Master Kush

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90% Indica dominant strain

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Master Kush Information

Originally named High Rise, this vintage flavoured cannabis strain is a cross between the original Hindu Kush and Pure Skunk strains. It has won the Cannabis Cup Twice, so we have a winner on our hands! Master Kush remains one of the strongest medical strains to this day.

The Great Skills Master Kush Brings to the Table

With its taste recognized after the woody undertones, and with a harmonious combination of citrus, herbal and peppery primary notes, Master Kush is relied upon by those looking for deep relaxation in the evening, and a great sleep at nighttime.

With a high dominancy of Indica, known to be around 80-90% with about barely 10-20% Sativa, and a high content of THC, averaging around 17% (but goes as high as 20%), it is reported to deliver on its promises with high efficiency.

The Power Punch of Master Kush

This strain is popular for the great results it can bring for those really struggling with restlessness and insomnia. It is famous for creating a complementary balance between a full-body relaxation without having the effect of numbing one’s mind.

It is used to relieve stress and anxiety, all the while it also usually provides a mental sharpness that, is reported by its many experienced users, brings the experience of a spike in creativity and mental productivity.

And it can still offer more. It has been documented that Master Kush can also ease the severity of chronic pain due to its body numbing effects. And, because of the relaxation state it can bring the body to, it is also commonly used by those suffering from insomnia.

For those dealing with depression, stress and/or anxiety, Master Kush is known to provide a state of euphoria, calmness, and happiness.

Before you buy Master Kush online in Canada, we would like to offer you a recommendation if you are amongst the group of novice users. For beginner users, it has been noted that it could cause some dizziness if too much of it is consumed at once.

It has been also noted that in the form of edibles when consumed in higher quantities, it has the potential of causing the same effects, plus anxiety. So, if you are new at this, start smaller and enjoy the great effects it has to offer.

44 reviews for Master Kush

  1. Carl

    Works for me, what a bargain!

  2. Chris

    Master kush leaves you feeling like yoda. Kush master you will be. This flower has a strong sedation affect and during a nasty toothache that needed to be retreated this was my go to. Knocked the pain out quick without leaving me feeling too high. I want to caution though that for beginners it can be a little slow to kick in so use caution and always start with less till it kicks in. Aside from pain I have also smoked this to game or work on fashion as it can keep a steady focus.

    It’s got a bit of a diesel earthy smell , burns good and taste delicious kind of a homegrown spicy tobacco taste. Master kush is great and will leave you all high and mighty.

  3. Michael

    I am and always have been a homegrown toker. I needed to spend a few extra dollars to get my free shipping so I decided why not try a nice bud for a change. I was not disappointed. It wasn’t a AAA product, but it smelled delicious, was dense and properly cured. I smoked it with a little bit of hash I had layin around and it did what I was hoping it would do.
    As mentioned, not a AAA bud, so wasn’t sticky and super dense as some flowers can be but for its price range it was the perfect product for my needs.

  4. Sylvie

    Perfect very good

  5. David

    This purchase was obviously a cost-conscious decision and I was very satisfied. I found the taste and aroma to be not too pungent, kind of on the sweet side. It gave me a relaxing and mellow state while still being able to function. I wasn’t left feeling comatose or grounded to the floor. It pulls evenly and smooth if rolled properly.

    This strain has helped me get back into life after a long-term joint injury. It’s not energizing but it has helped in my physical rehabilitation. The stress and anxiety I was feeling during the peak of my injury has deminished substantially with the aid of this stain.

    I find this to be a great buy for anyone who believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  6. Vincent

    I absolutely love this strain. It is now one of my top five. I Can’t Get Enough of that blueberry, garlic flavour. I used it for treatment of pain caused from arachnoiditis a auto-immune disease which attacks the nerves in the spinal cord. The results were unbelievable. Along with the pain killing benefits of this Bud there was also a noticeable anti inflammatory reaction. The smell and taste extremely distinct and does not get any better. The stone was very manageable and was easy to go to work and stay motivated. I give it a 5 out of 5 for taste, a 5 out of 5 for smell, and a 5 out of 5 for effects.

  7. Colborn

    Great affect and does the job, can’t miss and always at a good price.

  8. ADAM

    This one is about the economics of it all, obviously cost effective, taste is nice, nose is okay, and it sure can get you to where you want or need to be. Bought it honestly because of the cost and I like to have any where from 8 to 20 varieties on hand at any given time, as well as its master kush, a good reliable smoke. Twists up nice the burn is good too. I’m giving it a 4 star because of course smalls as well as this batch anyway is just master kush, there is no over the top quality or really over the top anything just a really good consistent smoke that I have enjoyed for years.

