

    First timer micro-doser here, taking 2 x 50mg every 3rd day – taken for almost 2 weeks now. I’m finding that I have a lot less intrusive thoughts that distract me. It seems to be giving me extremely vivid dreams though, the kind where you end up in deep thought afterwards.

    One friend who has been micro-dosing with me has said they’re sleeping better and deeper – to a point where they slept in and missed all wake up alarms and phone calls from work once.

    I would definitely recommend trying for a first timer.

  44. Jessica

    Game changer. Great for motivation, focus and mood improvement.

  45. Josh

    Great product! Started with the 50mg capsules and slowly increased the number of capsules and am now trying the 200mg capsules as I prefer a slightly larger dose. Overall helps me to have a more positive outlook and really appreciate and enjoy nature. I was recently diagnosed with moderate cases of anxiety and depression and was recommended these capsules. So far, taking these every two days has been the most helpful thing for my mental health. In conjunction with therapy, these capsules can work wonders!

  46. Cameron

    Great way to get introduced into micro doesing!

  47. Cedrick

    Pour commencer, j’ai essayer focus et brainboost 2 mélange qui sont pas 100%shrooms alors avec original blend 200mg j’étais pas sûr pour une microdose mais après avoir pris j’étais agréablement surpris!L’effet étais juste parfait le meilleur c’est définitivement original 😎je vous recommande celui-ci c’est sûr !

  48. ANGELA

    I use these at night if I’m having sleeping issues. It helps my body and mind relax enough to go back to sleep and sometimes I get really great vivid dreams. I found micro-dosing at night really works great.

  49. Jennifer

    Love this product. Started micro dosing with it about 2-3 times per week. Don’t really notice any effects which is what I wanted. I was nervous to try it at first because of experiences with a higher dosage of mushrooms. I noticed it the first few times in wanting to move around (dance, yoga) or do something creative. I certainly notice when I stop taking it.
    Has helped a lot with seasonal changes in mood, general energy level and negative thinking.
    No noticeable taste or tummy issues which I have had with larger doses.

  50. Kiersten

    Great stuff! Bought it to help with anxiety and socializing issues I was having. Shipping was fast and it arrived in perfect condition. I would generally take 100mg as a single dose, you can’t really take them every day because you can feel a tolerance build up, but a few times a week really does the trick.
    The first time trying them my stomach felt a little weird, which was a given with psilocybin but I felt very relaxed. Made me worry less about minor issues and less stressed about things that I would originally lose my mind over. If you struggle with anxiety or have a hard time handling mundane issues I would definitely recommend this as it took some edge off during my day. I started a new job and went in on my first day with the micro dose, and was fairly confident, even talked to my co-workers without feeling like I was going to die 🙂 haha.

  51. David

    Great stuff. It does everything the descriptions says it does. Quick service.

  52. Amy

    I’ve tried many varieties for many reasons and all from MMJ. This one by far is my favourite, hands down 🙌🏻.
    When I want to be in a fantastic mood and feel chill and relaxed at the same time this is what I take. This is a wonderful capsule that allows you to open up and let go. I take the 30 capsules with 200mg and it’s the perfect amount to hang by myself or be open and relaxed with a partner. I initially tried the rest and relax and decided on the reviews that I’d give this one a try! It’s a close second to the original!

  53. Alexander

    One of the better products I use. I bought this to substitute another product out and it doesn’t make my stomach upset.

    I don’t have a bad day with the help of these. Generally speaking I would start with 1 capsule and then wait an hour to see how you feel, be it 50mg or 200mg.

    Once you find your own sweet spot, stay there. Mine is 200mg to 400mg. Also, be mindful that you should take these before you’re in a dark spot. In case you have a mild trip, it’ll feel better being in a semi-decent headspace. If you’re only taking one you should be ok!

  54. Jordan

    Amazing stuff

  55. Truc

    This product is amazing – perfect for getting rid of anxiety without feeling high (if microdosed).

  56. Ray

    No complaints, just shrooms. If you already have lions mane or cordycepts like I do, this is a good option.

    For those who like to cap their own, remember that this is 6 grams of shrooms and you don’t have to mess around with clouds of powder. And on sale it is way cheaper than the competitor’s insanely priced product.

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