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Brain Boost by myco labs Information

Brain Boost by myco labs offers a wild variety therapeutic and nootropic benefits for those who want try something special. Magic mushrooms are not all about getting high and dozing off watching a couple of dragons fighting in your bedroom. The true magic lies with microdosing, where you consume a subperceptual dose to access newer, more intriguing benefits. These Brain Boost capsules from myco labs are filled with extra-pure psilocybin and Lion’s Mane to offer nootropic and therapeutic benefits to you!

By nootropic benefits, we refer to mind-enhancing and physiological-improving effects. Your energy levels will soar, your mood will improve, and you’ll become more efficient at doing your thing. These capsules may even improve your thinking times and creativity. That’s what nootropic effects are all about. As for the therapeutic benefits, both psilocybin and Lion’s Mane are known to have anti-depressive and anti-anxiety properties.

Uses and effects


Brain Boost doesn’t offer any psychoactive benefits, so getting high on these capsules is a no-go. That’s because the psilocybin concentration is too low to act as a psychoactive dose. Only if you consume the entire 60-capsule pack will you have a chance to get high, though that’s insanity. Instead, you’ll obtain other, more enjoyable and pleasing benefits in the form of mind-enhancing effects such as:

  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced creativity and imagination
  • Higher energy levels
  • Decreased propensity for depression and anxiety
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Higher awareness and concentration
  • Better sense of industriousness
  • Enhanced convergent and divergent thinking

This means that basically you become a new you, a better person who can think faster, do things more efficiently, and come up with better solutions to problems. That’s what Brain Boost is all about, in a nutshell. It enhances your cognitive capabilities to reach a new level, one that allows you to do things better. You’ll only notice these effects once they compound and the transformation becomes evident. One of these effects might occur without you noticing, but all of them will not. You’ll eventually see yourself turning into a more efficient person!

Tips on consumption


Medical patients and those seeking a way to enhance themselves have to follow the recommended dosage system. Brain Boost by myco labs comes in two variants: 50mg and 200mg. The 50mg variant contains 50mg of psilocybin blend and 250mg of Lion’s Mane, while the 200mg variant has 200mg of psilocybin blend and 450mg of Lion’s Mane. Treat each capsule as one serving, matching a single sitting. One Brain Boost capsule should be just enough to offer a complete nootropic and therapeutic experience for a few hours.

Going above the recommended dose may increase the effects that you feel, though it can only do so until a certain limit. From that point on, you’ll only be wasting good-quality product without obtaining any additional benefits. Though, the nootropic benefits provided by one capsule are enough for even a veteran shroom consumer, let alone a complete beginner with no experience in magic mushroom consumption. This means that you should respect the recommended dosage system for best effects!

26 reviews for Brain Boost by myco labs

  1. Rebecca

    I’ve used the smaller dose and I do think it makes a noticeable difference in the day when I’ve taken 1-2

  2. Nasim

    Worth trying! Shared this with some friends to try and they all loved it. And now want more! Haha

  3. Jared

    I was a little skeptical about microdosing. I ended up buying this one in the 200mg version. Can I tell you wow was I ever surprised how much it makes a difference?

    Today is day one trying to microdose and I have already noticed my mind is more clear, and I seem to be able to focus more.

    It’s as if someone removed a gray shade that has been cast over everything.

    10/10 will be buying again!!

  4. Jen

    This is my second purchase of the Myco Labs Brain Boost! Prior to purchasing, I read all of the reviews and was quite impressed with what I might expect from this product. Needless to say, it works! In the second week of taking a pill everyday (initially I was taking them once every few days – but you need to take them everyday to notice a difference! When I started taking the pills everyday consecutively, I seriously noticed a shift in myself- from improved mood, healthier coping strategies when dealing with daily life problems, and just an overall happier state of being. All I can say is I want to stay on this trajectory!

  5. Caleb

    These are incredible and the price is so fair especially when on sale. I take 1/2 a day 4/5 days a week. Fights Depression, anxiety and boosted creatively. Get these if you want to better your life!

  6. David

    Happy user and about to be a repeat buyer, I also bought these for my father who has early stage dementia, slight improvement on his end but huge noticeable different with myself. It allows for my to concentrate more on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improved my mood and cognitive abilities. there’s a reason they call them magic mushrooms!

  7. Ben

    I bought this to help with long hours of working in a sedentary job and also because after the kids and “life” it can be hard for me to overcome my brain fatigue. For me, brain fatigue is just sluggish thinking and feeling distracted. I got this along with the other mycolab products including immunity, focus, and relax.
    I have been taking it every morning before work for 2 weeks with my coffee and I genuinely think it has been helpful in terms of adding an extra boost to my day. I am going to stop taking them now for 2 weeks and see if I notice a difference. The packaging etc is high quality.

    Last point… you will NOT get any psychedelic effects from this. It is not even close enough to get you high. Maybe if you took like 10 or more but even then you’d have so much of the other ingredients you’d feel their effects too.

  8. Kayla

    I decided to purchase this when my zoloft started to make me feel sick. And frankly, it wasnt working.