    Thanks again mmj!!

  9. Kevin

    This Master Kush (Smalls) is a good quality Cannabis. Is is a little outdoorsy is smell and taste (grassy)…but still, it actually tastes pretty good. The potency and effects are right up there with higher priced cannabis strains. Only difference is a grassy(ish) taste and a phenomenal price point. Even though they are listed as “smalls”…there are many large buds mixed is with popcorn buds. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy this strain. Both in taste and especially in price point.

  10. Winstonite

    This is great to have in the evenings! But beware the munchies.

  11. Tammy

    The buds weren’t actually that small Sonora’s happily surprised and the high was just as good as a $10 a gram weed . Great deal for this strain.

  12. Jasmine

    I absolutely love this strain! Don’t be afraid to try the less pricey strains, even the cheapest buds on here are super potent. It’s so cheap but effective! This one in particular is a nice strong indica that helps me sleep and curb my insomnia. It has a great smell and taste, super chill feeling.

  13. Sarah

    Bought this because it was cheaper than some of the other strains. Personally it doesn’t matter to me that the buds are small. Works well for me! Rolls into joints well and very relaxing for at night. Bought it for relaxation. Great earthy smell to it. Would purchase again.

  14. Bryan

    Amazing quality for the price .
    Great buzz
    Great bud
    Great taste and smell 🙂

  15. aidan

    They say this one is Snoop’s favourite strain. Works well enough for me!

    It’s the kind of one you can pack into big spliffs for the day. Very medicinal and earthy. I am a huge fan of anything with those Hindu Kush genetics. I came for the price and the terpene profile, and the legendary status; I smoked it all pretty swift.

    4/5, great price for a budget day-to-day weed. Pick up a triple A for a deeper stone. But I love smoking the lower-THC outdoor budget varieties, more frequently throughout the day: lower dose, more steady intake, all helps with my ADHD symptoms.

  16. Cassie

    Great High. The price is so reasonable for the value you get. Totally the type of bud you can smoke and then clean the house or be creative. Also chill enough you can game or watch a movie. 10/10🤩🥳🤩🥳🤩🤩🥳🤩

  17. Kevin

    Master Kush outdoor is insane even if its grown outdoor ! Highly recommend for those seeking a powerful and relaxing high. Strong body buzz and a sense of euphoria that lasts for hours. Aroma and taste are earthy, spicy, and sweet, making it an enjoyable smoking experience. Combined with cheap prices this is one of the best weed on this website! Calming effects, relief from stress, anxiety, and pain.

    Thanks MMJ for your great quality and prices !

  18. Vincent

    When I saw this I was unsure since it was outdoor. But I shall never judge outdoor again in my life this stuff is the bomb ! Smooth smoke when freshly out of the bag. Keep it fresh if not it gets a bit rough on the throat 😉
    The buzz hits like a hammer if sitting down then when you get up poufff
    Great bang for the buck and is amazing to incorporating into mixes.💨

  19. Ryan

    Great bang for the buck great medicine smooth tastes great too sit back relax and take in the joys of life and forget all that bothers you… light up melt into the couch and think about that first kiss that made you tingle all over

  20. Steve

    Master Kush. What needs to be said? Amazing strain.
    Terrific for relaxation and pain. Helps anxiety.

    Even though they are “smalls”, I didn’t see any issues with the quality or potency.
    It’s one of my regular strains.

  21. Chance


  22. Nick

    I am a big fan of indicas and this is no exception. I love smoking this and chilling. Litesning to music or watching TV, this is very awesome bud. The nugs are small and easily ground and rolled. Put it in a pipe, put it in a bong, this will wreck you.
    Once buzzed off this, absolutely nothing will stress you out. Goodbye anxiety!
    Flavourful smoke and not too bad going down either.
    Smells fantastic. 100% a must-buy if you have the chance.

  23. Samuel

    I was impressed with Master Kush, it was very tasty. Definitely worth it. A great weed for the price 🙂

  24. Jennifer

    LOVE for this one. It may be smalls but Master Kush is one of my favourites. So good for PTSD, agoraphobia. This strain helps me get back into life. It’s not energizing but helps the stress and anxiety melt away without leaving me couch locked or spaced out. Just leaves me feeling competent. The taste is also not bad. It’s not sweet or funky, just kinda “classic”.

