What is Live Resin

The Rise of Live Resin – What Sets This Concentrate Apart?

Once you caught on to the differences between shatter, wax, distillate, and other cannabis concentrates… a new one emerged onto the market. That being the rise of Live Resin products. Recently, more and more brands are diversifying their concentrate goods with the most elite of them all.

Live Resin has its own unique and individual process that sets the concentrate apart from others, beginning at harvest time. So, what makes the cannabis product different from others? We’ll go in-depth into answering the question – what is live resin, and why you should definitely be trying it. 

How Concentrates Are Made 

Let’s first cover how concentrates are made so you can completely understand the live resin difference. No matter the process that’s being used, all concentrates begin in the same form – flower. The point of extracting is to isolate and separate the crystal coating of trichomes that make your bud ‘sticky’ to the touch. These trichomes not only contain the cannabinoids responsible for weed’s beneficial effects, but also the terpenes that provide the strain’s unique scent and flavour. 

Using solvents like ethanol, or non-solvent processes, these trichomes are stripped from the flower material. From there, different techniques produce varied consistencies that you see from concentrate to concentrate. Depending on the temperature, speed, or stirring methods, your end product may be more waxy, shatter-like, gooey, etc. 

Also depending on the exact process will determine what the final concentrate contains. At certain heats, terpenes can degrade, and some techniques are designed to capture higher levels of THC over anything else. So, really, from extraction equipment, to technique…every concentrate is unique, effects-wise and flavour wise. But Live Resin goods are all similar for one key difference that no other concentrate has. We’ll cover that, next. 

How Live Resin Differs

Why Live Resin is So Special

For live resin to become live resin, it must be harvested differently than if it were to be processed for a different type of concentrate. That’s because the key difference between live resin concentrates and others is the flower is immediately flash-frozen upon harvesting. What this does, is captures the plant at its freshest. The idea being, you can actually vape or dab that overwhelming scent of fresh growing weed as it’s at its peak of maturity. 

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting a live cannabis plant just prior to harvesting…let us give you an example or metaphor. Think of it like a dried herb, versus using a fresh herb when cooking. Opening a jar of basil is far less pungent than fresh. The same goes for marijuana, that’s been dried and cured to smoke and even processed for concentrates. Over time, and with light and heat, terpenes can degrade, and cannabinoids can alter. 

Which does mean, that often live resin goods may have lesser amounts of THC, versus other concentrates. During the drying and curing process, many cannabinoids transform into THC heightening its levels, overall. On the flip side, live resin will be at the peak of its freshness for all cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Lending to just as powerful of effects. On that note, let’s explore the unique benefits of live resin more, next. 

Why Live Resin? 

Live resin delivers a few key advantages for cannabis consumers, versus other types of concentrates. 

  • Entourage effect – The ‘entourage effect’ is a term that’s been given to the robust benefits that are provided from processing ‘whole-plant’ nutrients. For example, in CBD goods you’ll see ‘isolate’ goods that include just CBD, and ‘full-spectrum’ products that include all cannabinoids and terpenes derived from the cannabis plant. The same goes for live resin, and cannabis concentrates. As we mentioned, many processes to produce wax, shatter, or distillate for vaping are designed to extract the highest levels of THC possible. Because each cannabinoid is delicate in nature and has its own unique chemical make-up, this process can degrade other compounds from coming along in the process. When a product is ‘full-spectrum’ in nature, like live resin, each cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid are preserved and effectively amplify one another’s effects for a more full-bodied high.  
  • Improved taste – What’s lacking from most concentrates, is that delicious flavour we crave from many of our favourite strains. Again, terpenes are delicate and are often degraded in the extraction process. While some processors might add-in natural terpenes to their concentrates blend later in the process, they usually aren’t as pungent or identifiable to the strain. This sets live resin apart, as the specialized extraction process harnesses the plant’s terpenes from the freshest point of maturity. Making it a concentrate, you can actually taste.

Ways to Consume Live Resin

How to Consume Live Resin

As more processors work with growers to produce live resin products, specifically, there are more goods to choose from on today’s shelves. Live resin comes in a variety of products including:

To consume live resin, you’ll do so like any other concentrate. You can dab it, add it to a portable dab rig pen, or purchase a pre-manufactured vape cart for vaping. But you may want to keep temperature in mind, so you’re not using high heats that will diminish terpenes that have been carefully kept throughout the process.

Low temperatures are ideal for live resin to conserve these pungent and tasty terpenes and flavonoids. Most vape carts or dab pens are designed for these lower types of heat or have heat settings you can adjust. For dabbing, it’s best to use an e-nail with a temperature gauge to keep your temps in the ideal range. For live resin, temperatures between 315 – 400℉ are recommended. 

Rise with Live Resin 

So, if you’re looking to elevate your cannabis game…it’s time to rise with live resin. The unique concentrate provides a full-spectrum of whole plant benefits, while delivering a robust flavour profile for taste. It’s quickly becoming a favourite of cannabis connoisseurs for taking their favourite strains to the next level when dabbing or vaping.

You’re able to harness what you love about weed, in the most purified and freshest form for delicious results. Check out’s top-shelf live resin goods, to find out what you’re missing, today.