Sensi Star

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70% Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Sensi Star Information

Get ready because Sensi Star has been named one of the strongest Indica strains in the world and, without a doubt, one of the most powerful you will ever encounter.

Sensi Star has won awards around the world, it was improved in 1997, and since then it has been officially named as one of the finest cannabis strains in the world. With a high THC concentration that starts at around 20%, this Indica dominant strain is an old school one that also goes by the name White Strain and which will win a special place in your heart thanks to its great relaxation powers.

Good things in small packages

Sensi Star is the best example of the old saying that good things come in small packages. This particular strain somewhat smaller than other varieties but it really packs a punch compared to many others. This is what you can discover when you buy Sensi Star online from our store.

The buds themselves are compact and coated with copious amounts of resin. In fact, the buds have so much resin on them that they appear to glow in the dark because of the crystals. This is why Sensi Star has also been nicknamed the White Strain.

A heavy punch with a sweet taste

Sensi Star is all about the sweetness. The taste has been described by most users as being a delicious combination of lemony citrus mixed with fresh pine, but simply coated in sweetness. The strain is very easy to smoke and even leaves a pleasant sweet taste after you’re done.

Still, despite the fantastic addition of its candy sweetness, most users who buy Sensi Star online in Canada do so for its effects. The potency of the strain has now become legendary among seasoned users and has placed it in the history books. Described by many as one of the most potent Indica strains in the world, Sensi Star has a very complex high that will encompass both your body and your mind.

It can have a fantastic calming and relaxing effect, combined with deep euphoria that will leave you craving for a spot on the couch. At the same time, Sensi Star can be uplifting and it may provide some relief in case you suffer from mild pain, anxiety, insomnia, or depression. The strain can be used both during the day and night and it appeals to beginners and connoisseurs alike.

5 reviews for Sensi Star

  1. Lee

    Nice dense buds. Not overwhelmingly strong but a very nice smoke.

  2. Jackson

    This is the strongest strain I have tried yet. My new fav!!!! 10/10, please keep this in stock lol

  3. Donna

    Reminds me of Girl Scout Cookies

  4. Jonathan

    Good strain keeps you couch locked. 4/5

  5. James

    This strain has a distinctive smell, similar Romulan and Alpine Star for comparison. It’s what I would describe in my vocabulary as dank, perhaps. Not a skunk smell at all, hints of pine and earth and very much like a red wine.

    Dense, tight buds, well shaped. Not all clumped together in the packaging. Good dry and cure.

    Thick and tasty smoke. If you have not tried this, Romulan or Alpine Star I would highly recommend it. The particular type of smell I’m describing is where my preference leans on the Indica scale.

    Really great example for the beginner to novice smoker to expand their palate.

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