THC Gummies by Pegasus

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10 x 50mg THC pieces


THC Gummies by Pegasus Information

Pegasus Gummies – 500 mg is created with consumer satisfaction in mind. They are designed in such a precise and focused way to offer you the same experience of enjoyment each time you wish to consume one of these gummies. The dedication is for every edible to carry the highest quality and the same consistency.

These cannabis-infused edibles are created using pure distillate Cannabis Oil. One package offers you 10 gummies, each one containing 50 mg of THC. Just one of these delicious and flavourful gummies can alleviate the symptoms of your pain, stress and anxiety.

The Effects of Edibles

The high levels of THC found in these Pegasus Gummies may be the perfect treatment for many health conditions and disorders, including chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, muscle inflammation and spasms, nervous system disorders, nausea, insomnia and more. Those suffering from Chron’s Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder of the gastrointestinal tract (GI), can especially enjoy the powerful effects of these edibles; Chron’s Disease is present in the GI tract and this is where edibles deliver helpful cannabinoids right at the root of it.

10-15 mg of edibles is recommended for medical cannabis patients that are consuming weed for the first time, while 30-100 mg is typically considered a daily dose by most experienced users. These gummies by Pegasus is a favourite among users due to its rich flavour and super potency. Plus, it is extremely easy to carry around with you. You can have it in your purse, desk drawer at your office or in your pocket during a social gathering. It is compact and discreet that won’t draw attention; therefore, you can enjoy each gummy with ease wherever you are, regardless of who is surrounding you. You can easily Pegasus Gummies – 500 mg online in Canada.

11 reviews for THC Gummies by Pegasus

  1. Shaundra

    these have been hands-down my favourite edibles. You can taste the weed a bit, but usually unless I can actually taste the content they are not potent enough for me lol. I saved a gummy to give to my friend who insisted she never has been high off any edible before, and feels like they are just a waste. Apparently it did the trick and she was thrilled to finally have an edible high soooo deffo recommend, edibles can be pretty hit or miss. BUT, and obviously I don’t know if this has any merit, it definitely feels like the potency of these changed with the new packaging. I don’t think my tolerance has gone up so much recently to make up the difference. I used to be able to enjoy half a gummy, or a whole one (or 1 1/2 if i was idk hungover and needing sedation lol) but since the first batch in the new packaging I need to eat at least one to get a mild body buzz. Might just be me idk, but I’ve had several different packages (hybrid and sativa) so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still a great price !

  2. Emily

    Taste is certainly more weed-y than other brands, but the value makes it so worth it

  3. Emmanuelle

    Wow! Great taste (lemon)

  4. Rawaz

    BEST bang-for-your buck edibles in my opinion! Quality taste, about near enough thc as advertised no doubt that one of these will set you back if you have no tolerance to back you up! Highly recommended to have at least one laying about

  5. Kerry

    This product is a great value, takes your mind off everything. I wanted a decent dose without smoking a bunch in the evening. This is the perfect answer, I eat it with my dinner and I’m ready for the rest of the night, great for watching movies or playing games. Often with edibles The Taste is not great, but these taste awesome and if you didn’t know it you would not be able to tell that it has that extra kick you are looking for.😍 A true 5-star experience⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  6. Jessica

    I love that these gummies specify that they are hybrid – (sativa/indica). A lot of gummies don’t differentiate between the 2 but just mention THC content. I have noticed sativa drops/edibles vs indica drops/edibles have a different affect on me, so this is a nice blend and balance of sativa and indica.

    they do taste a little bit strong in my opinion.

  7. Angelo

    these gummies are awesome

  8. Brandon

    please do yourself a favor and get these gummies! the price is by far the best for any edible I’ve found anywhere at the potency they have. the big variety of flavors is very nice as well and I’ve found them all the be very good. has a very nice high that doesn’t totally just boot you too sleep but if that’s what’s you’re wanting it does help you get a great sleep too. highly recommend these to anyone.

  9. Clay

    I found these to be a little hard and had to eat a few to get the effect I was looking for. I ended up giving them away because of the high sugar content and the jaw breaking chew.

  10. Bryan

    Fantastic product and one of the best value for the money. My wife and I each take a quarter of one piece and that is plenty. My only complaint is they are very acidic. I guess that comes with the high THC in such a small gummy.

  11. David

    very potent and tast good. Definitely recommended.

