Pink Cherry Dragon’s Tears Oil

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1458mg THC

69% Indica dominant blend

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Pink Cherry Dragon’s Tears Oil Information

Pink Cherry Dragon’s Tears Oil is a Nano-filtered concentrate that achieves a higher level of purity in comparison to any other fine honey oils. Made from Pink Kush, Black Cherry Limeade and Original Glue (GG4), this concentrate comes in the format of 2 ml, which contains 1458 mg THC and approximately 69% Indica content.

This red honey oil is a high-end, quality vaping oil. It is tested at MB labs to contain just over 77% cannabinoids, which includes just over 72% THC; to ensure the quality and purity of the product.

Pink Kush and Its Great Benefits

Pink Kush is virtually an OG Kush, that has been selected and stabilized for its one-of-a-kind aromas and effects. It is an Indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of around 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, which makes it ideal for nighttime use. In some cases, it can be classified as a 100% pure Indica strain. Its THC level averages around 17.5% but can go as high as 20%.

It provides powerful body effects, accompanied by a sweet and delicate taste. It is highly loved for the heavy aroma of vanilla, sweet berries and floral notes. During the flowering stage, the buds are known to be dense and populate a significant quantity of trichomes. Some of its phenotypes tend to showcase pink and purple hues on the buds, which looks phenomenal.

Pink Kush has proven to be extremely effective in eliminating pain and helping with insomnia and appetite loss. Its users report experiencing a deep sense of relaxation with the bonus of happy giggles. They find that they are instantly provided with euphoria. Its effects seem to extend over the course of many hours.

You may rely on Pink Kush for the amazing aid it can provide in combating physical pain, migraines and nausea. It has also proven to help in dealing with stress, insomnia, depression and anxiety. It gives great comfort to its users due to the experience of relaxation and happiness it can give them.

Black Cherry Limeade and Its Great Benefits

A cross between Cherry Pie and Black Lime Reserve cannabis strains, Black Cherry Limeade is a well-balanced hybrid with a ratio of about 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Its THC level averages at 25-26%.

This cannabis strain has dense and oversized minty green buds with golden undertones and beautiful trichomes. Its flavour is tasty, with a citrus aroma in combination with the tartness of cherries. It is said that it tastes like a dream.

Black Cherry Limeade can offer a high that is refreshing not only in its flavour but also in its effects. The high can set in almost right away. It creates a stand-up euphoric experience, that is very energetic in nature, yet comforting at the same time.

It can provide a high level of creativity and productivity to the mind, but it offers tranquillity to the body. After a few hours of being under its spell, you will start to come down into sleepiness.

It is widely used by those who really struggle with depression, stress, and anxiety. Black Cherry Limeade is known to be uplifting, creating a deeper sense of happiness, while soothing away the negative feelings. It can be very helpful for those dealing with a lack of appetite and insomnia. If you wish to use this strain to combat insomnia, be sure to give yourself time for it to wear off, because first, it will be energizing your mind, then putting you to sleep.

Gorilla Glue #4 and Its Great Benefits

Gorilla Glue #4, also known as GG4 and Original Glue, is a Sativa dominant hybrid, with around 65% Sativa and 35% Indica. It is another great strain for nighttime use. Its THC level can be as high as 20%. Gorilla Glue #4, a multiple award-winning cannabis strain, is a powerful hybrid that provides euphoria and relaxation.

Getting its name because of the resin it collects on the scissors when trimming, GG4 has several parents due to extensive backcrossings, such as Sour Diesel, Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel.

With a very strong aroma of chocolate and coffee notes, this strain is known to be highly effective in helping with depression, anxiety, and stress. Some users dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder also rely on Gorilla Glue #4. It can offer help in managing pain caused by arthritis and slipped discs, as well as headaches and insomnia.

The effect of GG4 can be heavy-handedly resulting in a couch-lock state while delivering relaxation and euphoria.

Now you can understand the wonder behind Pink Cherry Dragon’s Tears Oil and its marvellous effects.


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