Seaweed (Greenhouse Smalls)

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Seaweed (Greenhouse Smalls) Information

Seaweed is the type of Sativa strain that doesn’t let you relax until you become euphoric and active. From the very first smoke, this strain will innervate you with a dash of invigoration and energy. Nothing feels better than the tropical and lemon-sweet aroma of this energetic strain. The smoke is smooth and electrifying when you first taste Seaweed. It’s just like eating pure energy that make you happy, active, and carefree. This strain is just that good!

One of the best effects of Seaweed is that it improves creativity and numbs most of your pains. Once you experience this strain’s healing effects, you won’t want to go back to anything else. Most consumers report excellent pain relief effects, even after a couple of hours post-consumption. Despite being a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Seaweed calms you down thoroughly once the euphoria simmers down.

What does Seaweed look and taste like?


In terms of appearance, Seaweed touches on some of its name’s characteristics. This strain appears to be loose, with emerald-green nugs, covered in fiery-orange hairs, and a thick coat of crystal-white trichomes. The leaves are olive-green, with the occasional dash of purple coming down toward the stalk. It’ll leave you mouth-watering just by looking at it, let alone when you taste it. Seaweed offers a good ganja experience to Sativa-loving consumers

When it comes to taste, Seaweed is sour, lemon-like, with a few whiffs of pine and forested freshness. Once you get used to the lemon and sour smell, the spicy earth flavour brings with it a novel experience. On the exhale, you’ll feel the fruitiness taking apart your taste buds. It tastes excellent, to say the least. Toward the end, an aroma of fresh pine comes again, letting you experience yet another dose of vitality and aromatic flavours. Seaweed smells and tastes wonderful, even for veteran consumers.

How are the effects of Seaweed?


While other Sativa strains are mindlessly focused on giving you a ton of euphoria at the beginning, this strain begins with an explosion of creativity. Then comes the euphoria, which settles your mind into a peaceful mindset. With enough of a happy countenance, you can finally relish in the calming and relieving effects of Seaweed. This strain can:

  • Improve your mood
  • Make you hungry
  • Alleviate pain
  • Numb your aches
  • Treat anxiety and depression
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Calm your chaotic thoughts down

All of this narrows down to a few smokes of Seaweed. If the first doesn’t bring enough euphoria and creativity, the second one surely will. When you first smoke Seaweed, you’ll feel happier than ever, with more awareness, and a hyper-active imagination. Everything looks more colourful and more vivid than ever before. That’s because the THC increases your perceptiveness and creativity. As for therapeutic uses, Seaweed acts as a natural pain relief and appetite restorer.


  1. Patrick

    This one is good. Poorly trim, lots of leafs and branches, but for this price, its worth every penny.
    Smell strong, be sure to be in ventilate place. The taste is also real strong, not for fragile lungs. The high is pleasant. By the way, its the fastest shipping in the industry.
    Pour le prix, celle-ci vaut chaque sous, même si la trim est loin d’être parfaite, petites branches et feuilles.
    Dégage une forte odeur, bien ventiler. Le goût est lui aussi assez fort pour la gorge et poumons. Le high est très plaisant. Ah oui, vaut dire qu’ils sont les champions du shipping rapide. Merci MMJ.

  2. Tyler

    This is your morning motivator a pure natural high true to the west coast beautiful medicine this is a great alternative treatment in improving your overall quality of life it brings back memories

  3. Patrick

    Giving 4 stars just because of how small buds were but was superb in making my tincture and oils with!

  4. Tim

    I bought this strain because it is very common where I live and I wanted to compare it to see similarities. I would have to say this is the true seaweed strain. It is very strong with a nice earthy taste and slight scent of the ocean. I would have to say it is poorly trimmed though. I would recommend this strain for any time of the day use as it doesn’t seem to knock me out cold. I give it four out of five for smell four out of five for taste and four out of five for effects. Well worth the price

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