MK Ultra

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70% Indica dominant strain

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MK Ultra Information

Named after a secretive CIA mind control program, MK Ultra will definitely change how you think. This strain has a highly potent THC concentration clocking in around 20 percent. It’s a heavy indica that still has powerful cerebral effects, distorting perception like the methods used in its clandestine namesake.

This award-winning strain won best indica at the 2003 Cannabis Cup, and claimed second place again the next year. It’s a fairly recent strain, the result of breeder TH Seeds crossing two potent indicas: OG Kush and G13.

MK Ultra’s appearance is nothing to scoff at, either. With its combination of hard, dense nugs emanating the trademark smell of Kush plants, smokers should approach this hearty indica at night, and it’s best used as a nightcap.

What does MK Ultra do?

The MK Ultra CIA program involved using tools like psychedelic drugs and hypnotism to change how its subjects perceived the world. The strain MK Ultra will definitely alter a user’s perception with its powerful indica high.

Smokers report that the strain makes them feel relaxed and sleepy, but also supplies enough happiness and euphoria to temper the body-heavy effects of this indica.

In addition, cannabis – particularly indicas – may have some health benefits. According to some sources, weed can help reduce inflammation, eliminate pain, boost appetite, and improve sleep. As a result, it may be able to alleviate symptoms of issues like insomnia, arthritis, and low appetite.

MK Ultra Appearance and Aroma

With a spicy, hashy scent, MK Ultra is unmistakably a Kush descendant. It boasts the loud, pungent aroma that all Kushes feature, a smell that’s hard to describe – it’s easier to just experience it yourself. MK Ultra’s nugs are fat, dense, and hard, but crumble easily between a smoker’s fingers into either a bowl, joint, or vaporizer.

6 reviews for MK Ultra

  1. Adam

    not spectacular, but it was good enough to satisfy for the price

  2. Brittany

    Pretty small buds … I actually don’t mind that. Not the greatest smoke, but definitely not bad for the price.

  3. James

    A decent exemplar of the strain. Not a knock out smoke, but decent taste and above average for the price point.

    Would recommend for variety if purchasing multiple strains.

  4. Brittany

    Small buds, seems to smoke alright though.

  5. Brian

    The buds are a little smaller which I don’t mind but otherwise, it’s a nice smoke.

  6. Pierrot

    Low quality bud, not exaclty quite what i was expecting…

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