Natural Terpene Carts by Pegasus

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1ml cartridge


Natural Terpene Carts by Pegasus Information

Pegasus Natural Terpene Carts provide a top tier product and user experience to all its consumers. These vape carts are characterized as high-quality cannabis products, which are impressively potent containing all-natural cannabis-derived terpenes and cannabinoids.

The contents of these carts provide over 90% THC and 7% cannabis terpenes. They do not contain vitamin E acetate, but the ingredients include THC Distillate and Natural Terpenes.

THC Distillate is one of the purest cannabis concentrates that delivers the ‘high’ effect experienced when using weed, and it has an exceptionally high level of THC. This makes it into one of the most powerful and potent products on the market. These carts are both recreational and medicinal. The benefits of THC Distillate include incredible purity, super potency, euphoric state, immediate effects, and lack of solvents and impurities.

These carts are made to work wonders. You can easily buy Pegasus Natural Terpene Carts online in Canada to personally enjoy its marvelous effects.

11 reviews for Natural Terpene Carts by Pegasus

  1. Alicia

    This is my second time buying Death Bubba, and it knocked me right out. Does its jobs and tastes great!

  2. Ikram

    Honestly, worth your buck, taste really good, very smooth hits. I am purchasing more, it lasts a while

  3. Kerry

    Great product, smooth and enjoyable I love the size format and the flavour varieties

  4. Clay

    Green crack was the choice – very nice – euphoric and energized with a smooth taste 🙂

  5. Rawaz

    good quality, decent build and lots for your money however does burn a bit depending on the vape (I was using the bob)

  6. Mo

    Pretty fire. I got the Pineapple express and wedding cake. After reviewing both I must say the Pineapple express definitely won. The wedding cake started off with a weird taste and awful smell. But now it’s growing on me and it tastes more like black cherry.

  7. Kent

    Great flavor and great high will buy again

  8. Jennifer

    Great bang for your buck, last awhile, hits great

  9. Victor

    Great cart, great flavour, great high. Great product.

  10. Jonathan

    Probably the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to get high. Higher quality than average, for the price you can’t go wrong.

  11. Tyrone

    Got the gorilla glue and love it. Couple hits is really nice during the day! Will definitely be buying more!

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