Penis Envy Chocolates (Red)

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1 Gram of Penis Envy Cubensis in each chocolate


Penis Envy Chocolates (Red) Information

Delicious chocolate treats made with the incredibly popular Penis Envy Cubensis shroom strain. They come in the shape of individually wrapped bite-sized chocolates, and each of them packs 1 gram of Penis Envy Cubensis. There are very few others like it around and you will see why.

It’s one of the most potent strains available, capable of producing shamanistic-like experiences that may allow you to have mystical experiences and undergo transformative journeys. The origins of the Penis Envy mushrooms are not known. However, most people seem to believe that it was created by Steven Pollock, a famous mycologist, from one of a kind mutation of the Amazonian Cubensis.

It was then carried by Terrence McKenna at this store and became famous like no other strain around.

A Strain Like No Other

The Penis Envy shroom is one of the most famous and beloved strains out there. It has been named such given its phallic appearance. The visual innuendo could not be clearer than with this mushroom. When fully grown, this shroom looks like a white, straight phallus with a golden, rounded head. The shaft is very thick and dense, while the cap is fleshy and bulbous.

The most important thing is that both parts of the mushroom have psychedelic capabilities, a characteristic which makes Penis Envy all the more beloved among connoisseurs. And they are completely right! There is a lot to be loved about this strain. Avid users report that once ingested, this shroom has the ability to produce shamanistic journeys, deeply mystical experiences, as well as vision quests.

Since this magic mushroom is of the hallucinogenic kind the experience of being under its influence may be transformative, especially if you are a beginner. Therefore, Penis Envy Chocolates are not for the shy.

Tips for Safe Usage

You can buy Penis Envy Chocolates online even if you are a beginner. However, you are advised to start with ¼ – ½ chocolate at a time. Wait for one hour for the effects to take place before deciding to ingest more. Each Penis Envy Chocolate packs 1 gram of Penis Envy Cubensis. They can be amazing if you’re planning a day of introspection or simply looking to micro-dose.

Ingredients: 70% Dark Chocolate, Penis Envy Cubensis

131 reviews for Penis Envy Chocolates (Red)

  1. Michael

    recommended by my brother (who used to prefer the purple chocolates) and glad he did! these are tasty, discreet and have a mild earthy flavour. they made for a very fun cab ride on the way to the bar for a great night out.

  2. Karl

    Amazing products!
    Super fast acting, fun and laughs guaranteed (lol) 🎭
    Also I love these because they’re easy to cut and swallow (the taste is meh but the effect are woah)
    Recommended for micro dosing with friends ⚡️

  3. Jessie

    Great tasting product with a lovely experience. I find it to be relaxing and uplifting. Definitely purchasing again!

  4. Franco

    I find I dont get a mushroom hit with these chocolates, feels more like im just high on weed (it could be my own medication screwing up the high

  5. Min

    I bought so many of these and I don’t regret it. It was such a unique experience and I can’t wait to have some more. I will tell you, the taste… not so great but then again if you wanted real chocolate you wouldn’t be in this site am I right? I had a great trip with this one and when the time comes, I’ll buy it again.

  6. David

    Quite literally the greatest chocolate experience I have EVER had. My partner and I have had two full-on amazing trips – I only need one chocolate to take me very far away and I feel exponentially better and more grounded the next day. I don’t really know how many superlatives to say here but I highly recommend a journey on this!!

  7. Rafael

    I had such a great experience with this one! I have had regular mushrooms but never in chocolate form and the flavour was actually pretty good. I went outside for a bike ride and I spent hours in a park just vibing! I will buy it again for sure!! Highly recommended!

  8. Mathieu

    The Penis Envy chocolate mushrooms are simply mind-blowing! They offered a unique blend of potency and flavor that transcended my expectations. After about 30 minutes from the first bite I could feel the psychedelic effects kicking in, leading to an intense, introspective experience.

    The chocolate is rich and velvety, perfectly masking any unpleasant taste. Each piece was carefully wrapped, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable journey. However, I would recommend starting with only a half-piece for beginners, as they deliver a potent and transformative trip.

    Overall, Penis Envy chocolate mushrooms provide an exceptional psychedelic experience for experienced users. 5⭐️

  9. Tina

    Keep some of these in your freezer! I do because you just never know when the mood will strike. I cannot eat dried mushrooms straight without a real bad gag reflex and stomach issues. With these in chocolate those problems disappeared. I appreciated the discretion as I was with people unaware on my intention to do shrooms for the art Yayoi Kusama art exhibit. Take as much as you normally would, the dosage is exact chocolate to chocolate. Nice gentle ride and the wham! Long lasting and the downride is very gentle and just slowly slips away. No headaches, no oddness. Very nice find!

