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Raspberry Cough is approximately a 70% Sativa (and 30% Indica) cannabis strain with about 1% CBD and THC levels ranging between 15% and 24%. The uplifting and energetic high of this Sativa bud may boost your mood, increase your focus, and calm your anxious thoughts. The sweet-tasting fresh raspberries with orange and nut notes are an added bonus of this marijuana flower.


Raspberry Cough was created by crossing ICE and Cambodian Landrace strains. The effects of this weed strain are fast-acting and ideal for daytime use when you need a little pick-up to continue your tasks with focus and productivity, getting relief from anxiety and physical pains. The high of this bud could help treat fatigue, stress, and even asthma.


Uplifting And Soothing Effects


The effects of Raspberry Cough usually clear the mind leaving users more focused and motivated. Coupled with a euphoric and energetic boost, the effects of this cannabis strain also offer a calming and relaxing high that can soothe both the mind and body. Besides mood-boosting and an overall happy high, the effects of this weed bud also provide medical benefits.


Stress. One of the best effects of Raspberry Cough is its ability to effectively address and combat stress, leaving one feeling at ease.


Depression and anxiety. The happy high of this cannabis plant can boost one’s mood with positive energy, which usually helps with symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Pain and muscle aches. The anti-inflammatory and pain-alleviating properties of Raspberry Cough may help with physical discomforts, such as headaches, muscle cramps, joint aches, and more.


Fatigue. The use of this weed bud may ease fatigue while increasing mental concentration and stimulation.


A Sweet Taste With A Nutty Touch


Raspberry Cough provides a delicious and pleasant aroma when smoked. Already with the first whiff, you may observe a fresh and sweet burst of raspberries, berries, and nuts. The taste of this Sativa strain is dominant in raspberry notes. Some describe it as a blend of strawberries and candies with a touch of spices, while others notice orange undertones as well when smoking this weed.


Raspberry Cough is without a doubt a popular strain among recreational and medicinal users, bot for its effects and flavour. This is no wonder as this Sativa can be both energetic and relaxing, stimulating and calming, boosting the mood and helping with stress, anxiety, depression, and even physical pains.

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  1. Jennifer

    Nice up for play time, great down when it’s time for sleep.

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