Up & Coming Canadian Cannabis – Brands & Influencers You Should Know

Nowadays, it can be hard to keep up with any industry with busy schedules, and an overload of information. Cannabis, is no different. While you might be used to the big names in the business you’re used to, there’s a whole new crowd of cannabis moguls and influencers to know. On the same note, many of us get stuck in routines buying the same brands repeatedly, or sticking to the ones we know out of familiarity. 

Legalization and widespread use of cannabis in Canada, has spurred a group of up and coming Canadian brands and influencers of note. To save you the time of doing the research for yourself, we’ve put together a list of the ones you should know. So keep reading to get in-tune with today’s industry and who’s at the forefront of the national cannabis movement. 

Up & Coming Canadian Cannabis Brands To Know 

While everyone has surely heard of Houseplant or big time grows and companies fuelled by celebrities, there are homegrown and grassroots brands worthy of the same recognition. Brands that put a focus on the Canadian industry as a whole, and staying true to the Nation that helped them grow from the bottom on up. Here’s a few notable brands to keep your eye on, and try while you’re at it. 


Boost is an up and coming cannabis edibles and tinctures brand that’s claim to fame is ‘crafted with love, made from scratch’. The brand offers elevated THC, and CBD goods that capture customer attention with clean and aesthetically pleasing branding. Consumers dig the wide range of flavours and varieties that Boost has to offer, that ‘boost’ their everyday routines. Like, premium gummies and elevated chocolate edibles, too. 


Pegasus 420 has revolutionized the world of Canadian cannabis extracts. The brand, in fact, manufacturers and distributes some of the most top-of-the-line extraction equipment across the Nation. So, their edible, distillates, tinctures, pre-rolls and vape cart products are just as top-shelf. Their latest innovation is their Moonrockets Pre-rolls that’s uniquely made with cannabis concentrate and kief to increase potency. 


SeC not only sources the highest quality cannabis to deliver their gummies to the Canadian cannabis community, but uses just as premium natural and organic ingredients to manufacture their goods. The brand uses solvent-free THC distillate to produce the purest, and tastiest edibles with a wide range of dosages. For those keeping up with their health, SeC uniquely and exclusively uses organic raw cane sugar for all of their sweet treats. The Vancouver based brand is now expanding into CBD, and vape products, too. 

Gastown Collective 

For Canadian grown cannabis, it doesn’t get much better than the crops of Gastown Collective. The brand has deep roots in British Columbia and is just now becoming accredited for its superior flower. Gastown is notorious for hip branding, including their proprietary ‘gas can’ containers to pack their ‘gas’. The growing collective is also popular amongst consumers for their variety in strains, and consistency in batches. 


Viridesco is one of the most up-and-coming brands that’s putting a focus on medical and whole-plant use. Their belief is cannabis is a ‘life enhancer’ so they deliver pure, unadulterated third party tested potent products to help enhance the lives of Canadian cannabis consumers. To make that mission even easier to achieve, Viridesco uses state-of-the-art technology for their packaging to make dispensing for users an enhancement, too. 

Up & Coming Canadian Cannabis Influencers To Know 

Influencers have quite literally changed the shape of social media. Even more so for cannabis, who is still restricted on what can be said or shared on the platforms. But luckily, there’s a growing group of cannabis consumers, advocates, and brand leaders that continue to blaze the way and using their influence for the positive promotion of Canadian cannabis. The following are just a few – 


Celeste AKA BCbudgal on Instagram, is a British Columbian native that continues to capture her journey of use via social media. She shares the products she uses, plus the Canadian landscapes that surround her and inspire her. Giving the world a sneak peek into the world of actual Canadian cannabis consumers, and the areas to explore once elevated. 

Elias Theodorou

Elias Theodorou AKA the Cannabis Athlete made waves with being the first sanctioned med. cannabis athlete in sport. The mixed martial arts fighter is an advocate for the use of cannabis for all, and shares his consumption and advocacy on his feeds. One of his personal missions is ‘fighting the stigma’ which his influence is helping him do so. 

Jodie Emery

Aside from her fame as a growing Canadian social media influencer, Jodie Emery is at heart a civil liberty and cannabis activist. Her feed focuses on education on the plant, and features events and initiatives that support the mindful and healthy use of cannabis. Not to mention, she shares dope photos of plants, and personally instills herself into the industry by partaking in personal conversations with other Canadian consumers via her platforms. 

Abi Roach 

Abi Roach has been influential in the cannabis industry since legalization, being featured in
Vice News
for her work previously. Now, she owns and runs one of the first consumption lounges in Toronto and uses her social media feeds to promote further advocacy, and use. After working with politicians and legislators, Abi recently started Spliff Magazine, a free publication, to continue to spread the good word on cannabis. 

While Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, and even Seth Rogan will always be synonymous with the cannabis industry…these cannabis influencers and brands are quickly making their mark on Canadian marijuana. From education, to advocacy, to producing the highest quality cannabis products with local Canadian grown flower – they’re repping the leaf, in more ways than one. 

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