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Mint Dark Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s Information

The supreme mint taste and dark chocolate texture make Grandpa’s Mint Dark Chocolate Bar a one-of-a-kind cannabis edible. It’s sweet, it’s bitter, and it’s very potent. Your brain will love the psychotropic effects provided by just one piece of this chocolate bar. It’ll make you deeply relaxed and tranquil, at ease with yourself and the world around you. The cerebral buzz starts off easily, then steadily descends through your body.


After it envelops your entire body, you’ll notice that your pain is gone, the stress is history, and your depression is on its last legs. That’s because THC actively improves your mood and revitalizes your body. This Mint Dark Chocolate Bar is the number one weed edible on the Canadian market these days.


What does the Mint Dark Chocolate Bar taste and smell like?


This chocolate edible is both sweet and bitter in equal measures. Dark chocolate tends to be a bit bitter , due to the extra cocoa content. Grandpa’s Mint Dark Chocolate Bar also contains mint, which gives it an entirely new flavour based on the rich mint aroma. Both the taste and smell are smooth, with hints of sweet and bitter mint.


You may also feel a dash of herbal earthiness when you take a bite from Grandpa’s Mint Dar Chocolate Bar. That’s the weed and THC bringing an extra factor of deliciousness to the table. What makes this edible great is the combination of dark chocolate and mint, adding an extra layer of bitterness. One thing’s clear – those of you with a sweet tooth may find this edible a bit too bitter for your taste!


What are the Mint Dark Chocolate Bar’s effects like?


Similar to other cannabis edibles from Grandpa’s, the Mint Dark Chocolate Bar offers a powerful relief from stress, and a substantial addition to your creativity. Many users report feeling more creative and innovative after chewing on a piece of this chocolate bar. Not only this but you should also feel more relaxed and at ease after eating one of these chocolates.


We recommend taking care when consuming this Mint Dark Chocolate Bar. Eating one too many pieces at a time may result in uncontrollable psychotropic effects taking control over you. However, this edible will also alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic stress, insomnia, and appetite loss.


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