Orange OG by Gastown Collective

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Orange OG by Gastown Collective Information

Orange OG by Gastown Collective is a well-balanced hybrid weed strain 50/50 Indica/Sativa), although some phenotypes contain higher Indica content than Sativa. The THC levels of this weed hybrid can range anywhere between 13% and 22%, depending on the batch. With the lower THC content, the high of this marijuana bud can be enjoyed by newer users, while the higher THC potency is recommended for more seasoned users.


Orange OG generally delivers a high that is beneficial for the mind and the body. The euphoric and happy cerebral high of this cannabis flower may help with depression, stress, or anxiety by elevating one’s mood while also stimulating and calming the mind. The body high of Orange OG may relieve pain and inflammation, potentially helping with conditions such as migraines, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis.


The Benefits Of Orange OG By Gastown Collective


The effects of this cannabis strain can be used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. The cerebral high may improve focus and boost mood, while the physical high may help with relaxation by reducing inflammation and pain in the body. But there are more beneficial traits to this weed bud. Let’s explore its most known benefits.


ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity. The cerebral high of Orange OG may calm the mind and improve concentration, which could help individuals with ADD or ADHD, and even hyperactivity.


Anxiety and depression. The high of this weed plant is known to be euphoric and uplifting as it leaves its users feeling happy and at ease.


Stress. The relaxing cerebral high of this weed bud may calm the mind while improving focus, which could reduce levels of stress.


Physical Benefits


Orange OG is usually a well-balanced cannabis strain, depending on the phenotype. Besides a focused and mentally calming high, and mood-boosting effects, the high of this cannabis flower also provides benefits for the body.


Inflammation. The inflammation-reducing qualities of Orange OG may help with several inflammatory diseases, potentially reducing their symptoms. These may include Inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic infection, fatty liver disease, endometriosis, asthma, and more.


Chronic pain. The pain-reducing properties of this weed hybrid can potentially help with pain, such as muscle cramps, migraines, back pain, joint pains, and more.


Loss of appetite. Orange OG usually offers appetite-boosting effects which may help individuals with eating struggles to manage and balance their appetite levels.


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