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100% Indica dominant strain

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Some smokers may try to tell you that a bud’s appearance doesn’t matter. They’ll tell you not to judge a book by its cover. “Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’ll get you high,” they might say. Those people are wrong, and Purple Kush can prove it.

Combining the genetics of two legendary landraces, Purple Kush is a rugged indica. This strain is a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The result is exactly what you’d expect – a powerful indica ready to send you into a couch lock with no company but your munchies. Thanks to its manageable THC content, this strain will appeal to newbies and veteran stoners alike. Just don’t smoke it too early in the day if you have plans. Otherwise, you may never finish them.

What does Purple Kush Look and Smell Like?

With its vibrant purple buds, Purple Kush excels where many strains fall flat: visually. Its purple buds are a bold, proud statement to its unique chemical makeup. The purple colouration is the result of its production of significant amounts of anthocyanins. This is the same chemical that makes leaves change colours in the fall, and in weed plants, creates a proud purple colour.

This strain doesn’t just look great though. It smells and tastes great, too. It has a slightly sweet flavour for a Kush strain, although it still features the bold, pungent taste and smell that they’re known for. It produces a heavy, smooth smoke that’s easy on the lungs and pleasant to inhale.

What does Purple Kush’s High Feel Like?

This pure, heavy indica has a fairly typical high for its genetics. Kush strains are notorious as some of the most potent indicas out there. As a result, Purple Kush may make a smoker feel tranquil and relaxed. It’s not entirely a downer, though. It still possesses some of the euphoric kick you’d expect from a strain with more sativa genetics.

For medical users, there are several possible applications for this strain. Many medical patients report that this strain is particularly effective at relieving stress. Additionally, it be a powerful tool against insomnia. As an indica-dominant strain, it also could possess the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving traits typically present in these genetics.

4 reviews for Purple Kush

  1. Victor

    One of my all time favourites!
    -Helps to relax and focus.
    -Perfect for an evening/nighttime strain or even an all day strain if you don’t smoke too much.
    -Helps insomnia and anxiety.
    The only thing I dislike about this strain is that it increases my appetite quite often. Aside from that, this is some A1 dank right here.

  2. Michael

    Smooth and tasty, excellent strain to relax with.

  3. Kelly

    Smooth smoke, smooth high, tastes nice and burns well.

  4. Dustin

    AAAA Purple Kush right here!
    Smokes nice and smooth with great taste and Indica effect. Top 5 favourite Indicas IMO.

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