  10. Shaydon

    In my opinion, these are the most visually stimulating shroom chocolates you can get on this site, even more than blue meanies which is my other favorite strain, if you are looking for a very visual trip then I would highly recommend this strain, or the Starblend variation which is just this strain mixed with golden teachers which retains all of the visual fun but with more of a head high associated with it too.

  11. Jeremy

    First time trying mushroom chocolates. These hit quite hard after about 45 mins -1 hr and probably wear off after 3-4 hrs. They are a bit different than dried mushrooms which creep up on you a bit more and last a bit longer. That said, the experience was quite fun. These provide a very euphoric trip.

  12. Pierre-Olivier

    These are great. Strong strain. Great taste with the chocolate. Instant favorite!

  13. Karine

    Crazy and very cool visuals. Take only one – we took two and a half each and it was too much. Our trip was very challenging but I don’t blame the chocolat, we should I have taken less. I am ordering more to try with just one.

  14. Jake

    Quite strong, intense body high. Even just one of these is probably a bit much for a beginner! The chocolate kicks in twice as fast as normal shrooms, tastes good, and didn’t cause any nausea. Great quality, would recommend it for experienced trippers!

  15. Anastasia

    This is a great product — incredibly potent. I am good with just a half to get the effect without feeling overwhelmed by the experience. The chocolate tastes good, so it makes the mushrooms palatable. Effects usually kick in, for me, in about 30 minutes after consuming.

  16. Breanne

    What an amazing product. 5 stars for sure. Allowed for some amazing outdoor adventures with friends. Easy down as well.

  17. Nicole

    Amazing mushrooms as always!!!


    These are the best! Not too strong but just the perfect amount for nice pleasant trip. Highly recommended.

  19. Nicolas

    Those penis envy was super good, great texture, taste is fine, effect are amazing..! Will definitly buy again!

  20. Colin

    Really loved these – can either eat 1 whole or split with a friend. Super natural clean vibe that pairs will with nature and general free-flowing sends! New staple!

  21. Barbara

    I really like taking psilocybin with chocolate – much easier to consume, and the amount in these chocolates is perfect!

  22. Lisa

    This is my favourite of the 3 I purchased.
    Controlled strip down of thoughts in 40 minutes.
    Nothing crazy.
    Drank a dairy free shake an hour before to alleviate nausea. Worked perfectly.
    Always a bit of stomach cramping but easily manageable with Gatorade. I just sip on that and water.
    Just over two hours now and had no visuals or anything crazy.
    Exactly what I was looking for.

    Also wanted to express gratitude as I have not wanted to drink alcohol since starting my mushroom journey.
    Huge benefit for anyone trying to quit drinking.

    I’ve now tried micro and macro dosing.
    I prefer taking a gram of this lovely chocolate than taking the capsules.

  23. Mason

    Been purchasing these for years, the consistency of dose is important to me as well as the taste, much stronger than other stains. The packaging is nice since they taste like regular chocolate. Wouldn’t buy anything else and only came back to buy more of these.

  24. Michelle

    Great product! Enjoy!

  25. Adam

    These are great! Highly recommend.

  26. Rob

    A good snack, lol.

  27. Mike

    Was my first experience with mushrooms, tasted great with no bad aftertaste. Felt absolutely amazing after taking one. My wife also really enjoys the trip, not too much it’s just nice and easy. Quick and private shipping, great customer service.

  28. David

    I bought about 20 of these to bring to our winter home. I went with Penis Envy as I figured more punch to each, thus needing less overall.

    We generally take smaller doses of mushrooms, so with these we would take a half and then more if required. I like mushrooms before playing guitar, for instance, because I find they make it easier to really get into it and concentrate. My wife always had a good time on these, and I mostly did, however twice it made me almost a zoned out stoned feeling, as if I took a pot edible, and kind of upset my guts. In one case I even took more, thinking I hadn’t taken enough, but that just stoned me out even more.

    Because I can’t say that they consistently made me feel bad, I’m unsure whether the bad effect was because of something else (like mildly ill) or if it was the mushrooms itself. Those two experiences has made me shy a way from them though, as opposed to eagerly taking a little to perk me up and get things going. That’s a little disappointing because mushrooms had been my go to for a while.