  12. Daniel

    I am a huge fan of these. Quite potent, and man you can’t beat the price.

    They taste pretty good, with various flavor options, and are easy to bite in half or a quarter if 50mg is too much for what you’re looking for at the time.

    I would say these are the main gummies I would recommend to a person, just based on flavor and the cost effectiveness. They’re certainly my favorite.

  13. Sophie

    The Pegasus line of gummies is amazing! The flavour is on point, not gross or ‘weed’ tasting. And the high was magical. 10/10 would recommend!

  14. Matthew

    These Candies are worth it! these are very strong in comparison to others. i highly recommnded lime/ blueberry or mango .
    they also have evolved over the last year ! very well done!

  15. Paul

    Impossible to argue with the value ($2.50 per gummy). Wasn’t as heavily impacted by the dose as I expected, but I think that says more about me than the candy. Nice flavour too, especially for such a concentrated amount.

  16. Heather

    Great product! Highly recommend if you are looking for a relaxing evening.

  17. Darryl

    These are some of the best I’ve ever had. They’re strong and usually take them at night.

  18. Guillaume

    Super potent! good product.

  19. Xueyan

    Very effective and strong. I took these on a whim after a painful fall and wanted to ease the pain. Made the day much more happy-go-lucky, warm fun in the sun. Made me a little bit sleepy and fell asleep on the beach. I wasn’t very giggly with these or in a humourous mood. There was a little bit of anxiety too.

    These are such great value for the mg amount. Very good deal, might be one of the best on the Internet.

    They melted in the sun so it was difficult to figure out how much I had, but probably like a third or so of the gummy and they were just enough for a comfortable sustaining easy high. Lasted half the day. I was biking but it threw off my fine motor skills so had to take the public transit home. Taste is very pleasant and sweet.

    Curious in taking more next time and documenting the process!

  20. Georgia

    These are different from the original I tried, but taste sooo much better than before. Really good bang for your buck. Generally take 1/2-1 gummy for my desired couch lock effect

  21. Darryl

    I absolutely love these at night. Super user here so I like 2 but trust me when I say super user. DO NOT take 2 if you’re inexperienced. Thanks Mmjdirect for providing excellent quality medicine.

  22. Nikol

    Great high from one gummy. Those with high tolerance will need two to feel effect. The green flavor is very present and the gummy is not always pleasant to eat but effects are felt in relaxation and bit of a fuzzy head. Takes edge off pain and will make you feel like snacking!

  23. Seyedeh

    These are great! Super potent and incredible price. 1 gummy/night is enough for me. Will definitely purchase again!

  24. Ikram

    My friends always laugh at me because of my crazy high tolerance, but I finally found edibles that work for me!!! 1 gives you an amazing vibe, 2 will knock you straight to bed!!!

    Thank you Pegasus, def the best brands for edibles and carts

  25. Michael Ray

    Pretty damn potent. Amazing price for what you get.

  26. Jacqueline

    I liked the lemon ones the best. Potent abs great.

  27. Jacqueline

    Not the best flavor. But definitely gets the job done. My favorite thing to go camping with these days.

  28. Donna

    I’ve tried to make edibles myself a handful of times, and i only got the experience i wanted out of it once. With these gummies it’s so much easier to dose the right amount and eat a little at time so it doesn’t hit all at once. I got all blueberry!

  29. Matthew

    Tasty. Almost dangerously potent. Proceed with care and knowledge. Dose low, go slow. For me, these particular gummies kick in fairly swiftly. 30-60 mins. This is welcome but unusual, as it can take up to 2&1/2 hours for edibles to really take hold of me.
    Highly recommended.

  30. Matthew

    Incredibly potent! Seriously, if you don’t know, go slow and dose low. But for those of us with more of a tolerance, I downed 1/2 pkg immediately after accepting delivery. 1/2 hour later I was in a zone. Way more productive and energetic than I was expecting. Ate the rest of the pkg later in the day and wound up gardening all night ? slept like a baby and awoke fresh as a daisy

  31. Matthew

    Party Mix! I think SeC has some stiff competition here in Pegasus. MMJ can’t be beat!

  32. Matthew

    Mango: next to mandarin orange, my fave flav to help the medicine go down. Can you find a better price? Nope.

  33. Matthew

    Best price for edibles on the entire interwebs!!!
    Excited for this new brand:)

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