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27 reviews for THC Surprise Gummies by SPINS

  1. Tina

    And I find this company to be great to work with when they don’t have a product and they try to make it up to you and my stuff is always comes in in a timely matter

  2. Danielle

    I love love love these gummies. They taste like candies beware….they are delicious , no after taste. Since I smoke I NEED 3 and I feel stone. The best out there. You gotta have those.

  3. Tabitha

    I love the gummies, relieves my random uterus cramps -better than taking an Aleve and does wonders for my digestive system. My tolerance is high so I may take 2 if it’s a bad day.
    Worth every penny!

  4. Theresa

    These taste so good! They don’t have that gross weed-y aftertaste. The high is nice and predictable (in a good way). It seems like the ratios are consistent so you always know what to expect. The tin is a nice added touch. This is a gummy I will be rebuying.

  5. peter

    5 star rating. Does the trick for a good nights sleep


    I love these gummies – they’re just the right strength for me. I used to have a much higher tolerance than I do now, but these still do what I need them to do (take the edge off my back pain, allow me to focus, and help with my mood), without being so overpowering that I can’t function. Sometimes I’ll do half at a time, and re-up every couple of hours, which gives me a nice consistent buzz throughout the day. Flavours are great, and there is no discernable weed taste (which I never minded personally, but is a factor for some). Fast shipping through MMJDirect. The tin is also super convenient for having these guys on the go. I never leave home without a package of these and the SPINS CBD gummies. A from this guy!

  7. Gagan

    love these bad boys, they taste legit, have a ton of variety and most importantly, they get you high af. the tins are also super cute and can be used for storing various things like earplugs or meth. overall, the high itself is potent and relaxing, high tolerence? no problem, just take like 6 of em!

    If you have back pain like me, a few of these sommabirches, a bath, and a nap makes for a night well spent. 5/5

  8. Lisa

    Love Spins and the consistent dose! Only surprise is which delicious flavour you get. Always a nice pleasant, mellow high.

  9. Jennesse

    10/10 Candies. Taste and effect, true to dosage. Helps with my recovery from some pretty intense workouts.

  10. Madeleine

    Spins are awesome!! The little container is so convenient and can easily be stashed in any bag! Although my favourite assortment of flavours is probably the Tropical Spins, these and the Party mix are almost as delicious and do not disappoint!
    I use them throughout the day as they are strong enough to feel, but not to hinder my daily activities, and I am still in enough control to complete tasks. One for milder effects and taking two is even nicer! Would definitely recommend!!

  11. Joe

    Spins nothing I can say but great I’ve been at this for a while now these Gummies tastes bested and speed of delivery delivery 😀

  12. Zachery

    Solid and tasty.

  13. Aden

    These are my go to and I would highly recommend. Always soft and chewy and taste great with a container that’s easy to store and take anywhere. 10/5!

  14. Heather

    These gummies are my go to for every order. Great day time buzz where I can be productive and they also taste delicious. Highly recommend

  15. Linda

    Love these Spins – fantastic way to unwind without feeling to light headed.

  16. cody

    this is my go to when i want to relax and not get to buzzed. it tastes great and also has a very chill vibe.

  17. Alicia

    They’re so delicious! Blue rasp, cherry, pineapple (?) and other delicious flavours. Good consistency, not too soft, didn’t melt. Tasted like lollipops from when I was a kiddo.

  18. Maude

    Edibles are a funny thing. Most people suggest 10mg to start and working up from there. I tried that and after some disappointment I came to realize that anything less than 50mg is a waste of time for me. 100mg is a good time. So I pop 3 to 4 of them at a time Knowing I have to go high dose to really kick means edibles have become a weekend treat for when I specifically want to get really stoned without smoking a lot of weed. They taste really good and do the job, I prefer them to the atomic wheelchair. I recommend them, but would like MMJ to have the stronger version 1080mg box.

  19. Maxime

    Awesome product! Does exactly what it needs. Not too strong. Just perfect! Fast shipping too.

  20. Jayne

    These taste great and offer enough pain relief and support to relax you

  21. Nolan

    My go to gummies for sure!
    Each flavour is different and delicious. I find them all equally potent. One does nice but two for that extra kick. Found it takes about 45-60 mins for full effect. Probably the best gummies I have tried from this site.

  22. Robin

    Very nice tasting flavours with no unpleasant aftertaste. I use this dose throughout the day to keep my creative energy flowing at work. The high is mild enough to still have full control of my day just in better spirits.

  23. Barbara

    These gummies taste great and really help with muscle pain and sleep! Will be my go to!😜
    I have insomnia, muscle pain and arthritis is my hands. These gummies really help with the pain. And help with sleep, which is so important to heal and stay healthy. Thanks MMJ!

  24. Kirsten

    These gummies taste great. Really nice high. Come in a great little tin that’s easy to stash in a bag. Highly recommend 👌

  25. Frederic

    Excellent deal for a very good, fresh and potent gummies. I like the little box, it’s easy to carry. When you are done with the 15 candy, you still have a very nice little container ideal to store ground weed, fishing gear, mints, screws, jewels and so on.

  26. Michael Ray

    Tastes great and does the job. Spins brand is definitely one of the best I’ve had and is a repeat buy for me. Great deal at its normal price as well compared to other brands. My go-to for edibles!

  27. Kara

    Misc flavors came in the Surprise pack and all of them were tasty…Green Apple, Strawberry

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