    I have a good quantity of actual Penis Envy I bought previously. I should get a better idea of how I do on this strain when I dip into those. Overall I believe most will do well on these, as that was my experience when I shared them. More experimentation is required!

  29. Mark

    what a trip…

  30. Alice

    Perfect amount for a steady fun high. Happy thoughts, productive planning and overall blissful feeling. If not sure at first, chew half, wait 30 minutes and finish off the second half. Lasts about 3-4 hours.

  31. Mike

    I always wanted to try mushrooms, but nervous to do so. The idea of getting caught in a bad trip is terrifying. I bought this Red chocolate and just tried quarter of one first try – felt mildly high but no visuals or laughing etc. Tried a half chocolate next time and did have visuals. The patterns in my shower tiles started kind of moving/dancing. Enough to make me happy and I felt in control. That’s what i was looking for! A good trip, will try more next time. Will buy these again.

  32. MacKenzie

    I appreciated these for their fast acting, strong effects yet they’re not too long lasting. Still intense but in my experience the high is over in about three hours. Buying again for a second time!

  33. Chris

    Great alternative to regular mushrooms, especially when it comes to taste!

  34. Amaya

    Love these! Super potent and easy dosing. Great for popping one on a whim without all the prep of lemon tekking or all the stress of eating them plain (I have problems with the taste/texture of mushrooms). Tasty, too.

  35. cindy

    Buying again

  36. Callum

    These are yummy chocolates!

  37. Natalie

    I love these chocolates. They disguise the flavour of the shrooms well and are easy to cut in half if you want. A very gentle come up and relaxing high. No stomach ache either. Highly recommend.

  38. Rachel

    First time with shroom chocolates, so we bought 2 of each variety to try. Across the board, good flavor and easy on the stomach. The low dose also makes it beginner friendly; downside being that you may need more than one to have a good time, even with the PE one.

  39. Tim

    Bought this one with the golden teacher. I am a shroom novice so tried both on separate occasions. This one I found myself a lot more introspective. Very different from the golden teacher, but pretty intense too.
    I did like the golden teacher better personally as it had more of a pattern/visual trip.

  40. Cedric

    These are significantly stronger than the Golden Teacher chocolate. I had more visuals with this one and can’t recommend it enough. I’ve already started mentioning this one to some of my friends, will likely never go on a camping/cottage trip without it ever again. 1g feels just right for me.

  41. Didier

    Very Nice


    It’s my preferred! I love the stimulating sensation with this mushroom… 1 is perfect for session! love it! buying again

  43. Mark

    The penis envy chocolates are fantastic. My partner and I both took 2 grams each and had a wonderful trip. Not only does it digest well and without nausea, but the chocolate tastes great! The effects generally come on about 10-15 minutes earlier than with dried mushrooms, but the come down is much softer and without as much of the emotional exhaustion that sometimes happens with equal dosages of dried mushrooms. The thoughts and conversations we had were clear and introspective and we rely on the chocolates with greater consistency and predictability than mushrooms. These are a part of every order for us!

  44. Alexander

    Fantastic chocolates and potent for the amount. They taste great and only take about half an hour to kick it and wow is it a great mood lifter!

    Highly recommend these to anyone new to mushroom chocolates

  45. Louis-Vincent

    My Girlfriend had a few of these when I went out for a week in the woods.

    To my surprise, she came out a more understanding and tolerant person, says it completely killed her ego. I don’t think I have ever taken as many as she says she did but if anyone wants to go on a trip to better know themselves and especially if you want to open up to some of your bad habits and reflexes, this will definitely get the job done at the right dose.

  46. Jatinder

    I have taken, this edible a few times before. Have not done more than 2 edibles at a time. Good for beginners as the raw mushroom is a lot more potent. Good mild high and get more intense as you eat edibles. Will go for 3 this time.

  47. Ryan

    You can’t go wrong with any of the chocolates. They all taste great, a great way to take it if you hate the taste of regular mushrooms. I have tried pretty much all of the options for these chocolates and you cannot go wrong with any of them. Highly recommend.

  48. Jacob

    I’ve discovered the meaning of life. My first experience with mushrooms, I started with 2 Teachers, 2 Star Blend, then finished it off with the 2 Penis Envies. The strongest effects by far I felt were when I took the Envies as I took them together after about 5-6 hours. Giggle and Smiles all night.- and it’s weird, I was looking at different labels without my prescription glasses on at the height of my trip, and I swear I could rehabilitate my declining vision. Among many other.. theories. I will be doing much more experimenting about the spirutal and medical effects of my newfound phenomena.

