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Raspberry THC Indica Gummies Information

Twisted Extractz ZZZ Bombs – Raspberry are some of the finest and most refined cannabis edibles on the market today. The reason they’re called ZZZ Bombs is their sleep-aid effects, based on the high level of THC. One pack contains one gummy, worth 80mg of THC, which is more than enough to put you to sleep for a few good hours. This gummy will relax your body and mind, and treat your medical symptoms in a matter of minutes after consumption.


The ZZZ Bombs are also very flavourful and aromatic, as the raspberry aroma is very profound and intense. Moreover, the ingredients used are natural and organic, which increases the intensity of its flavour. In terms of consumption methods, there’s only one, and that’s the oral method, by eating the gummy. Of course, we recommend dividing it into smaller parts because 80mg of THC at once is too much even for veteran users.


What do the Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bombs – Raspberry look and taste like?


Each ZZZ Bomb looks like a dark-green Lego rectangle, and it can be divided into 8 equal parts, each worth 10mg of THC. Twisted Extracts thought this through when it devised the form of their ZZZ Bombs. The appearance will tell you that you’re dealing with a hyper-potent edible that’s not to joke around with. The dark-green colour is a direct reflection of its increased potency, and the 8 divisible parts make it easy to dose out this edible.


As for the flavour, the Twisted Extracts ZZZ Bombs – Raspberry are going to taste of raspberries. Who would have thought? Thanks to the natural terpenes and flavonoids extracted from high-grade cannabis plants, these ZZZ Bombs have a very natural, fresh, and intense weed flavour, as well. You’ll come to love it after one try only!


How do the ZZZ Bombs – Raspberry affect you?


Every ZZZ Bomb you eat is one step toward relaxation, euphoria, motivation, and comfort. That’s because the THC in these gummies directly interacts with your CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. By doing this, it interacts with cerebral neurotransmiters, affecting various physical and neurological processes like mood, hunger, pain sensation, nausea and dizziness intensity, and more.


In other words, THC acts as a regulator and modulator for your physical and neurological functions. That’s why one half ZZZ Bombs consumers use these gummies to relax and have fun with the psychoactive effects, while the other half seeks a medical treatment in the ZZZ Bombs. They work both ways excellently, with great results!

18 reviews for Raspberry THC Indica Gummies

  1. Mathieu

    One of my favourite edible brands. Always consistent; you always know what to expect in terms of potency. These help me relax and eventually fall asleep at night. They’re great for when you’re having a hard time sleeping. They taste great too; the raspberry flavour comes through. Highly recommend!

  2. Georgia

    Twisted extracts makes great products. Great taste, easy to divide into the portion you want, works well, and consistent dosing across the gummy. I have bought these before, and certainly will do so again!

  3. Winnie

    They taste pretty good but are kinda hard to cut into small pieces because of how sticky they are (I coat them in sugar to make it easier to cut and for them to stay separated!!). They don’t stick to your teeth though so that’s another plus. Very chill high and put me to sleep after a while.

  4. Patrick

    Good flavour, take two squares an hour before bed and sleep like a baby. A little sticky when cutting in to pieces, but not a big deal

  5. samantha

    Perfect size and flavor. Definitely recommend!

  6. Meg

    Very impressed with these gummies. They are very flavourful and easy to dose. For my parents who are newbies, these were a great introduction. Currently ordering again for them!

  7. Julian

    Good taste! Recommend you precut them if you’re on the go, and keep them somewhere cool because once they melt they’re a mess (to be expected). Effect-wise: I’ve never fallen asleep so easily, so quickly! (which is what I bought them for) It’s a nice body high, not overbearing if you take a single dose, will buy again for sure.

  8. Michael

    I’m quickly becoming a fan of these jellies! The 8 sectioned ‘lego block’ shape makes it easy to divide up for appropriate dosage (not that I ever need much more than one section! It’s quite potent for a 10mg rating!)
    The taste is good, more like a sour gummy candy with very little ‘weedy’ taste. I don’t mind a weedy taste, but if you do, this is good way to get the effects without the ‘unpleasant’ flavor. The effect comes on within about 45 minutes and is a great nighttime buzz. I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed in the morning.

  9. Marie

    My husband is suffering from pain waiting for a hip replacement, and tired of taking pills … these zzbombs have helped tremendously to help him sleep. They are easy to cut apart with scissors with whatever dose you need. He started with 1/2 block and has progressed to 1 block for alot of pain. The raspberry are his favourite.

  10. Armando

    This is my go too, for a casual high.

  11. Michael

    Great tasting, consistently effective, mild but excellent for a relaxing high, get great sleep when taking as well!

  12. Sophie

    I have a lot of trouble falling and staying asleep, to the point where is does impact my daily life.

    These have truly been a life saver. I take 10 mg about 30 minutes before bedtime and I’m good to go, the flavour is great and texture doesn’t bother me. It gives a really nice buzz which makes me feel calm, relaxed and sleepy. In the morning I’m way more rested and am not groggy.

    I keep them in the fridge so they aren’t as sticky.

    Highly recommend for anyone who struggles with sleep or anyone looking for a super chill high

  13. Cadotte

    My favorite one …. the taste is awesome. In Québec we don’t have candy so I’m glad you have these … you can easily manage the strength with the dividing the block. The buzz is sooooo good … i recommend this product to every one… enjoy

  14. Marilyn

    I take just before I go to bed and if I awake during the night I reach over and swallow one of these babies and I relax again and usually go back to sleep. I love that it does not stick to your teeth like carmels do. So much easier than getting up to take a pill. my husband puts them in the freezer for a few minutes to help them cut better. recommend them highly.

  15. Andrea

    Due to these times I just don’t want to smoke anymore. I would rather save my lungs just in case. My wife also says I stink when I smoke. can’t blame her. I can get smoke free through friends but I would rather have a quiet gummy. As for the product I cannot rave about it enough. It has such a great flavour and also packs just enough punch for a quiet night in watching a movie or sporting event. The best thing about Twisted Extracts is that they are so consistent. You know exactly what you get every time you indulge.

    I live in Ontario and the limit of THC per package is 10mg and they are so expensive. Ridiculous. Thank you MMJ for keeping prices real.

  16. Amélie

    The taste was pretty good, it’s not my favorite (black cherry) but my friends liked this one. I took a 5mg dose and like 10mg of the cbd gummy. It was a very chill high, I didn’t want to get off the couch and was fine with that. I can see why some people take these before bed. I did end up falling alseep but only after a couple hours. I would def recommend this to others who are looking for a calm high. It also comes in a block so you can cut it yourself and choose a specific dosing! 🙂

  17. Marton

    I like the raspberry taste of them so they are nice to eat. They are nice for me to have a fun night and then help me sleep, they aren’t too strong per one dose but it’s easy to take multiple so they’re nice for everyone

  18. Jean-Francois

    hello, I like the twisted extrac Raspberry THC Indica Gummies because it is tasty and it provides a powerful effect on my body which calms my mind it is also an effective pain reliever so these for all its reasons that I buy gummies . Gummies also promote good sleep. thank you

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