Cannabis and Arthritis

Cannabis as an Anti-Inflammatory for Arthritis

By now you’re probably familiar with CBD and THC being anti-inflammatory in nature. If not… then you heard it here, first. Many studies have already proven that a plethora of cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis are anti-inflammatory agents. Similar to common nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) like ibuprofen, and aspirin. One condition that highly benefits from reducing inflammation is arthritis, which affects nearly 1 in 5 Canadians

Even though arthritis is a condition that’s often associated with growing old and aging, arthritis can affect a wide-range of people. Like labourers, athletes, or those who exercise, run, or walk, frequently. With such a large segment of the population being affected by arthritis symptoms, more are turning to cannabis for self-care and healing.

So, for September’s National Arthritis Awareness Month, we couldn’t think of a better topic to address. Keep reading to find out more on how cannabis works as an effective anti-inflammatory for soothing arthritis. 

All about Arthritis

Cannabis for Arthritis

Arthritis is a broad term that describes any type of joint inflammation. In fact, there are over 100 joint affecting conditions that can be classified as arthritis. With that said, there are a few specific conditions that are the most common. Along with other common conditions that include arthritis symptoms as a side effect. Including – 

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Gout

The symptoms of arthritis aren’t always present, but can flare up or get worse with physical activity. Posing just one reason why treating or soothing its symptoms can be so hard to do. For the most part, doctors aim to treat arthritis by ‘controlling pain, minimizing joint damage, and improving or maintaining function and quality of life.’ All of which, cannabis can help address effectively. 

How Cannabis Helps Arthritis 

Because cannabinoids primarily act with the body’s endocannabinoid system, they’re able to effectively target neurotransmitters that are responsible for signalling pain. This is just one way that cannabis is able to address chronic pain in general, and for that of arthritis. While the medical community is still trying to decipher if THC or CBD is best for arthritis specifically, both are being actively investigated. With many successful studies proving that cannabis can relieve the symptoms of arthritis conditions, specifically. Here are just a few – 

  • The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Disease out of the United Kingdom conducted a study that resulted in the conclusion, that cannabis was successful for arthritis pain. The research published that cannabinoids had the ability to significantly decrease pain that comes with movement. In addition, to being effective at relieving pain when resting or sitting, too. Even further, the study concluded that these qualities  helped improve the participant’s quality of sleep. 
  • In 2015, The Canadian Arthritis Society published research proving that cannabinoids can effectively control pain signals that communicate feelings of pain from the body’s joints, to the brain. When THC and CBD are consumed they directly influence these cannabinoids allowing their soothing effects to be felt. 
  • When studying the effects of CBD on rodents, the cannabinoid was successful at reducing pain associated osteoarthritis. Even better, the study proved that CBD could reduce nerve damage associated with the condition, too. Proving that the actions of CBD directly block pain, and have protectant qualities that could prevent pain and nerve damage from occurring in the future.  

How Terpenes Help Arthritis

Terpenes and Arthritis

Terpenes are the scent centres of cannabis flowers and provide their own unique effects. Some being more anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving in nature than others as proven by certain studies and real-time use. These are obviously effects that benefit the arthritis condition quite well. When seeking out cannabis for arthritis relief, here are the terpenes to look for – 

  • Linalool – Herbal and floral-scented, also found in lavender. 
  • Pinene – Pine and woody scented. 
  • Limonene – Lemon, orange and citrus scented.
  • Caryophyllene – Clove, spicy and peppery scented.
    • With one study proving the efficacy of caryophyllene for pain-relieving effects. 
  • Myrcene – Musky and earthy scented.

Best Strains for Arthritis Aches 

Of course, a few strains have an abundance of these terpenes along with ideal combinations of CBD and THC for arthritis relief. Taking that into consideration, and the reviews of actual consumers here is a list of the top strains for healing the symptoms and side effects of arthritis conditions – 

  • Blackberry Platinum – This indica-dominant strain is highly potent to knock out the intense pain that arthritis can cause. It’s known to relieve muscle tension, and is ideal for nighttime use prior to resting soundly. 
  • Rockstar Kush – Rockstar Kush is another intense indica strain, that is potent in THC for strong soothing effects. It’s also notorious for being anti-inflammatory, ideal for arthritis aches. 
  • Master Kush – The indica dominant strain made famous by Snoop Dogg is powerful in relaxing body effects. It’s effective at relieving muscle tensions, aches and pains. 
  • Pink Kush – Pink Kush is a popular indica dominant hybrid that is not only potent in THC, but uniquely has an abundance of CBD for additional arthritis relief. 

But, along with traditional smoking methods, another advancement in the industry is proving to be specifically helpful with relieving pain associated with arthritis. That being THC and CBD infused creams, balms, and a variety of topicals. 

Since it can be hard to function with arthritis pain, many medical consumers are turning to relief from edibles, too. Cannabis edibles provide long-lasting effects, anywhere from 4-6 hours, allowing those with the condition to function as normal throughout the day. 

Soothing Joints with Joints 

What can we say…sometimes you just have to soothe joints, with joints. Which is what much of the research on cannabis and arthritis is saying, too. As the medical community further explores the inner-workings of CBD, THC and terpenes, the more we learn on how marijuana can help treat the common condition. Whether choosing a topical, CBD oil, or traditional bag of top-shelf cannabis flower…always go premium for top relief. Like the extensive collection of high-quality medical marijuana goods, that MMJDirect has to offer.