    Penis Envies brag about being the strongest, and while I loved the Golden Teachers, these felt stronger.

  49. Alaina

    I find these stronger than golden teachers! great high. would buy again!

  50. Eyal

    Might be my favorite !

  51. Tracy

    I am a beginner and I tried 2 chocolates, they had no noticeable affect

  52. Rebecca

    I’ve tried a few of these chocolates and I really can’t tell the difference. I like them all and will probably just stick with the cheapest ones.
    I think it’s a great amount in the chocolates and they taste good considering what they are. I feel a tiny bit high if I take the whole chocolate, but lots of happiness and some euphoria. I will definitely buy more.

  53. Wanda

    I was kind dissappointed and I am kind of a beginner ….did not get much out of it. 🙁

  54. Timme

    These are awesome mushrooms

  55. Megan

    Well I’ve bought this multiple times, and right there that’ll tell you they’re pretty amazing. I also bought the actually mushrooms too. The chocolates are better in my opinion. Someone else said that it’s hard to match the exact same amount for everyone so some people get more high than others. The chocolates give everyone the same amount. Plus you get a chocolate treat and the experience.

    I laughed a TON on these. (Like couldn’t stop laughing with my girlfriends on our annual girls trip) We had one chocolate and then had another half a few hours in.

    I definitely recommend these. My one gf was so skeptical to try them, then she finally did and a month later bought some herself and did them with her husband. Haha.

    The chocolate is quite tasty, the high you get is euphoric, and I got giggly. I yawned a few times. No stomach issues though.

  56. Jessica

    I’ve tried all of MMJDirects psilocybin chocolates except the Amazonian and these are by far the best of them all. Super easy to take and the experience I’ve got from them have been awesome. I’ve had a few out of body experiences and a couple of wonderful introspective moments. Absolutely recommend doing it with a buddy as well, you’ll have a blast.

  57. Nick

    These are pretty great, I have to say. I usually dislike the taste of mushrooms so these chocolate are a great alternative. Don’t be fooled: these chocolates are just as potent as the original form.
    The chocolate taste is OK, it does its job of masking the mushroom flavour.
    In summary: I took two and had a great time, nothing crazy, good starter dose. Easier to go down then dried mushrooms.

  58. Lia Marie

    Great product got it for my friends birthday we had a blast would recommend this to anyone who hates the taste and stressed about weighing out your own stuff. There’s something resuming that the amount was carefully weighed and our buzz was on the same wave. Sometimes when take them all Willy Nelly is one person can be having a different buzz not these they were perfect and mellow warm fuzzy very quickly no yawnies or sore tummy. Just perfect!!!!

  59. Michelle

    I took these at home and just chilled. Honestly this one was one of the less potent one for me but I loved the vibe. I loved that I was fully aware of what was going on but everything had a glow to it. I was calm and chill. I would recommend these for starters. Will purchase again.

  60. Tess

    The chocolates are such a s great way to enjoy a refreshing sort of high. The dose is just enough to give that euphoric feeling without going over any limits. Penis envy is always a fun and rewarding trip. I find myself feeling active and adventurous! It’s a super easy way to get just the right high. Highly recommend!

  61. Adam

    Amazing! The perfect amount of fun for the perfect amount of …fun

  62. Jean-François

    Absolutely delicious and potent. Gave me an absolutely delightful buzz and eased me into my LSD trip at the same time

  63. Craig

    What a ride! These things hit around an hour. I would have preferred if the chocolate wasn’t so dark. Would buy again if they made a milk chocolate option. 1 gram isn’t enough if you enjoy dark chocolate buy more

  64. Laura

    Great high and decent taste. I normally make tea from the actual mushrooms but this gives me the same effect and tastes much better.

  65. Adam

    Taste delicious, caution with taking more than 1 at a time🤣

  66. Allan

    These chocolates are my favourite. Chew 1 down to start then about 30-45 mins they come on nice and mellow, then gradually transcend you into everything around you becoming more ingesting then ever before. If I’m really enjoying myself I’ll chew another a few hours later. They last about 4 hrs for me give or take an hour depending on my mood @ the start. Either way good times every time.

