10mg THC/CBD Caps by Array


30 Caps per bottle

10mg THC + 10mg CBD per Cap

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10mg THC/CBD Caps by Array Information

THC/CBD Caps from Array can have relaxing and pain-relieving effects in case you suffer from muscle tensity, nausea, insomnia, or even acute pain. The caps are made with cannabis and high-quality CBD oil that has been infused into cocoa butter. This ensures maximum bio-availability.

When you buy one bottle of Array’s THC/CBD Caps online, you will get 30 capsules. Each capsule has been enriched with 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD for a pleasant experience that may also have health benefits if that is what you need. If not, you can also have the capsules as a relaxant and aid in your day to day life.

Tips for easy and safe usage

It is recommended that you take one capsule per day typically 30 minutes before you go to bed. This may help improve your sleep and well-being overall. By getting a good night’s rest with the help of Array’s THC/CBD Caps, you can also work on your pain symptoms. Since the dose of both THC and CBD is considered by many users to be small to medium – 10mg of both – it can prove to be what you need to treat ailments such as pain or aches.

Most users also buy Array’s THC/CBD Caps online in Canada for the ease of use. The fact that their daily intake of THC and CBD comes in the form of a cap is important. Caps are easy to monitor, simple to ingest and make the process of medicating very precise since you always know the exact dose you are taking.

The Caps only use ingredients of the highest quality. High-grade cannabis, as well as premium CBD oil, are used to make Array’s THC/CBD caps, so you can rest assured you are only getting the best.


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