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PUNCH! 1200mg Gummy Information

*Please note we have a s shortage of Punch bags and are waiting for delivery, if you order now you will get the same quality product but in a different packaging*

PUNCH! X MMJDirect! We teamed up with the best gummy makers in Vancouver and we’re really proud to announce the STRONGEST and cheapest gummy out there. It has our stamp of approval and it blows all other “HIGHEST THC” gummy out of the water – it’s not even close.

Get yours NOW as we’re limited quantity to start the makers are ramping them up exclusively for us. We wanted to make the last gummy you would ever need. And we made it. This is a proud moment for MMJ and we couldn’t have done it without our extremely talented partners.

PUNCH! Is available in 2400mg option as well. We also got PUNCH! Minis (4x100mg and 4x200mg) for the sessions where you want to take it a bit easy.


19 reviews for PUNCH! 1200mg Gummy

  1. Line

    Very good taste, the effect lasts several hours wow

    I recommend and will buy again

  2. Kendall

    Great product, well worth the money

  3. graeme

    Purchasing these is an extremely cost effective way for me to get my daily dose. Be advised these gummies are extremely potent and quality made. I am able to cut these into doses and have one last me more than a month. they always arrive well packaged and in a timely fashion. Thanks MMJD!

  4. Scott

    As advertised. Be careful ordering in the summer, lol.

  5. MacKenzie

    Appreciate the potency of this one and how easy the circular shape makes for dividing/estimating doses!

  6. PATTI

    yummy and potent. I decided to try this because the wheelchair puck I usually buy was sold out and this one seemed like it would compare, well after trying it there is no comparison. PUNCH delivers! I cut this into 8 pieces and found it sticky so a bit hard to cut but not impossible. Less of an aftertaste than wheelchair (yay). FOR ME it kicks in around 30-45 MIN and I enjoy a pain free existence for about 4-5 hours I don’t always get the munchies from gummies, but do every time with this one. I will definitely buy this again and again.

  7. James

    I bought these to replace the atomic wheelchair gummies I usually purchased, and I must say I don’t regret it, these pack a punch and are the best bang for buck if found in a THC edible

  8. Alexander

    Its strong but thats the only good thing I can say, dosing is impossible with a smaller gummy size than Atomic Wheelchair and they don’t have sectioning lines to help it. The taste isnt what you’d expect and again Atomic wheelchair is better

  9. Jason

    This product is better than Atomic Wheelchair. Tastes great – the high is amazing. I cut it up into 10 slices – it packs a “punch” lol.

  10. Nicolas

    Somehow those 1200mg ones fore me are so much better, better textrure and taste .. even the effect is stronger!! The taste is sooo amazing on the kiwi strawberry.!! Thanks MMJ!

  11. Jo-anne

    Much like the 2400 these go to work in 35-40 minutes. Very effective for pain relief

  12. Carrie

    As a long time Atomic customer these are far superior! Taste better, stronger, kick in quicker and even last last longer! They are easily to cut into portions. Highly recommended but Not suggested for beginners .

  13. Derrick

    These are great, they last long! The 2400 and 1200mg taste amazing, I’ve tried 3 kinds and they are all good. Easy to cut into pieces. The Punch 2400 and 1200 and both legitimate products, and will buzz you real good.

  14. Maisa

    Once I put this gummy on my tongue I knew I was In for a good time. I take a small part and I like to suck on it until it falls apart or even chew it with a piece of gum. It’s very flavourful and it packs a punch. Haha. No pun intended!! I love it. It’s my go to!! I’m never disappointed. Thank you ❤️✨☀️💃😵‍💫💯🥳

  15. Chris

    These are strong even for experienced users. I suggest not eating the whole thing at once unless you have previously had this same brand of edible and understand how the effects will hit you. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed these and am purchasing more because I like to know I took an edible, not have it be a question.

  16. keith

    i really like these. they work faster than other types

  17. Lisa

    HOLY PUCK! Also a longtime Wheelchair user. No longer! 30 minutes to lift off. Had to try this baby out after reading more great reviews.

    It’s been a physically challenging and mentally gruelling time waiting to see my surgeon. Advanced cervical spine arthritis. With probably another 2 months to go before surgery. Constantly having accidents so I really need to get out of my head. Multiple falls due to balance issues. Then yesterday I grabbed something out of the oven with wrong hand. 2nd degree burns. Now I look like I’ve been in a battle from top to bottom.
    Have cut into 12 pieces, high tolerance. Feeling great. One more piece before bed and hopefully will be able to sleep.
    No need to suffer in pain with these babies.
    The high is smooth and relaxing, making me finally stop! Type A personality, doing everything Don’t like help.
    Also find relief from severe anxiety.
    The taste is WAY better than Wheelchair. Absolutely no aftertaste. Had a bit with wheelchair. Better texture!
    Wouldn’t change to the higher dose as with the Wheelchair I found less effective in 2000 mg than 1000mg.
    Hopefully PUCK is different.
    LMAO at some of you guys.

  18. Andre

    These are excellent and strong. I used less aply named pucks before which i enjoyed but these are even better. I suggest cutting them into smaller pieces. I used to be good with 100mg and cut a kiwi strawberry favoured 1200mg punch into 12 pieces and it felt much stronger than 100.

  19. Vincent

    I was a wheelchair buyer for as long as I can remember… i’m never going back and here is why :
    My little wheel was chopped up into 10 doses 100 each with this 1200mg Puck i made 12 doses. When i say these really pack a PUNCH
    I imean it. About 45 minute after taking a portion i was higher than when I tried the the 100mg and 200mg
    Again if you saw my other review you know I take them for pain and that they taste amazing. The 1200mg has a bit more weed aftertaste nothing significant enough not want more haha it’s weed after all 😁 Beginners beware this stuff is strong start slow.
    I am now a PUNCH warrior
    Thanks MMJ keep it up 👍

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