  67. Sarah

    I bought these along with the actual mushrooms. Did the mushrooms first and they were obviously fantastic. Didn’t think the chocolate would touch that since most of the reviews at the time where saying”mainly a body buzz” good lord… Was not a body buzz for me. Just one of these chocolates was enough for me. I took them on nights I was going out to the bar and they were absolutely perfect for that.

    This strain is very euphoric, had me laughing and just having a great time. I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste but the first time I just shoved the whole thing in my mouth and it was a bit too much product in my mouth at one time, made me gag a bit. But the next time I just ate it in a couple bites and it was much more enjoyable. I noticed some mild visuals within 10-15 minutes of eating the chocolate and it had me going for a few hours. I’ve never tried more than one at a time because 1 is truly enough for me. I am purchasing some more for my friends and I to go camping and I’m super excited to share such a wonderful mushroom with them!

  68. Mike

    I have tried a few different Psilocybin (Blue Meanies,Golden Teacher and Star Blend) chocolates theses are very strong lots of visuals with 4 on empty stomach, I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but it tastes way better than eating a mushroom 🙂 I no longer eat the mushroom instead have theses chocolates, they are also really easy to spilt for micro dosing .

  69. Julien

    It was actually my first time doing mushroom, someone recommended me the Penis Envy and I had a really great time, I was walking in the forest with a friend we both did one chocolate and the sound of the nature around us was beautiful we really enjoyed it, no downside

  70. Cathy

    This is my second time ordering and has been my favourite experience so far.
    The delivery is compact and tasty.
    You don’t have to eat huge quantities of chocolate to get an adequate amount of mushrooms.

    Great sensation, euphoria and lifting of depression. Makes me want to return again

  71. Austin

    I was a little disappointed I thought Itwas going to be bigger than one bite but with that being said the high was very good lasted full 10 hours and was enjoyable the taste however was gross way worse then just plain shoorms

  72. Sean

    These are amazing chocolates! Great for just a small dose, or if going on a major trip. They taste great and have a major convenience factor to them.

  73. Luka

    Very good effects, gave me exactly what I was looking for. The small chocolate format let’s you take exactly how much you think you’re going to need, and the taste isn’t too bad either. I usually have a hard time with shrooms because of the taste but this makes it a lot more bearable. The trip was fantastic and I got what I wanted from it. Would definitely recommend this for beginners.

  74. Earl

    It was quite pleasant and the taste was okay. I don’t know if you should eat a whole one if you’re not experienced. I was a little nauseous during my trip.

  75. Dwayne

    Great for first-time trippers. The portions allowed me to pace myself. Have a pretty decent tolerance level but did notice the come up after the 1/2 mark. Put me in a joyful mood with no shortage of laughter. Felt like it past the peak around the 2hr mark and decided to ingest 2 more

  76. Thomas

    Good stuff

  77. Amber

    These are great, tried other stuff I always come back to these gems

  78. Kara

    These were great fun. I did one chocolate and was affected quite a bit more than when I did 1g of the actual Penis Envy mushrooms so that was a nice surprise. Great body buzz but a little bit of trouble focusing on the TV until much later in the evening.

  79. Danielle

    on par with the Big Mex Chocolates. a little more emotional didn’t feel as adventurous really just felt like thinking and messing around with colour

  80. Caroline

    These were extraordinary — I have literally never been so horny in my life. 😅 The taste is pleasant and the high lasted for several very fun hours.

  81. Shad

    J’adore mais faut en prendre que 2 !!

  82. Patricia

    Newbie. Used 1/2 the chocolate. WOW! FANTASTIC 2.5 hr. meditation! WOW! Enjoy!

  83. Michael

    Amazing! I haven’t had shrooms in almost a decade. I am trying to combat PTSD, and was nervous to try it again. Boy am I glad I did. All positive experiences with eating one whole chocolate. Can’t taste the shrooms at all! 30 minutes to kick in, super intense high for an hour, then relaxing high after that. Best sleep of my life.

  84. Morgan

    I had previously only tried golden teacher mushrooms. I decided to try a different strain in a chocolate so tried these. Taste was ok, kinda dry but its a small chocolate so not hard to eat the whole piece. No nausea after eating just had a nice relaxing morning, good body buzz, some visuals, some laughs, very good I liked them a lot. Was more stronger then the golden teachers version of the chocolate. Ate it at 9 am on a empty stomach, the buzz lasted til about 12. Maybe eat 2 for a stronger buzz but one was good for me, i like a relaxing buzz not to trip right out.