  25. Patrizia

    This has some kick to it 🙂 Buds weren’t overly pretty to look at, but they were nice and dense and had a spicy fragrance. Smoking it – tasted good and a little tingly on the tongue, but kind of harsh. Great strain for chilling with a movie or some tunes, even nice for cuddling 😉

    Pretty sure I’m going to be getting more of this.

  26. Morgan

    Another Kush strain that is good for the price and the high you get. Very mellow for days relaxing by the lake or home. But there are better kush strains.

  27. Deryk

    Master Kush…. I was expecting more of a KO with this strain. Its really good, just not in my top 10 fave’s. It has a peppery kind of taste to it. Dense buds for sure, but only ever come as “smalls” unfortunately.
    The look of this bud is fairly neutral with not many crystals covering the buds! Mid to heavy on the lungs when inhaling while smoked. Exhaling is even rougher lol. The potency of this stuff is quite good 😯
    I bought this product because I’m all about trying all different strains of marijuana. I almost always purchase something I already know I like, as well as up to a 1/2 dozen ‘new to me’ products I have yet to try.
    I’d give Master Kush 4 out of 5 ⭐’s overall. I will more than likely be ordering more of this strain in the future. Absolutely an A product 😁👌
    In my opinion it should be Highly Recommend to all Mary J blasters and insomniacs also!!

  28. Quentin

    First time I have ordered this strain and one labelled ‘smalls’. So yes the buds are smaller but that does not mean this is not a great product. Really fresh but burned awesome… did not have to keep lighting it up and had a smooth earthy taste (well cured). If you enjoy kush and want good value this is a good option for sure!

  29. Maude

    Usually, I prefer smoking Sativas during the day so I can remain productive, but this Indica is something else. You can smoke it and it wont knock your ass down. It has a mellow high and amazing body buzz that will chill you out without knocking you out immediately. You can still get to do some work. Not the best weed, but at that price range its greattt!

    The buds are small like its advertise so no suprise, the flavor is similar to that of OG strains.

    Taste 6.8/10
    Smell 7.1/10
    Effect 7.0/10

    MMJ always deliver!

  30. Dom

    Wonderful quality for the price

  31. Fadi

    Incredible flavor and scent. Very smooth but packs a punch. My all time favorite.

  32. Georgia

    Absolutely one of my favorite strains. I will always buy this one when it’s available, and in large quantities. I love the taste, and it hits harder than most indicas for me. Only issue I have is this is one that seems to almost always pull for me when smoking. I frequently have to dry it out, combine it with shake or use a bong to guarantee I can finish using all the buds. Won’t stop me from buying again, I still highly recommend.

  33. Daniel

    I was a really big fan of these. The feeling was awesome, and knocked me right out which is what I’d mostly hoped for from it.

    The taste and smell were nice, not overpowering. It also lasted quite a decent amount of time, so while I could watch a movie or show while having it, by the time I wanted to head to sleep, I was ready to. Highly recommend.

  34. Gregorhy

    “If you want to be happy, be.” Leo Tolstoy.

    After smelling, smoking, and tasting this weed all I can say really is ….thanks guys and gals

    8.5/10 high
    9/10 flavour!

  35. Veronika

    Truly the master of kush. Great night time strain.

  36. Darryl

    This was recommended from mmjdirect for what I was looking for.
    I am blown away with the quality of this flower.
    Amazing cannabis

  37. David

    A very nice strain for relaxing. It has a nice taste and burns clean. I love to mix this with hash a wonderful combination!

  38. Sarah

    A very mellow evening mood. Not too heavy, but helpful for sleeping and anxiety

  39. Kathleen

    Love the taste, the smell and the high. Very calming, perfect for decompressing from a tough day at the office. Kathleen

  40. Brandon

    Earthy taste, savory taste. Feels like putting on a warm sweater by the fire on a cold day for your brain.

  41. Kelly

    Heavier smoke and a little stronger than pink or rockstar kushes, its The Master! Nice high!

  42. Catherine

    Definitely a nighttime strain. Strong kushy/earthy flavour and a smooth burn. Great for playing some video games or watching TV, just don’t expect to be awake for long.

  43. Adam

    This is one of my favourite strains. Very pleasant to fall asleep with.

  44. Anonymous

    Tastes gassy, but in a good way. Very clean burning. I will buy again.

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