THC Tincture by Diamond

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THC Tincture by Diamond Information

This blend of 50% MCT and 50% Grape-seed Oil provides a potent kick that is only recommended for experienced users. In its compact 15 ml bottle the heavy punch is offered by the 1000mg of THC.

You can choose from a few flavour options, including raw and mint. Because of its significant THC content, this tincture by Diamond is known to have highly effective therapeutic benefits.

Diamond THC Tincture: Effects and Benefits

The purity and strength of this concentrate can be a game-changer for both recreational and medicinal users. It can offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Relief from pain, whether it is caused by a chronic illness or a major injury
  • Insomnia caused by body aches, stress, or anxiety
  • It can help with muscle tensity, spasms, or cramps
  • Alleviate nausea, even the severe one caused by cancer treatments
  • Relief from symptoms of anxiety and/or depression

THC Tincture by Diamond is not only an aid for your physical ailments, but it is a treat for your mind as well as it can deliver a state of calmness and tranquility.

Tips For Best Effects

If you are looking for the fastest way for the effects to kick in, then applying it sublingually is the way to go. This method not only ensures a quicker absorption rate, but also preserves most of THC’s potency in comparison to other consumption methods.

For safe use, we recommend starting out with a small dose (max. 2 drops) and waiting a few hours before increasing the dose. A higher and stronger dose can cause a drowsy state that can lead you into a deep sleep.

11 reviews for THC Tincture by Diamond

  1. Darlene

    I’m so disappointed with this I was expecting so much better it was suggested no more than 2 drops I’m up to 3 quarters of the dropper and still nothing unfortunately I bought 2 bottles. 👎

  2. Keith

    I bought it with the Hawaiian Haze tincture. These two mix well. You can enjoy a day with their help.

  3. Grinder

    A few drops under the tongue does the trick. Would buy again

  4. Irene

    I was new to tinctures when I bought this one and have been pleasantly surprised that just a couple of drops can change my mood in minutes. It doesn’t last too long and then a couple drops more does the trick.

  5. Daniel

    I’m quite a fan of this. The oil tastes just fine, and the effects are pretty quick being sublingual.

    Easy to control dose, and overall great experience. I recommend this, especially given the value for the mg received.

  6. Robyn

    This is moderate for pain relief and/or a mild experience of elevated creativity and energy. The flavor is pleasant.

  7. Guillaume

    it is not the strongest that I have tried but it works very well, I put a few drops in my hot chocolate and the taste mixes well! thanks!

  8. Stephanie

    Works great! I like to add 4-5 drops to smoothies, the taste is not too noticeable

  9. Jessica

    Great value – I always purchase this cbd as it is 1000mg per bottle and under $50. I have not found cheaper cbd on the market and the quality is good. The mint one is my favourite. Definitely helps with muscle inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety. I purchase this regularly and will continue to do so. I highly recommend it!

  10. Courtney

    I first tried tinctures after I got bored with candies and it was getting harder to find my brands of caps. This has become by go-to now when I want a quicker hit. I get the same effects as the same dose of cap but have more control on the set in time depending on how long I hold the dose under my tongue. I’m a daily user so its more than a couple drops but this has the best price point per dose. As with most edibles/tinctures they don’t specify strain but I’d bet its indica dominant based on effect. Mint taste is mild and no nasty aftertaste. Highly recommended.

  11. Sarah

    This was my first experience with a THC-tincture and I was disappointed. I would often take 2 ml and have only mild effects. Because it is my first experience with a tincture and I’m a heavy user, I’m not sure if the fault lies with me or the product, but it was a bit disappointing. The taste and texture and packaging and everything else was great.

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