  85. Tracy

    I have always wanted to try mushrooms again but was a bit nervous since I was a teen when I tried them last. These are amazing!!! I had half and my bf had the other half. Taste was good, the buzz was good, not too crazy. It was nice and calming, happy and more body than head buzz. Really no after effects either. Purchasing again!

  86. Verda

    my ultimate favourite- great body buzz and thought provoking

  87. Shellena

    Best Chocolate mushrooms I have ever purchased.

  88. Abhinav

    I wanted to try mushrooms from a reliable place for my first time. A friend recommended MMJ and I can’t say I was disappointed – delivery times were great, packaging as much as needed.

    The site itself is great and they have a good point referral/earning system, really rewarding. <3

    As for the product, I ordered Penis Envy Mushroom chocolates, the chocolate itself was great, not too sweet, very mild nausea which is to be expected before the effects kick in and oh boy the effects were amazing! Psilocybin is definitely to be tried at least once in life, those who don't are missing out something. The effect were outstanding, and the feelings are awesomely positive, and overwhelmingly elevated my mood, during and after the effects wore off. I'm now here back for my 2nd order, several months after this first attempt, a tad too late I admit. <3

    MMJ and Penis Envy chocolates definitely deserve this review time and effort! 🙂 I'm back to use this for my depression and help ease it and of course, achieve those states of transcendence. We've known the scientific benefits of psilocybin for decades.

  89. Alexander

    These chocolates are the best! They taste good and have no bad aftertaste.
    The high was incredible and lasted about 5-6 hours after taking 2 chocolates. I would definitely recommend these to everyone who doesn’t like the taste of mushroom caps.

  90. Chantal

    Love this. It makes it so easy to ingest and I love the effects. Really boosts my mood and hits the euphoria train like no other.

  91. Amber

    I started using mushrooms to help with my crippling anxiety and depression. I have suffered for my entire life, and fantasized about harming myself to end the pain, for many years. The only reason I never followed through was because I couldn’t bare to hurt anyone I loved. I tried mushrooms for the first time about a year ago, and it changed my life. I am a different person now. I feel like a secret door has been opened, a veil has been lifted, and I now understand things from completely different perspectives. For the first time in my life, I can see beauty in the world, and I feel joy like I have never felt before. It all started with this tiny little chocolate. Since then, nothing has made me feel better than the MMJ mushroom chocolates.

    The chocolates are tasty, but the texture is a tiny bit unpleasant. Kind of dry, is the only way I could describe them. Small price to pay for how effective they are though.

    Fast forward to last night. Had two chocolates, and ended up having the best night of my life. I was at home alone, with my 2 kitties, and the 3 of us partied into the wee hours of the morning. My cats looked like cartoon characters, everything around me was vibrating and so colourful. It felt like I was looking into a different dimension. Everything felt amazing in every way possible. I had the answer to everything. I could use every “Absolute” to term to describe my experience.

    If my story sounds like an exaggeration, it is NOT. I have been reborn. All I can say now is thank-you.

  92. Peter

    As someone who absolutely despises the taste of shrooms, these chocolates are a total game changer. Delicious without the disgusting taste you might be used to, very easy to injest. Starts kicking in pretty quickly for an awesome, euphoric, and introspective trip filled with nothing but good vibes. Take one with some weed for the best high you’ve had all month, or take two to three for a full blown trip. Enjoy.

  93. Lisa

    Best product I’ve ever tried would do it again and again. A must!

  94. Warren

    Took 2 chocolates (2g) in the forest and after 45 minutes the leaves started to glow extra green, bushes became rainbows and the cliffside was moving like a dragon swimming. When I closed my eyes it was so intense with patterns it was like be shot into another galaxy and I spoke with beings with my mind. The peak was about 2 hours and the come down another 2 hours. It was a sacred experience and definitely recommend.

    Chocolate is a good dark one that’s not too sweet with lil cubes of what feels like marshmallows. No bad taste.

    I’m a noob with all this but from my recent experience, Try 0.5g for an extra mild test if its your first time. If you feel good then next time take 1.5g to swim in the shallow end and 2g if you want to venture a bit further to stand on your tippy toes looking out at the deep in wonder. I would say 2g is ideal amount for opening the door to experience while still having control.

  95. Adam

    this was one of my first times trying psylocibin edibles and I tried it at the recommendation of a friend. it was incredible. one of the best highs I’ve ever had in my life. it lasted about 4-5 hours and the experience was unlike nothing I ever had before. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a euphoric experience. lights were brighter. colours came off the tv screen in beams. I could isolate certain instruments in a song and turn off the rest. epic stuff!

