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  1. Maude

    didn’t realize how high I was until I tried to actually do things. I totally lost track of my phone for about a half hour. This feels very sedative. It’s a very heady high that to me almost feels like a sativa, but it is relaxing instead of energetic. This is definitely a evening and night strain. I feel very mentally relaxed. More than any other strain has made me feel. My head feels empty, but in a good way. Like my problems, anxieties, and negative thoughts are being blocked or taken out of my head. This is truly a strain to help you de-stress and forget about a bad or stressful day.

    Taste: 8.1/10
    Look: 8.1/10
    Effect: 8.4/10

  2. Ricky

    This strain doesn’t do much for me. Very harsh on the throat. Also does not burn to great. Was not flushed right. Only will give 2 stars

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