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Tidal Wave Information

Tidal Wave’s effects are first and foremost targeting your mind’s defenses. Once you take that first bite, this shroom should attack your mind with endless hallucinations, dancing lights, fractals, and confusing apparitions. You won’t know what to make of it, but Tidal Wave will infuse them with euphoria and invigoration. The effects are long-lasting, according to most consumers, though. During the stoning, you’ll go through multiple states of being, possibly achieving a revelation in the end.


What are the effects of Tidal Wave?


One mushroom strain may dethrone all others, though that’s not exactly the case with this one. Tidal Wave is very impactful and potent during that initial stage. Every user who’s tried it says the same – prepare yourself for that initial bout of euphoric hallucinations. Once they take over your mind, you’ll need to come to peace with it or decrypt their meaning. If you manage to do so, Tidal Wave may lead you to a mystical revelation, a personal discovery of the self.

In the end, magic mushrooms are meant to entertain you. That’s one of their main goals, and Tidal Wave does so brilliantly. Its psychedelic effects target your mind and body, sending forth plenty of joyful invigoration and physical sedation your way. You may even become sleepy when covered in this state of inactive observation. You can only watch the hallucinations unfold, with no power over them. The more colourful the apparitions, the more enjoyable Tidal Wave becomes!

How can Tidal Wave help me?


Magic mushrooms aren’t only psychoactive but also therapeutic. The scientific community has discovered that psilocybin does offer many therapeutic benefits, especially when consumed in microdoses. Still, even regular doses can help you deal with depression or anxiety. Other medical conditions you can treat with Tidal Wave include:

  • Chronic pains
  • Treatment-resistant depression
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cluster headaches
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Alzheimer’s disorder

Though, to get the most of these medical benefits, you need to be very careful about your dosage intake. Eating your way into Tidal Wave chaotically without caring about doses isn’t the best idea. In fact, it’s the worst idea ever! You may stumble upon a bad trip, which could lead to anxiety, paranoia, migraines, and even psychosis. Instead, start off with a microdose of 0.1-0.3 grams. If you want more potent effects, then go to 1-2 grams per session. This should be enough to receive ample healing benefits from Tidal Wave!

6 reviews for Tidal Wave

  1. Justin

    These were pretty good. I really enjoyed how they looked, with fairly thin stems and very wide tops. The high was enjoyable but not too potent. I think that the name Tidal Wave is appropriate because it feels as though there are waves of euphoria circulating through your body. Not what I would recommend if the most potent are your preferred choices, but I think it would be great for a beginner.

  2. Benjamin

    ma sorte de champignon favoris ses plus léger smooth comme buzz j adores en micro doses plusieurs fois par jours super qualité jolie avec un cap géant ! magnifique le gout assez léger

  3. Paul

    These are excellent quality, and I really enjoyed them. For me, these seemed to act as an aphrodisiac. 😉 Overall, I recommend these. Thanks MMJDirect!

  4. Jesse

    Omg tidal wave!!!!!!, to start off this strain is very potent. I have headaches alot so ive have been looking for a more natural medicine and these beautiful blue fungi get rid of my pain in just moments, they a very helpful for your minds defense like said up above cause they take your mind into a place where headaches do not exist, i have seen geometric patterns completely filled in on a high dose, these do create alot of hallucinations along with shapes and others beautiful patterns, at times even a creamy colour will along with others colours may come to your eyes. I have eaten them dried just straight up and also have blended them into the smoothie, the taste really isn’t that bad but these fungus do not take long to take over enjoy 🙂 and thank you MMJDIRECT

  5. Christopher

    My experience taking these was spiritual and life changing. I can’t thank MMJ Direct enough. My depression and anxiety that has plagued me for years is cured after taking these. My indecisiveness, gone. I took 14g over a few days and was able to meditate on my problems, and find a solution to every one. My use of these was entirely medicinal. They made me a more compassionate and loving person.

    It doesn’t take much to feel the potent effects. These are quality and were stronger than anything more expensive I’ve tried from other sources in the past. They come on strong with a wave of euphoria, with comforting physical body sensations and beautiful visuals. They’re also very pretty, with tons of heavy caps and some lovely blue stems.

    You can’t go wrong with Tidal Wave.

  6. Julia

    These mushrooms look beautiful very blue, ate about a gram and a half to test the strength of them and they definitely gave me a buzz but thought they’d be stronger based on the color definitely happy with the product but will definitely eat alot more next trip 🙂

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