  96. John

    Great product – no regrets with any of these chocolates. High quality and descriptions are on point.

  97. Alkistis

    Amazing product, as with the golden teacher chocolate.. They’ve been an awesome, fun yet gentle introduction to the world of shrooms. The experience was so fun and memorable which makes the price well worth it if you ask me.

  98. Jalal

    Wow what a surprising little chocolate. FYI – these are bite size but can be easily split in half with a friend. They taste like chocolate and are pretty powerful! I took two and felt pretty silly.

  99. Randell

    These little chocolates hit hard and I will definitely order this product at first it gave me a euphoric body high then after I ate some food the visuals started. Wow.

  100. Mathieu

    Those are strong! took 2 and it definitely felt like what Im used to from more. fast acting, faster than eating mushrooms directly.

  101. Carlo

    These are great! Not too strong or too mild. Subtle visuals and body high. They taste good and the trip last for about 3 hours. It did affect my motricity though and had to lay down for about an hour. It’s great if you dont want a too intense trip. Will buy again!

  102. Sunny

    This was the first time I’ve tried mushrooms in my entire life. Its lasting effects went for days with ego-dissolution setting in a few days after. Would love to try this again!

  103. Dan

    I had 2 fo these and they had me gone!

  104. Gloria

    I’ve had great luck with the penis envy shrooms. First I tried a half of one and didn’t have any results so I took the other half but I should’ve taken the whole thing at once. So the next time I took it I ate the whole thing and I found great relief from chronic pain and it also gave me energy and I had a great outlook on life. I highly recommend them. Will definitely be buying them on a regular basis. Enjoy!! 😉 Delicious too!! 😋

  105. Aniruddha

    Tastes great. Works great. Love them. Will buy again.

  106. Darquise

    i hadn’t had mushroom since my teenage years , 40 years ago so i was worried how i would react and if the high would be too intense, so i cut the chocolate in two and used on 2 different occasions. I was content with the high, which was great for half the chocolate. I felt like i had no worries in the world for a few hours, but was still in full control of myself. Next time i might try the entire chocolate at once. Overall I enjoyed the high very much. It keeps you joyfyl, happy, worriless for a couple of hours. Will definitely buy again since its so easy consume, no taste of mushroom….just chocolate !

  107. Sinan

    Had an amazing time pretending and feeling like I was in an indie movie. The come-down was also quite smooth.

  108. Sandra

    I found the high to be not as euphoric as the mexican. I think more introspective. Would be nice to have gotten both. May be it gave me what i needed tho.

  109. Kailey

    I bought this to try mushrooms for my very first time. After one chocolate (1g), 30 minutes in I had a brief tummy ache. It kick in after about an hour and I did see some stuff starting to melt in my peripherals, but only if I fully relaxed. If I was focused or actually looked at what ever was melting, nothing would happen. Three hours after I took the first one, I took another hoping to intensify the experience, nothing happened. It continued on the same way. There was definitely a body high as I have never felt so comfortable but I didn’t experience any visuals other than a bit of melting. My next time I will try another kind I think. I did my research and I thought that 2g of mushrooms would be a little more heavy on the brain. (These are advertised as being very potent). Overall, I’m happy that my first experience with mushrooms was not a bad one, but I’m not stoked that it was so mild.

  110. Patrick

    This one was surprising, no mushsy taste, only fine chocolat. The effect are the same as actual mushrooms. Will buy again.
    Très surpris, goût excellent et mêmes effets que le champignons tel quel.
    Merci MMJ

  111. Elizabeth

    Tastes great and felt the effects after 1 piece! Will purchase again!

  112. Cole

    These are great for beginners. Theyre not too strong and are quite unassuming since they come in a tiny little chocolate form. Perfect for enjoying a nice relaxing night without having to go on a full blown trip for hours. One gram is a good amount but if they made 2g penis envy chocolates they would be perrrfect. Would buy again 👍👍

  113. Daniel

    Best trip of my life. I watched YouTube videos all night with my friends and really felt connected with everything. Highly recommend this and the big lez show.

  114. Meredith

    These are so great. Best micro chocolates I have tasted

  115. Nicholas

    Wow, amazing high. Kicked in rather quickly and lasted a good while. Wife loved them since she hates the dried stuff….I’d rather this way too.

