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Daily Caps THC 10mg Information

Daily Caps THC are packaged in a bottle containing 30 capsules for daily micro-dosing practices. Each capsule carries 10mg THC offering mild potency that is ideal for new users. Because of the soft gelatine coating, these cannabis caps are easy to ingest and the body usually absorbs them fast.

The effects of these THC-infused daily caps may take anywhere from 20-30 minutes to 60 minutes to start working. The full potency and effects of their cerebral high are influenced by the contents of your stomach, and whether you have eaten recently or many hours before ingesting one of these pills. The onset of effects is usually much faster when you take these capsules on an empty stomach.

Moderate Potency For Mild Symptoms

Daily Caps THC 10mg can offer low to moderate strength in their effects, soothing mild cases of some of your needs. The advantage of the low potency effects is within the fact that anyone new to the cannabis world who may feel intimidated by an intense high can also benefit from the beneficial properties of these capsules.

Anxiety. If you are someone who is facing anxiety when relationships or situations become overwhelming, then these THC capsules may offer you some mild relief.

Stress. Oftentimes the pressure is on either at work or at home. When stress becomes burdensome and mentally tiring, daily caps THC may provide you with the gentle and subtle relief you may need.

Pain. Because 10mg THC offers lower potency, mild cases of physical aches and discomforts can potentially be relieved when dosing on these capsules.

Dosing And Waiting

With cannabis in general, but including these daily THC capsules, before you can enjoy its effects, there is a little waiting game involved, especially when you are just starting. It takes time to learn about the effects of these capsules, but also about your tolerance levels as you will need to tailor your dosing based on this.

Usually, for most users, it can take about 60 minutes for them to experience a moderately strong high on an empty stomach and it can take up to 90 minutes for full effects to kick in. On a full stomach, these numbers generally change a little. On average, it can take an additional 30 minutes, meaning about an hour and a half, to get moderate effects. Full effects can take up to two hours even.

If you are new, start with one of these daily caps containing 10mg THC and wait for at least 2 hours for the effects to fully kick in even if you ingest them on an empty stomach. If you are discovering that your tolerance levels are high and you can’t notice the desired effects, you can increase your dosage by no more than 10mg a day.

12 reviews for Daily Caps THC 10mg

  1. Craig

    This strength is perfect for me, while not a high user i find these work extremely well for me at the end of the day.

    Its a nice slow release for me not all of a sudden. gives me a few hours a nice high and then dose off and sleep then entire night.

    I have been using MMJ for years and site is easy to use and delivery is always fast

  2. Scottie

    I will give these capsules a 10 /10 raiting, best capsules I ever had and my wife also loves them, before she would only take Penelope made by Tweed but now she says she ain’t going back as long as she can keep getting these, if she wants them then she gets them ( happy wife, happy life). Besides the great results the shipping is super fast, my last couple orders have been 5 business days or less and I’m all the way on the other side of the country. You won’t be disappointed!

  3. Ruce


  4. Bruce

    I am a senior and and my old lungs can’t handle smoking anymore. These Daily caps are the perfect solution. I use a combination of 5mg and 10mg depending on the time of day. It helps with anxiety and I sleep like a baby. They are also a great price. Quality and economy in one product.

  5. Andrew

    Bought these for my wife. She enjoys this size dose, and the cap is easy to swallow.

  6. Craig

    These capsules are amazing. The 10 mg are great when I don’t want or need to go with a higher dosage (25 or 100 mg options).

  7. reg

    I was looking for a more effective and efficient way to ingest a known and controlled dosage of thc to help me with the pain and discomfort of muscles spasticity after my stroke several years ago. I discovered MMJDirect using Google search, so, I gave them a try and found them to be very helpful and effective to help me deal with pain and anxiety at night so I can sleep without the intoxication that I used to feel from the gummies I used to use. I highly recommend these capsules and will continue using them for the rest of my life. Thank you, MMJDirect

  8. Marc

    I had an excellent experience the other night with this product. I normally take between 20 and 25mg of THC and between 10 and 25mg of CBD. This time I took 2 of those 10mg THC capsules. 2 x 10mg = 20mg THC and also a 10mg CBD only capsule. The total was 20mg THC : 10mg CBD. I have to say It was one of my best highs in a long time, maybe several months, it was a “10/10” experience … I have a pretty low tolerance since I only use cannabis once every 5-6 days usually. I prefer not to do it too often and have a better experience each time … I encourage users with similar habits to experiment buying smaller doses so you can adjust how much tyou take depending on your tolerance of course. I know for me, 20-25mg THC is the sweet spot. That way I’m not developing too much tolerance. I also have a little bit of alcohol when I’m using weed but not excessively, just to keep the nice feeling going for longer. I’m not crossfading hard or anything, never been sick but you have to be careful with that. I just have 2 shots of white rum (50ml each) and 2 beers, slowly, during the evening. I start drinking that slowly about an hour after taking the weed capsules. Turned out great ! I watched reality TV as I usually do when I get buzzed (The Amazing Race, Survivor, etc. Those are my favorite TV shows to watch when I’m getting high !) and then I fell asleep while watching a hockey game I had recorded to end the evening. I’ll definitely try to have the same experience every time. Best buzz in several months : Thanks to MMJ Direct and your “BC Grown Weed” I am very happy with the products here : quality, availability, price, service … everything went well. I only buy capsules usually and they can be hard to find sometimes. That’s why I bought my products here this time actually. I used to buy capsules at a couple of other places but they seem to be often out of stock lately so I searched online for an alternative and found your great site.Thanking you.

  9. Michael

    I’m an old guy and these caps are the perfect dose for a daily buzz and the price is perfect. I tried higher THC caps but they caused anxiety and general malaise. In conclusion if you can’t smoke it drop a cap and enjoy .

  10. Alex

    Purrrrrrfect dosage for making music sound better and dull tasks fly by.

  11. katarina

    these capsules were actually amazing, it was the perfect amount for Microdosing throughout the day so I was able to do all of my tasks and not have any depressive symptoms or anxious thoughts. I decided to try these out as a substitute for using a vape pen as these are more medical presenting and more convenient to take in public or in a more professional environment, however, it takes longer to feel the effect. But it all depends on your metabolism I guess, for me it took about 35 minutes which is honestly pretty quick, like watching an episode of criminal minds. And if you’re worried about any weird aftertastes, it tastes like nothing 🥰 Id probably have a harder time swallowing zinc supplements or tylenol.

  12. Margaret

    These caps are as described, the perfect daytime dose at 10mg. Helps with pain and also helps with ADHD symptoms (personally). Will be ordering more, excellent price point!

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