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Pineapple CBD Gummies Information

Twisted Extracts Pineapple CBD Gummies won’t make you high at all. Rather, they’ll heal your body and mind with unexpected results. The intense pineapple flavour and fruity aroma will conquer your senses and evoke a deep desire to eat all of them! These CBD Gummies are extremely beneficial for various medical symptoms such as pain, anxiety, inflammation, and fatigue.


Twisted Extracts is a superior brand of cannabis edibles that emphasizes quality and purity above all else. These Pineapple CBD gummies are delicious and therapeutic beyond everything you’ve tried before. They’ll reduce your pain and inflammation a few minutes after eating your first gummy!


How will the Twisted Extracts Pineapple CBD Gummies affect me?


If you want to achieve serenity, tranquility, and utmost relaxation, then try gulping down one of these pineapple gummies. Take one and see how you feel! As the cerebral buzz descends throughout your body, muscles, skin, and internal tissue turn into a gooey mush, metaphorically speaking. You start melting into a puddle of relaxation and sedation.


Beyond the physical relaxation, your mind will feel euphoric and motivated all of a sudden. Headaches and migraines vanish as soon as the effects kick in. Moreover, Twisted Extracts Pineapple CBD Gummies alleviate most symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and fatigue, improve your mood, and calm you down.


How do you consume the CBD Gummies?


As usual, we recommend eating them one at a time, taking the time to savour and observe the effects. If the effects are too weak on you, then try increasing the dose by one gummy at a time. Eventually, you’ll feel the full force of these CBD-filled gummies hit your body and mind. Medical patients always use Twisted Extracts Pineapple CBD Gummies to heal their broken bodies. These edibles are the perfect therapeutic treats that can eliminate pain, inflammation, aches, and even improve your mood through intense euphoria.

16 reviews for Pineapple CBD Gummies

  1. Line

    Good taste, love pineapple ✔ easy to take as much as you like.

    I recommend

  2. Sheri

    Have been loving these for years. I started using for personal pain, but when my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer, and pharmaceuticals for pain weren’t working, she tried them as well and was quite surprised at how well they work. Love the pineapple taste and they work 😋

  3. Carol

    I really like these gummies. They are consistent in dosing, not loaded with sugar and the pain relief I feel is just incredible. These gummies release my tight muscles and my joints feel loose and lubricated somehow. They don’t take long to start working and the effects last several hours. Highly recommend.

  4. Marilynne

    These are perfect for going to bed. It is fine in the morning and no after effects.

  5. Mark

    Great cbd gummies and delicious! Looking for less pain and better sleep? look no further, order these and take 10mg twice a day and your on your way to better health.

  6. Michael

    Pretty tasty but not as strong as I thought they would be

  7. Craig

    Placed my first order with MMJDirect last week and received my order in 2 day with Xpresspost from British Columbia to Ontario. The order was accurate and as described on the website. These CBD gummies taste great and work well for pain management and post workout fatigue recovery. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  8. Melissa

    Loved these gummies absolutely helped me fall asleep as soon as they kicked in. Love that I don’t overly make me feel to sugary sick as they are not overly sweet and for me half of a cut gummy piece is enough

  9. Jennifer

    I really enjoy the flavor of this. Helps with sleep, pain and just all around stress. I really like the block shape, helps when you are trying to find the perfect dose.

  10. Ryan

    One should always go for quality including taste. This is the real deal, taste is there and it takes the pain away.
    These I highly recommend for whatever ails you.

  11. Rob

    Tastes great, easy enough to cut if needed

  12. Steve

    Love the taste of these! I wish the quantity was larger for the price though.
    I had to use a sharp knife to cut them as they are not pre-cut, but that was fine.

  13. Jalal

    Mmmm these were too tasty. I ate one too many by accident and im sure you can imagine what happened. These are great for a chill high that leaves your mouth aching for something sweet and juicy.. so put them away after you have your initial dose!

  14. Amber

    Very tasty! I was surprised that all of the gummies were connected (like a chocolate bar) but scissors fixed that.

  15. Clay

    Its important to me as a healthy minded consumer to find the purest/cleanest ingestible products but also a product that performs. With these Pineapple Jelly Bombs I like use about 10mg every 3 or 4 hours for pain management. I deal with various issues from a spinal injury, these help and or relive sciatica inflammation and stiffening. For me, as the CBD relaxes the area in both my thoracic and sciatic injuries, it takes pressure off the nerve(s) and significantly reduces the constant pain in my mid-back as well as the electric-like nerve related pain in my right leg. Relief is possible with out the pharmacy being involved … whew!

    I introduced my 87 year old mother to these a year ago. At first it was not for her but now she the benefits from CBD and is regular user. Best of all she’s dropped pharmaceuticals like, Ativan (for anxiety) and Ibuprofen (for pain and inflammation) both been addictive or harmful drugs that are out of her life. Mom doubles it up to 20mg and a relaxing wave comes over her about thirty minutes later. I can actually see that it just melts her shoulders and she starts rolling he shoulders and smiles.

  16. Jesse

    This pineapple taste is super real so yummy

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