  116. Michael

    Im writing this review on behalf of my girlfriend and I, although I had a great experience, my girlfriends experience was unlike no other. She suffers from severe anxiety and depression and we have been trying psilocybin lately to see if it helps. We have heard about penis envy mushrooms before but have only ever tried golden teachers. We decided it was time to take it up a notch and try the penis envy. Damn. She said she had such euphoria that she’s never felt before and even started crying from pure happiness. Needless to say we bought 4 more and will try 2 each next time. Thanks mmj!

  117. Brandon

    I ordered about 6 of these with the idea of doing it with 2 other friends so 2 each. my one friend baled out so I ended up doing 3 of them and wow that was an amazing trip. would highly recommend these. stick with only 1 maybe 2 if you dont have much experience with phydcadelics as they are very potent. was a very enjoyable high though. will be buying again.

  118. Daniel

    These are definitely my favorite mushroom chocolates out of all the ones I’ve tried. Really fun visuals, nice body euphoric feeling, and it lasts quite a long time. The chocolate itself was good, and didn’t taste too mushroomy.

    They’re a little more expensive than others, but I personally think it’s totally worth it and these would be the only ones I’d buy again in the future.

  119. Mirza

    Good taste. Nice result. Highly recommend.

  120. Michael

    I ate 1 chocolate after not eating one for a while & within only a few minutes, being very experienced recognized the sensation as things just getting started. But I was not expecting the intensity so quickly. I remember the exact moment I realized that I was about to hit the stratosphere amongst mixed sober company. I thought I had time for my exit. Instead I enjoyed the intensity whilst conversing with my unaware companions. This culminated with my wife wanting to discuss my stepson, living at home; our expensive broke, no employment, 20 year old challenge. Creative in eloquence whatever I was saying was the slap upside her maternal instinct for her to finally see through his deception. Without I had neither the patience or the self-introspection the chocolate gave me to feel & see my stepson for my wife to feel & see. 🙌🏻

  121. Alex

    Was a crazy trip !! for sure recomend for users who dont like the taste of mush And who want to get shwiffty

  122. Michael Ray

    Tasty and strong high

  123. Ashley

    The best high I’ve ever experienced in my life.

  124. Guillaume

    Good taste.. good strain.. want more!

  125. Marylene

    I took this chocolate, and I didn’t feel anything after 2 hours. So I took the other one I ordered (golden teacher chocolate) and still nothing. I was a little bit dizzy, but other than that, I was disappointed. Both chocolate tasted good tho. That’s why I bought them, because the taste of mushrooms alone makes me want to puke, so I’ll give them that, they were good tasting!

  126. Ilyas

    Excellent. Highly recommend. A+

  127. Rahim

    Tasty and the effects were amazing! Definitely more potent then other types of mushrooms strains. I’m quite experienced with shrooms and one chocolate had good body highs and really nice visuals! Definitely recommend!

  128. Alysha

    First time trying mushrooms and stumbled upon these. I took 1 chocolate and felt an intense high for about 5ish hours. Went in with a positive mind set and felt giggly, happy and warm for the whole time. Definitely going to be buying more. Lights were a bit fuzzy and at one point I swear I could see my dogs eyes move back and forth really fast if that makes sense lol. Other than that I didnt have any real psychedelic effects like seeing aliens on my curtain like this guy ^^ lol I felt a bit heavy legged so I was more comfortable just lounging on the couch and scrolling through the internet

  129. Jad

    Took it in a negative state of mind and it made me very reflective, yet it allowed me to focus on the lingering negative feeling I had on me and explore its source and how it affects me in the present.

  130. Tyler

    Well I heard a lot about this cube being the most potent frequent user and i ate about a .7 the high was quite intense my curtain turned into the picture image of Alien from the alien movie I can remember what I experienced although the thoughts and high were so intense at times it’s not as medical as some other strains although if you want an authentic experience this is your best bet this is pure gold for physonauts

  131. Vivian

    These chocolates are the real deal, and noticeably more potent than the Golden Teacher chocolate. The trip lasted me about 4-5 hours (taking 1 full chocolate) and felt very therapeutic upon reflection, lots of thoughts and emotions and visuals that come and go in waves. Nothing too crazy but definitely entertaining. If you’re not too experienced, start with half and consume more in an hour if you feel like you can handle it. I would do these in the comfort of home as the body load did make me want to lie down at times. You should be in a good mental state before you trip as negative emotions can be magnified.

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