Sour Grapes

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2 reviews for Sour Grapes

  1. Ricky

    Absolutely love this strain. Perfect hybrid relieves all my anxiety and stress

  2. Maude

    What a great pickup! Been going with this one for about 2 weeks, and the high is awesome! Strain is approximately 50/50, but the cerebral high effects are definitely more noticeable than the body. Up in the head you get a strange, lifting feeling that kicks in after a minute or two. After that it’s smooth sailing for an hour or two. In the body, I’ve experienced an odd, sort of “rolling” high that you can sort of feel running down your body. Very intense. Would highly recommend for patients dealing with stress or insomnia, as it thoroughly relaxes you and puts you at ease. At the end of the night it’s very easy to just drift off into sleep.

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