    After much research, i decided to try Brain Boost. I believe now, after finishing a bottle, that it has had an immensely positive effect. While i do still get anxiety, i am better able to come to rational conclusions that keep me from ruminating. Another happy side effect is my issues with body dysmorphia seems to be more under control.

    Cannot speak highly enough of this product!

  9. Maryam

    this is my second time purchasing these capsules and I’m obsessed! To be honest I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t really think they would work but they actually did! I have the worst adhd and hate the anxiety Adderall gives me, these keep you focused, creative and able to concentrate and complete the tasks at hand without getting sidetracked. I even worked out on them for an hour and felt great after!

  10. Cedrick

    Yeah myco dosing is realy nice way to get more in productive and creative mood and i love that, will buy again!

  11. Michael

    I was initially very skeptical about this product because of how low the dosage was but it truly is a wonder pill. Complete mood changer without the complete “psychedelic” experience. Definitely would recommend trying this at least once.

  12. Judy Ann

    Excellent product. Helped me get rid of mind fog

  13. Anita

    Great brain boost at a reasonable price.

  14. Josiah

    these were so interesting when I saw them and researched, and they work great! Way better price then the previous available osmosis brand, This can help with almost any issues physical or mental anyone has:) I love that they are Made In Canada, and don’t have any weird or foreign ingredients or chemicals! thank you MMJ

  15. Debbie

    I love it. works so well.

  16. Jason

    Love this product!

    Last year I had lost 3 family members and was really depressed. These help me get out of it and be more positive, it helped me get out of bed in the morning and start my day off right.

    Not much flavor as they are capsules but one with water first thing in the morning is better than a coffee for me now!

    I have also found a new fascination in certain things and my ability to take in information and remember it has increased!

    Don’t take my word for it though, try it yourself!

  17. Alexander

    Either these or the original by myco are a great choice for anyone. Two of my favourite microdosing products. Start low, go slow. I dose probably 4x a week and over the last months, I have managed to finish all of my have to tasks and manage stress better.

  18. Debra

    how do I begin to describe the magic pill that saved my life. I had been prescribed an antidepressant and I was not liking the effect it was having on me. What I LOVED about brain boost was that it was not pharmaceutical, it was natural ingredients and I wasn’t required to take them every DAY, recommend dosage is 1 every 3rd day. My life started to get back on track and I have lost 50lbs to date and my mind body and soul are HAPPY

    I did A LOT of work don’t get me wrong BUT I also do not want to take ALL the credit, Brain Boost was definitely part of my program

  19. Aniruddha

    Can’t say I’ve had the same experience as everyone else, but I take these Mon and Fri. No negative effects and my mood is improved. I also think you have to give these 1 month before you see improvements.

  20. Nicole

    Love these! I suggest them to all my friends and family. I take one 200mg pill each morning and I notice a big difference in being able to concentrate, get tasks done, and just a general energy boost. I don’t need to rely on coffee in the mornings anymore! If you’re hesitating on buying, you won’t regret it.

  21. Jennifer

    My partner takes this to help “boost” existing medication which includes RX and cannabis for PTSD, agoraphobia, and OCD. I have found that when he uses this he is more patient and relaxed. He is able to more readily access skills in effective communication. It makes our whole day go a bit smoother which can be challenging with 3 kids at home 24/7. In comparison to the Osmosis, I like the choice of smaller dosing for more freedom to take as much or as little as needed. Most days he only needs 1 50mg dose otherwise he gets sleepy from the interaction with other meds. We initially tried the capsules vs. the whole mushrooms because of the taste being a factor for everyday use.

  22. Adam

    Have been curious about micro-dosing for awhile to help with mild depression from going through pandemic and other life stress. When this new product first came to MMJ and was on sale, I decided to give them a try. Have been using the 50mg pills, one/day, for the last three weeks. Have not had ill or unpleasant side effects. Over first few days, I didn’t notice any positive benefits. But I’ve found that over last couple of weeks, my mood has improved and my productivity has increased. Capsules don’t have an unpleasant taste or odour. Definitely impressed.

  23. Jeffrey

    Started these almost 2 weeks ago. Product as advertised. Highly recommend 👌

  24. Sarah

    I love Brain Boost by Myco Labs! I have even using 200mg to support my everyday work and I find my concentration and lateral thinking have been greatly increased. In addition to increased brain power, I feel calmer overall and there is no felt after effects to taking the pills so it feels like good clean brain support. I have been encouraging my friends to try these out whenever I get a chance to. I Highly recommend these!

  25. Richard

    I’ll admit I felt a little foggy on the first day of taking these. But after a couple days things started to really take effect, feeling very motivated and productive; my problem solving skills are unreal, and overall I gotta say these are a quality product. I’ve tried a few different microdose capsules and these are by far the best. Can’t go wrong with the price either.

  26. Kieran

    Excellent product. I bought this with the initial purpose of getting some good quality MDing capsules and these capsules by Myco Labs really have exceeded my expectations. On my first day, I felt a day of bliss. Every task I performed was filled with excitement and more motivation. I was more focused on everything I did during the day. The second day, the effects were about 50% diminished for me but they still provided me with a spectacular day. These capsules have little to no taste and if you are looking to micro-dose then these are the capsules for you!

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