THC Surprise Gummies by SPINS

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THC Surprise Gummies by SPINS Information

4 reviews for THC Surprise Gummies by SPINS

  1. Kirsten

    These gummies taste great. Really nice high. Come in a great little tin that’s easy to stash in a bag. Highly recommend 👌

  2. Frederic

    Excellent deal for a very good, fresh and potent gummies. I like the little box, it’s easy to carry. When you are done with the 15 candy, you still have a very nice little container ideal to store ground weed, fishing gear, mints, screws, jewels and so on.

  3. Michael Ray

    Tastes great and does the job. Spins brand is definitely one of the best I’ve had and is a repeat buy for me. Great deal at its normal price as well compared to other brands. My go-to for edibles!

  4. Kara

    Misc flavors came in the Surprise pack and all of them were tasty…Green Apple, Strawberry

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