Super Lemon OG

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Super Lemon OG Information

Super Lemon OG is one of the tastiest strains out there, with a superb lemon and diesel-infused aroma. There’s a spicy-sweet exhale going on, as well, which further improves the aroma. As for the effects, Super Lemon OG is a 60% Indica with 20-22% THC concentration. Clearly, the effects will be quite powerful, with an emphasis on sedation and relaxation. This strain was made to please every client with its super sweet and relaxing effects!

What does Super Lemon OG look and taste like?


First off, the visual impression of Super Lemon OG is crispy-clean and squeaky. That’s because the dark and musty-green nugs are small and round, with very thick orange hairs growing around them. This creates a long-lasting impression that gets further improved by the layer of crystal trichomes and solid coat of resin on the buds. All in all, this is a sticky and visually-appealing bud that you won’t wait for too long to smoke. That first smoke will be the start of something good!

We’re talking about flavour and aroma, of course. Once you take a toke, Super Lemon OG sends an intense wave of lemon flavour coursing through your mouth. It doesn’t stop there, though, as the flavour is more complex than that. With a whiff of diesel spiciness and pungent earth coming over on the exhale, this strain is already becoming too good to be true. Overall, the citrus flavour is the juiciest and most satisfying.

What does Super Lemon OG do to you?


In terms of effects, Super Lemon OG offers a clear-cut psychoactive experience. Beginning with a wave of energetic and electrifying euphoria, your mind will jump in joy and start imagining all sorts of things. Needless to say, you’ll feel much better now that your worries and negative thoughts have vanished. There’s a bit of relaxation in there, until the full-body experience begins. After all, Super Lemon OG is a 60% Indica strain with 20-22% THC concentration.

It won’t be long before the sedation takes over your body. It starts off slowly, with a numbness that spreads from the top of your head all the way to your toes. Your muscles and joints will become utterly relaxed, with no more pains, stiffness, or other physical discomforts. In fact, Super Lemon OG offers many more therapeutic benefits, such as:

  • Pain relief for chronic and neuropathic pains
  • Sleep aid for insomnia
  • Mental calmness for anxiety and depression
  • Antitumoral effects

1 review for Super Lemon OG

  1. François-Xavier

    The description of the strain above on this page says that it’s “one of the tastiest strains out there” and it might be the case for some other batches/growers but this one does not taste or smell good at all…
    It’s a AA and I got it on special so I had low expectations but I would not buy that again. The effects are ok and it’s also ok to smoke, there’s a small citrus/diesel taste and but not in the vape, it taste weird but not in a good way. Looks like outdoor weed. Buds looks like the one on the picture tho.

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