Shatter by Supernova

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1 Gram Of Shatter

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Shatter by Supernova Information

Shatter by Supernova Elite is the highest quality line offered by Phyto Extractions.

Are you ready for a new generation of concentrates? The all-new re-engineered SuperNova Extracts from our friends at Phyto Extractions is just that. This is their new line of premium concentrates including all organic bud runs, longer purge times, fully dewaxed, in small handcrafted batches. Produced from a brand new state of the art Extraction system.

Some of the options we have available are; Ghost Train Haze, White Fire OG, Grape Ape, Pink Lemonade, Gorilla Cookies, Hempstar, Himalayan Blackberry, Pineapple Trainwreck.

32 reviews for Shatter by Supernova

  1. Alexandre

    This is highgrade shatter ,
    You can tell the product is topshelf material,
    You can dab it or even mix it in a joint and becomes a superjoint,

    Shouts out supernova

  2. Alexandre

    Sticky ✔
    Powerful ✔
    Good price ✔

    Burns clean ,
    Doesnt choke you
    I really enjoy this brand!

  3. Alexandre

    Good price
    Awesome quality ,

    You cannot go wrong with supernovas top shelf quality ,

    My go to

  4. Aaron

    Nice burn, great taste top shelf medicine..

  5. Alicia

    Really enjoyed this shatter and its packaging!

  6. Ryan

    Always a fan of super nova.

  7. Jennifer

    Get taste, nice smooth hits

  8. Tyler

    Most people vape or ? bho but I make it into editables made these into cookies and the ghost train haze sent me to hyper space for a few hours steered away from phyto over the years due to lack in quality but seems here there’s no issue in potency and flavour

  9. Victor

    Great quality product. Love the taste, great smoke in a vape or dabs. Also, cool packaging.

  10. Danica

    Really great price compared to buying shatter locally. Have tried the Gorilla Cookies, and am now coming back to try two more!

  11. Stephen

    great flavour profile but more expensive and less effective than other product sold on this site. the packaging also bothers me.

  12. Catlin

    Great quality and stability for the price

  13. Catlin

    Tastes excellent and very stable. Recommend

  14. Danielle

    Better than other shatter i’ve tried

  15. Natasha

    They are all so perfect love these so much

  16. Mia

    Bought Nebula for a good price and a good high, no complaints here!

  17. Deryk

    Great product for the price. I got Gorilla Cookies. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  18. Alice

    Really like the Grape Ape indica. My body loved it.

  19. Bonnie

    Easy to handle shatter. Doesn’t stick like others can.

  20. Steven

    Clean pure stuff. Hasn’t let me down so far.

  21. Bradley

    Strong, tasty and long lasting. Both the high and the shatter.

  22. Donna

    Great quality for the price my fav is gorilla cookies!

  23. Reginald

    Love every strain

  24. Robert

    Awesome shatter. will buy more again

  25. Tyler

    Great shatter burned super clean

  26. Jas

    very high quality shatter was not expecting that for the price it is.

  27. Jonathan

    I’ve had Nebula and Himalayan BlackBerry and both are amazing. This is so smooth, they can relax you or make you crazy, but you decide. Very clean hits

  28. Jonathan

    Awesome shatter. I am buying those because of their consistent high quality and co2 extraction process is much healthier than with butane.

  29. Debra

    Great line.. Shatters not for me

  30. Michael

    Tried most of this line and I haven’t been let down yet. Nice and hard shatter texture unlike some that stick to your fingers/tools. I’m definitely a fan ????

  31. David

    I really like the strain specific shatter! Hello t I really like the strain specific shatter! You can tell that the Indica is Indica …The same goes for the sativa, but the Himalayan Black berries taste profile is nice

  32. Cory

    Ive had both Nebula and the Pineapple strains, and they were both awesome. Would buy again for sure

  33. Tyler

    Gorilla cookies was amazing would recommend 100% will be getting all my shatter from here !

  34. Steve

    haven’t been let down yet by the supernova lines

  35. Anonymous

    Burns clean!

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